Best Climbing in Boulder, CO: Indoor, Gym and Bouldering

best climbing boulder colorado

Looking for the best climbing in Boulder, CO? We have compiled a list of the best indoor climbing gyms, outdoor climbing spots, bouldering spots, and climbing gear stores near Boulder, Colorado.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, Boulder, CO has something for everyone!

History of Rock Climbing in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder’s rock climbing history is well-known and Boulder’s climbing roots run deep.

Boulder has a long history as a mecca for climbers, and its reputation for spectacular rock, strong climbs, and constant progress keeps it at the forefront of the sport.

Sport climbing specifically rock climbing in the Flatirons or Eldorado Canyon has been a climbers rite of passage since the 1980s.

No matter if you are a dedicated lifelong climber living in your van so you can climb every day or a weekend warrior just getting started Boulder, CO has something for you.

Boulder Climbing Gyms

There are many options for indoor climbing in Boulder, CO.

Whether you want to boulder, lead climb, or top rope there is a gym for you.

Here are some of the best options for indoor rock climbing in Boulder:

The Spot Bouldering Gym

spot climbing gym boulder

The Spot Bouldering Gym is one of the largest bouldering gyms in the country.

They have walls up to 55 feet tall with routes for all skill levels.

In addition to climbing, they also offer yoga and fitness classes, a coffee shop, and a pro shop.

The gym is located just north of downtown Boulder, CO. This is a great place to choose if you enjoy bouldering over other forms of rock climbing.


  • Tons of Bouldering Options
  • Great Bouldering Community
  • Beer on Tap
  • Kids Classes
  • Classes for all Skill Levels


  • Loud Music on Occasion
  • Evenings can be Crowded

Location: 3240 Prairie Avenue Boulder, CO

Price: $79 per month


Movement Climbing Gym + Fitness

movement rock climbing boulder indoor

Movement Climbing Gym + Fitness is Boulder’s largest rock climbing gym. It is also the preferred gym for many serious sport climbers in town.

They offer over 14,000 square feet of indoor climbing, a full-service fitness center, a yoga studio, and kids’ programs.

The gym is located just south of downtown Boulder, CO. This is a great place to choose if you want all types of rock climbing including sport climbing, lead climbing, and bouldering.


  • All Types of Climbing
  • Fitness Center
  • Yoga Classes
  • Plenty of Parking
  • Kids Programs


  • Can be Crowded on Weekends
  • Noisy at Times

Location: 2845 Valmont Road Boulder, CO

Price: $85 per month


Boulder Rock Club


The Boulder Rock Club is one of the oldest rock climbing gyms in Boulder, CO. They offer over 12,000 square feet of indoor climbing with routes for all skill levels.

In addition to climbing, they also offer yoga and fitness classes, a coffee shop, and a pro shop. The gym is located just west of downtown Boulder, CO.

This is a great place to choose if you want a wide variety of activities in addition to rock climbing.


  • Lead Climbing
  • Top Roping
  • Yoga and Fitness Classes
  • Coffee Shop
  • Adult Rock Climbing Courses
  • Pro Shop


  • Can be Crowded on Weekends
  • Limited Parking
  • Smaller than some competitors

Location: 2829 Mapleton Ave Boulder, CO

Price: $76 per month


ABC Kid’s Climbing Gym


ABC Kid’s Climbing Gym is a great place for kids to learn how to rock climb in a safe and fun environment. They offer walls up to 30 feet tall with routes for all skill levels.

In addition to climbing, they also offer birthday parties, summer camps, and after-school programs. The gym is located just east of downtown Boulder, CO.

This is a great place to choose if you have kids that are interested in rock climbing.

Rock Climbing can be a great way to bond and have fun with your child.


  • Great for Kids
  • Birthday Parties
  • Summer Camps
  • After School Programs


  • No Adults Allowed Unless Accompanied by a Child
  • Reservations Required
  • Some Reviewed Customer Service as Average

Location: 1960 32nd Street Boulder, CO

Price: $15 drop-in rate


CATS Climbing and Gymnastics

cats gymnastics and climbing boulder

CATS is not necessarily a climbing gym but does have a small wall for bouldering and climbing.

CATS is more focused on gymnastics but the two sports due have some crossover such as focusing on stamina and flexibility.

This is a great place to take your kids if they are interested in gymnastics or climbing. They are known to have excellent kids’ birthday parties that get the children involved and are a fun time for all.


  • Awesome Parties for Children
  • Great for Kids
  • Experienced Coaching Staff


  • Small Climbing Wall
  • Focused on Gymnastics
  • Only Open During the Day

Location: 2400 30th St Boulder, CO

Price: $15 drop-in rate


Boulder Outdoor Climbing Spots

Boulder, CO is one of the most famous and coveted destinations in the world for outdoor climbing. The Flatirons are world-renowned and there are endless options for sport climbing, trad climbing, bouldering, and scrambling.

No matter what type of climbing you enjoy, you can find it in Boulder.

