Best Cookbooks for Diverticulitis [ 6 Reviewed ]

best cookbooks for diverticulitis

Lindy Health has found and reviewed the 6 best cookbooks for Diverticulitis.

Diverticulitis is a colon condition that presents uncomfortable and abdominal pains for sufferers. It is quite common and affects 30% of people aged 50-59 in the United States, according to NIDDK reports. Reports also state that the prevalence of the condition increases as age advances.

diverticulitis symptoms books

Symptoms of Diverticulitis range from mild symptoms like pain, on the left abdominal side, to severe complications like intestinal obstruction.

One of the problems with finding a solution to these symptoms caused by the disease is the confusion it is associated with. Usually, when sufferers visit doctors, they get varying reports from doctors on what to do or avoid.

However, one constant thing all doctors recommend is a change in diet. Hence the need for cookbooks for many with this condition.

What are the Best Cookbooks for Diverticulitis?

A critical aspect of Diverticulitis management is a change in diet. It is understandable how difficult it might seem to navigate a series of food choices to settle on what helps eventually.

Hence Lindy Health has helped compile a list of cookbooks that can aid your transition to healthier and better foods for your gut health.

  1. The Diverticulitis Cookbook: Feel Better, by Eating Better

  2. The Diverticulitis Cookbook: Feel Better, by Eating Better

    Written by health and wellness coach Denalee C Bell, who has had first-hand experience dealing with diverticulitis flare-ups, this book contains a 30-day meal plan with 100+ easy-to-make recipes.

    The information in this cookbook aims to aid your body’s healing just like Denalee’s mother experienced.

    After years of experiencing pains and discomfort, these carefully crafted recipes were the solution, and Denalee has decided to share them with you.

    • Recipes are easy to make, and ingredients are cheap and easy to find.
    • Contains useful dietary information.
    • The recipes provided are delicious.
    • This cookbook is only available as a paperback.
    • Portion size not included.
    • Might not be as helpful to those outside the US as recipes are mostly for American dishes.
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  3. The No-Nonsense Guide To Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis (No-Nonsense Guides To Digestive Diseases)

  4. The No-Nonsense Guide To Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis (No-Nonsense Guides To Digestive Diseases)

    There are several misconceptions about diverticulitis. Factually, many people with the disease are not properly informed about the causes and symptoms of effect; this book by Healthful Publications provides a guide in effectively managing this digestive disease.

    With this book, you will learn how the gut works, how to spot symptoms and effective solutions to digestive problems.

    Diet options also help deal with diverticulitis, with about 50 recipes that are easy to prepare and effective.

    • Highly detailed and informative about the gut function and the disease—Diverticulitis.
    • The 105-page manual contains useful information.
    • Step-by-step process of what to do or not to do.
    • The book is available in paperback and on kindle.
    • Tested solutions to conflicting information about diverticulitis.
    • The Paperback version can get damaged easily.
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  5. The Essential Diet for Diverticulitis: A 3-Stage Nutrition Guide to Manage and Prevent Flare-Ups

  6. The Essential Diet for Diverticulitis: A 3-Stage Nutrition Guide to Manage and Prevent Flare-Ups

    A 3-stage Nutrition Guide to Manage and Prevent Flare-Ups.

    Karyn Sunohara uses facts of the latest science to curate meal plans to target specific symptoms of diverticulitis.

    This cookbook also contains a list of foods to eat or avoid to prevent recurring flare-ups and is, therefore, the best book that highlights how diet influences digestive health.

    • The cookbook is available as a paperback and on kindle.
    • It is Highly informative and easy to read.
    • Gives details on causes, symptoms, and treatment of the condition.
    • Paperbacks at risk of damage during transport.
    • Unrealistic portion sizes.
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  7. Diverticulitis Cookbook for Beginners: 365 Days of Tasty

  8. Diverticulitis Cookbook for Beginners: 365 Days of Tasty

    This cookbook by Serena Laurier contains tasty and healthy recipes for 365 days to help heal your digestive system.

    The overall function is to improve your quality of life with no more pain or anxiety.

    Every recipe puts the beginner to mind as no prior experience is required

    • Adequate for beginners with easy-to-understand content.
    • Everyone can use the recipes.
    • Contains an informational list of what to eat or avoid.
    • No meal plans are provided.
    • Evident typos/mistakes.
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  9. The Diverticulitis Handbook: How to Live Pain Free

  10. The Diverticulitis Handbook: How to Live Pain Free

    The book author by Elizabeth Gray contains information on how to live a pain-free life with diverticulitis and details on what foods to avoid.

    This handbook serves as a guide towards staying illness-free and hence making your painful experience with diverticulitis flare-ups a thing of the past.

    • Anyone can use the handbook—young, old, or anyone new to diverticulitis care.
    • It contains a 3-phase plan that helps to rid you of painful symptoms completely.
    • There are about 21 easy-to-make and delicious recipes.
    • The handbook might not be appropriate for someone with advanced knowledge of diverticulitis.
    • The Paperback version gets easily damaged
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  11. Diverticulitis Diet Cookbook: A 3-Stage Nutrition Guide for Diverticulosis

  12. Diverticulitis Diet Cookbook: A 3-Stage Nutrition Guide for Diverticulosis

    A 3-stage nutrition guide for diverticulitis to manage & prevent flare-ups.

    This book, written by Dorothea J Laney, contains adequate information to help sufferers of digestive system diseases like diverticulitis live without pain.

    Provided meal plans are specific to symptoms hence aiding quick recovery.

    • Step-by-step processes that are easy to understand and follow.
    • The cookbook contains breakfast recipes.
    • Liquid recipes which are important for good health are also provided.
    • The cookbook is available in paperback and on kindle.
    • Meal plans do not include portion sizes.
    • Some ingredients are not easy to find.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I cook for someone with Diverticulitis?

Since Diverticulitis is a disease of the digestive system, it is no surprise that what one consumes significantly impacts the system’s overall health. Hence, intentionality goes into preparing food for sufferers.
Look at the history of the person in your care, and avoid foods that seem to have instigated a flare-up in the past. You can also refer to one of the cookbooks provided above, as they contain a variety of food choices.

What food soothes Diverticulitis?

While there is no “rule book” on what helps ease the pains of the condition, there are some foods many have agreed helped them soothe their pains. Doctors have recommended clear liquid like water, gelatin, broth, tea/coffee without cream, ice chips, etc., for mild flare-ups and a low fiber diet like poultry, yogurt, white rice, etc. some fruits have been known to help ease discomfort.


Many, including those with the condition, are not well informed about the disease as common as Diverticulitis is. This lack of adequate information poses a significant problem in finding a lasting solution to the condition’s distress.

cooking books on diverticulitis

Lindy Health has compiled these well-reviewed books to help you make the right choices toward achieving absolute gut health.

Do you have a favorite book on Diverticulitis?

Let us know in the comments!

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