Best Fajas for Postpartum 

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best fajas for postpartum

Over the years, fajas for postpartum have always been a mother’s best friend after delivery. But unlike the older versions that barely get the job done in good time, fajas have become more effective in getting bodies back in shape. 

As is usually the case, pregnancy can do a number on your body, distracting you from basking in the joys of motherhood. One look at the mirror may make you doubt your chances of reclaiming your body’s sleekness until you find the best fajas. As a mother fresh from childbearing, the best fajas for postpartum will help you get back your body’s silhouette look.

postpartum fajas

Given the widespread approval of body shapers postpartum, there’s no surprise why there seem to be a zillion options in the market. Finding the most effective fajas could be like finding a needle in a haystack. The good news is, we’ve got that covered for you. We’ve put together a carefully selected array of the best fajas that your body will fall in love with. But first, if you have just heard about fajas, let’s do a quick introduction. 

What are Fajas? 

Fajas are tight underwear that constrains the body and alter its shape. Faja, also called shapewear or belly wraps, originates from Columbia. The word “faja” is the Spanish word for girdle. 

There’s no doubt that the process of childbearing isn’t easy. From conception to delivery, your body goes through a lot. The benefits of fajas are quite a number because they have a lot of work to do. Here are a few:

Fajas Promote Weight Loss

It may sound impossible that a girdle could help you shed some pounds. Well, that’s because it is. After you’ve been back from the labor room or the surgery table, one of the first things you see is the amount of fat your body has acquired. 

Fajas will help you compress these fats, drop some inches and give your body a trimmer look. But that’s all. Don’t expect fajas to perform the Doja Cat or Meghan Trainor weight loss exploits

Fajas do not help with weight loss. Instead, they can provide the motivation for it. The job of fajas enables you to realize how possible it is to lose weight. 

Relieves Back Pain

Every woman expects discomfort during pregnancy. However, the back pain after a C-section catches many first-time mothers unawares. Besides the surgery, hormonal changes and stress from carrying the baby may cause back pains. These pains will linger on for a few weeks to over a month.

Thankfully, fajas have been known to solve this problem. Shapewear will provide that much-needed support your back needs to ease stress and minimize the pain. 

Emphasizes Body Features 

If you’ve lost your attractive body figure during pregnancy, you’d love to have fajas around your waist. As fat begins to accumulate in your stomach, curves start to fill up. No matter your body shape, a bigger stomach is always bad news. 

Fajas post pregnancy

Recent advances in shapewear technology provide better tummy control and thigh smoothing. The improved stretchability of recent postpartum fajas is a source of great relief. Now, fajas will cling perfectly to your body and accentuate your curves exactly how you want them. 

Fajas Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

Some insecurities could be triggered by how our bodies look. We tend to feel less good when we aren’t in love with our bodies. Fajas can provide the attractiveness you desire, furnishing that confidence booster you need. 

Decrease Postpartum Bleeding

If you are delivered through a C-section, you will likely experience postpartum bleeding. Fajas have proven to be a useful measure to counter this blood loss. 

Research has shown that fajas have effectively stopped postpartum bleeding after a C-section. Among persons who had a cesarean delivery, those who used fajas experienced less bleeding than those who didn’t. 

Fajas Improves your Posture

Months of carrying a baby around will no doubt cause a strain on your body. Your posture is one body characteristic that your pregnancy can affect. 

Fajas do great work in repairing postpartum posture. Fajas apply pressure on selected parts of your body. This pressure provides firmness to body parts even while you walk. 

The Best 6 Fajas for Postpartum

Here are our top picks for postpartum fajas for 2022.

OLIKEME Shapewear Faja for Women

Color(s): Black, Nude Beige
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08/12/2022 12:24 am GMT

Belly Bandit - Mother Tucker Corset Faja Shapewear

Color(s): Black, Nude
Get Pricing
08/11/2022 03:11 pm GMT

Delie Faja

Color(s): Cocoa
Get Pricing

Belly Bandit - Postpartum Sculpting Girdle

Color(s): Black, Nude
Get Pricing
08/12/2022 01:11 am GMT

TIRAIN 3 in 1 Postpartum Faja Belly Band

Color(s): Black, Nude
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08/11/2022 02:42 pm GMT

LODAY 2 in 1 Postpartum Recovery Faja Belt

Color(s): Beige
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08/12/2022 02:23 am GMT

Postpartum Girdle C-Section Faja Recovery Belt

Color(s): Black, Pink
Get Pricing
08/12/2022 01:51 am GMT

When Should I Start Wearing Postpartum Fajas? 

You are probably itching to get back in shape as soon as possible. So, you are wondering how soon you can put on your fajas. Well, there’s cheering news for you. You can get your postpartum fajas on as soon as you deliver your baby. 

However, fajas don’t go very well with pregnancy complications. So, ensure that your body has the green light for it. If you had a C-section delivery, wait till your incision is fully healed. Whatever the case, it’s always safe to consult your doctor first just to ensure. 

For How Long Should I Wear a Postpartum Faja? 

While there are no set rules about how long to wear a postpartum faja, you can wear one for too long. Experts recommend wearing postpartum fajas for about three months maximum. If your faja has delivered its benefits before three months, you are free to let go of it.

What Kind of Compression is Ideal for Postpartum? 

Compression is the level of pressure the postpartum fans exert on your body. Postpartum fajas come with three different types of compression. The types of compression are light, moderate, and high. 

Not every type of compression will go well with your body. Your faja needs should determine what kind of data you should go for. 

Choose light compression fajas if all you want is a little smoothing of your body beneath your clothes. Moderate compression fajas are ideal for posture enhancement and back pain reduction. High compression postpartum fajas are great for highlighting your curves. 

How and When Should I Wash My Fajas? 

Are you considering using a washing machine on your fajas? Washing machines can ruin your fajas by altering the elasticity and compression. You should rethink the idea. 

While it isn’t always indicated on fajas, handwashing is the safer way to care for your fajas. Your faja is better at coming out unscathed after a hand wash. 

If you are wondering how frequently you should wash your fajas, it depends on how often you use them. More frequent uses will require more frequent washing. 

Final Thoughts

If you have just emerged from the delivery room, postpartum fajas can serve several important purposes. Whether you had a natural delivery or through C-section, there are fajas for your specific needs. Fajas can help with your posture and back pain and accentuate your body. 

Contrary to widespread beliefs, weight loss isn’t one of the faja benefits. Fajas can’t take the place of proper dieting and resistance band exercises. But fajas can give your body a delightful postpartum treatment if you get the right ones. 

If you are searching for the perfect buy, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best fajas for you. Now you can get your body back and strut your stuff in style. 

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