The Lindy Effect is a phrase that signifies that the longer something lasts, the more likely it is going to exist in future. The term implies that an item, idea, company, or anything else is likely to last longer into the future the more it lasts in society. Below is 
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The Fit Father Project is a comprehensive weight loss program for men who want to get in shape and be healthy for their families. Lindy Health takes a look at this fitness program and if it is worth it in our Fit Father Project review. The Fit Father Project includes 
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Lose It is a weight loss app that functions as both a calorie counter and dairy food app. If you are looking for a weight loss up that not only helps you track your progress but also helps you stick to a healthy diet, then the Lose It app is 
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Are seed oils poison? In short yes. The biggest harm to humanity is not global warming, war, poverty, or even modern politics. The clearest and most present danger is industrial seed oils. Seed oils found in the freezer aisle, organic hummus, or even healthy salad dressings are evil. They are 
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