There are too many great outdoor climbing spots to list them all, but here are a few of our favorites.

Eldorado Canyon State Park

Eldorado Canyon is one of the world’s greatest and most renowned climbing areas, and as such, it requires little description. The towering, beautiful Fountain Formation sandstone cliffs up to 700 feet in height are in brilliant hues of gold and red. Instead of the soft sandstone that may be found throughout much of Utah and Arizona, the rock quality is amazing for the area.

The Flatirons

flatirons climbing spots boulder

The Flatirons are known far and wide as the birthplace of rock climbing in North America. It would be difficult to discover another location in the nation with such a large range of difficulties, from scrambling to hard “Head Point” routes, so close to a beautiful town like Boulder.

Boulder Canyon

boulder canyon climbing

For many Boulder locals, the bouldering scene at Boulder Canyon is a favorite. The rock is granite, but it’s rough in certain areas and smooth in others. Dream Canyon, a side canyon, has started to gain popularity as a great outdoor climbing area.

Flagstaff Mountain

A well-known and famous bouldering spot. Follow Baseline Road West into the mountains. If you don’t have Boulder County plates, parking may be expensive.

Boulder Bouldering Spots

Boulder, CO is one of the most famous and coveted destinations in the world for outdoor climbing.

This is nonetheless true for bouldering in Boulder, CO. They have bouldering challenges that will put the best climbers in the world to the test.

Boulder has an endless amount of great outdoor bouldering spots. But, here are a few of the most popular ones that you should check out.

Mount Sanitas

mt sanitas bouldering boulder

The majority of the bouldering in Sanitas is done facing west, along the steep pathway that heads straight up the mountain — ideal for a morning session. It’s also not a bad place to start bouldering: the climbing is more forgiving and less fingertip shredding than other local crags.

Flagstaff Mountain

Flagstaff mountain offers a collection of boulders downhill from Cloud Shadow —

This region is close to Capstan Rock and features a wide variety of bouldering challenges for all skill levels. This area can be reached quickly by heading down the path opposite Jagger’s Wall.

Morrison South

morrison south bouldering in boulder, colorado

Morrison is a mixed bag when it comes to bouldering: some love it, while others despise it. Instead of a love-fest experience, get a climbing buddy who knows the region and can cut down on route-finding annoyance, which may lead to an unfavorable first impression.

The Morrison main bouldering area is popular in the winter because it receives sun all day.

There are a lot of different types of climbs, from technical slabs to steep overhangs. The rock is generally high quality, but be on the lookout for the odd chossy section.


The Flatirons, along with excellent climbing routes, have world-class bouldering. You may start your journey up the Flatirons at any time, and you will almost certainly find some wonderful bouldering problems along the way.

The trip from Chautauqua takes approximately 30 minutes.

Chaos Canyon

Bouldering is great in Chaos because it is cool and has a higher elevation.

However, go to Chaos since it’s a top bouldering spot not just for the favorable weather.

The short climbing season in RMNP means you shouldn’t wait too long; the weather will most likely co-operate into October.

Early summer may be stormy, so get there early as possible to enjoy the best conditions.

Boulder Climbing and Mountaineer Stores

There are many great climbing and mountaineering stores in Boulder, CO.

These stores can provide you with everything you need for a successful day of outdoor climbing, including clothing, shoes, harnesses, ropes, carabiners, chalk, and more.

Some of our favorite climbing and mountaineering stores in Boulder are:

Neptune Mountaineering

Neptune Mountaineering is a boulder staple.

They were founded in Boulder for climbers and run by climbers.

They offer a wide variety of climbing gear, outdoor clothing, and more. They also have a great selection of used gear if you’re looking to save some money.

Location: 633 S Broadway Boulder, CO



moosejaw climbing gear boulder store

Moosejaw is another great option for climbing and mountaineering gear. They are a well-known nationwide brand so you can feel safe knowing they are very well trusted.

They offer a wide variety of brands, both in-store and online. They also have a rewards program that can save you money on future purchases.

Location: 1750 29th St #1042 Boulder, CO



REI is a nationwide outdoor retailer that offers a wide variety of gear for many different activities, including climbing and mountaineering.

They have a great selection of gear and clothing, both in-store and online. They also offer classes and events to help you learn more about the sport of climbing.

Location: 1789 28th St Boulder, CO



Boulder, CO is one of the best places in the world for climbing, whether you enjoy indoor or outdoor climbing, bouldering, or mountaineering. 

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best climbing in Boulder, CO! With the 100s of climbing spots you are guaranteed to never go bored or unchallenged while visiting or living in Boulder, CO.

If you are looking to gain an edge climbing, the vertical diet, is a great place to give yourself an edge nutritionally. Lindy Health is here to help get you into professional climbing shape.

Are you a climber located in Boulder? What is your favorite indoor climbing gym? What about your favorite outdoor sport or bouldering spot? Where do you find your new climbing gear?

Leave a comment below as we know there are hidden gems all over the front range!

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