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aaaron reed bodybuilder

Aaron Reed is a professional and competitive bodybuilder. He was also a famous and reputed wrestler in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) tournaments.

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
6 Foot 7 Inches295 PoundsSeptember 12, 1981Minco, OK
Bodybuilder Profile

There are several aspects about Aaron Reed that can add to your knowledge about his career and lifestyle, especially if you also want to follow a similar path. You can go through these aspects below.

Who Is Aaron Reed?

Aaron Reed is a professional bodybuilder. He was known in the WWE circuit, given that he participated in and won several competitions.

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He is also now an actor, although he is most known for the nutritional advice that he provides to others aspiring to become professional bodybuilders. He has also written books on this.

You can learn more about Aaron Reed through his Instagram profile.

Aaron Reed’s Profile

There are several things about Aaron Reed that can help contribute to and complete his profile. Let’s go through some of these aspects below.

What Does Aaron Reed Weigh?

The exact weight of Aaron Reed is unclear, although it tends to range between 295 and 310 pounds. This is also the weight range that he participates in when it comes to competitive bodybuilding.

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This weight is something he has achieved with a combination of weight training, supplements, diet and lifestyle.

How Tall Is Aaron Reed?

Aaron Reed is 6 feet and 7 inches tall (or 6’7”). This makes him one of the tallest bodybuilders in the world, which is relatively a rare occurrence among bodybuilders considering that the weight and muscle training and distribution can become affected due to efforts made early on to achieve a certain kind of body.

How Old Is Aaron Reed?

Aaron Reed is 41 years old as of 2022. He was born on September 12, 1981.

What Is Aaron Reed’s Nationality?

Aaron Reed is of North American nationality, having been born in the city of Minco in the state of Oklahoma in the United States. Thus, he owns a passport from the United States.

He is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Aaron Reed’s Personal Life and Family

When it comes to Aaron Reed’s personal life and details about his family, not much is known or available as public information. However, based on what he has shared, here are some facts about these aspects of his life.

Is Aaron Reed Married?

Aaron Reed is not married based on the information available about him. He is, however, in a relationship.

Does Aaron Reed Have Children?

Aaron Reed does not have any children. This information is not too well known about him, nor has he updated his followers about any such information on his Twitter account or YouTube channel.

Who Is Aaron Reed’s Girlfriend?

Aaron Reed has a girlfriend named Ashley Puida. She is a model, actor, and professional bodybuilder with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.

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She has also competed professionally and was a participant and medalist in the 2017 Olympics in the fitness category.

Aaron Reed’s Bodybuilding Career

To learn more about Aaron Reed and specifically about his bodybuilding career, you can go through certain essential aspects about it.

What Is Aaron Reed’s Workout Routine?

Aaron Reed carries out his workout routine for up to a couple of hours daily, although he also rests on some days. You can go through his detailed routine below.

  • Monday: A morning sprint followed by weightlifting, rows, shrugs, calves, and posing in the evening
  • Tuesday: Bench pressing, dumbbells, push-ups, dips, sit-ups, calves, posing, and more
  • Wednesday: Focus on back, calves and hams with exercises like deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, pull-downs and calf exercises
  • Thursday: Posing for an hour
  • Friday: Morning conditioning with evening focus on arms, abs and calves
  • Saturday: Focus on calves and quads through extensions, squats, leg presses
  • Sunday: Rest

Is Aaron Reed Natty (Natural)?

Aaron Reed is not entirely natural. He takes steroids to enhance his performance while also relying on his nutrition plan and exercise routine to help him build the body he has.

However, according to a video on his channel, he was natty until 2011, when he wrote his book, The SuperNatural Lifestyle.

What Supplements Does Aaron Reed Take?

Aaron Reed takes supplements with casein protein along with mass gainers and branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). On his website, he recommends some specific brands like Now and Nutricost, each having various uses and results.

These supplements have flavors like cinnamon, bitter melon, pomegranate, grape seed, and others.

How Much Money Does Aaron Reed Make?

Aaron Reed makes around $400,000 per year. This comes from the nutritional advice he provides and the acting roles he takes on.

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His bodybuilding competitions also contribute to the money that he makes. Of course, the exact amount can vary on an annual basis.

What Is Aaron Reed’s Diet Plan?

Aaron Reed consumes plenty of proteins, eating up to 400 grams daily so that he can maintain his body. He also eats various fruits and mainly eats whole foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

He also has established meal times that he tends to follow strictly.

What Is Aaron Reed’s Net Worth?

Aaron Reed’s net worth is about $1.5 million. This is possible due to his reputation as a professional bodybuilder, actor, and nutritional coach and among one of the tallest bodybuilders.

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Thus, requiring Aaron Reed for sponsorships or roles usually amounts to the mentioned worth, although this can change over the coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can Aaron Reed Bench Press?

Aaron Reed can bench press anywhere between 225 and 315 pounds.

Does Aaron Reed Also Act?

Aaron Reed has acted in shows and movies like Porus (2017), Free Guy (2021), French Connection (2020), and others.

Did Aaron Reed Suffer from a Disease?

Aaron Reed had leukemia when he was younger but has now overcome it.


Aaron Reed is a professional bodybuilder and actor. He also offers plenty of advice and a widespread social media presence while offering inspiration for others on similar paths.

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