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Boyer Coe, also known as the Ragin’ Cajun, is a retired American professional bodybuilder who participated in competitions from the 1960s to the 1990s. During this era, he competed with bodybuilding legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Mentzer. He also won the Mr. Universe title in the 70s and the Mr. America title in the 80s and represented America at the Olympics.

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
5 Foot 9 Inches215 – 225 lbsDied at 76Lake Charles, Louisiana
Bodybuilder Profile

Boyer Coe began training in his garage in his early teen years. His physique began to develop, and by the age of 15 years, he was popular among his peers because of it. The more accolades he received, his passion for the iron game increased, leading him to join the Lake Charles Athletic Club gym. 

His well-defined form enabled him to win many competitions even when he was still in his teenage years, like the Teen Mr. South. 

This article will expound on details of Boyer Coe’s life, career, and other interesting facts about him.

Who is Boyer Coe?

Boyer Coe is an American bodybuilder who participated in competitions like Olympia, World Pro Championship, and World Grand Prix between 1962 and 1995. His fascination with bodybuilding began at an early age, honing his body to ensure it was ripped and ready for competitions.

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Boyer’s message is that athletes should do the full range of motion for all the exercises since doing full contractions followed by full extensions is the best way to prevent injuries.

Boyer Coe’s Profile

Boyer Coe made waves in the bodybuilding world from the 1960s to the 1990s. His well-built physique made him an icon revered to this day. The specifics of his body’s statistics are highlighted below.

What Does Boyer Coe Weigh?

Boyer Coe weighs about 215 lbs. – 225 lbs. or 93 kg -102 kg. Like most people, his weight fluctuates however that is his average body weight.

How Tall is Boyer Coe?

Boyer Coe is 5 feet and 9 inches tall or 1.75 m. He had an attractive form with jaw-dropping, double-split biceps.

How Old is Boyer Coe?

Boyer Coe was born on August 18th, 1946, which makes him 76 years old.

What is Boyer Coe’s Nationality?

Boyer Coe was born in the Lake Charles region of Louisiana in the United States of America. His nationality is American. His father, Preston Coe, was supportive of his bodybuilding hobby. His mother is Audrey Coe, and he has one younger sister Cindy Coe.

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Boyer was captivated by bodybuilding from a very early age. Before graduating high school, he even won his first major win, the AAU Mr. New Orleans.

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The University of Lafayette in Louisiana is his alma mater, and he studied psychology and management. He currently lives in Huntington Beach, California, USA. Boyer still wakes up early and trains in the gym five times a week. He is still pushing his physical and mental limits even though he has retired from professional bodybuilding.

Boyer Coe’s Personal Life and Family

Boyer Coe married Valerie Sund Coe in 1979 at the age of 33.

Is Boyer Coe Married?

Boyer Coe is married to Valerie Sund, who was also a bodybuilder. 

Does Boyer Coe Have Children?

It is not known whether Boyer and Valerie Coe have any children.

Who is Boyer Coe’s Wife?

Boyer Coe’s wife is Valerie Sund Coe. She is a bodybuilder who started working out in a gym in 1977, just before her 30th birthday. 

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Boyer Coe’s Fitness Career

Boyer Coe started his fitness journey by doing calisthenics. However, after flipping through a periodical on bodybuilding, he realized that calisthenics couldn’t give him the massive muscles required to win bodybuilding competitions.

He, therefore, bought his first weights and began working out in his garage. He sculpted his physique handsomely, which made him admired by his teenage peers.

His increasing muscle development motivated him to join an athletic club in the Lake Charles region, where he continued working on his body. There he met his trainer Red Lerille who would have an enduring influence on his life. Lerille helped him develop a formidable physique that enabled him to win many competitions.

Boyer took part in his first bodybuilding contest in 1962 at the age of 16 years. Despite having no prior experience on stage, he finished as one of the top 5 in the Teen Mr. South.

Encouraged by his performance, he participated in more significant competitions until he achieved his first big win as the 1964 AAU Mr. New Orleans. He continued competing and won the 1965 Mr. Texas and the Junior Mr. USA title in 1968 at the age of 22 years.

Boyer was a dramatic showman with charisma and dynamics when on the posing platform. This, combined with his ripped physique, enabled him to win many more titles like the 1969 Junior Mr. America, 1970 Mr. World, and 1973 Mr. Universe. He also won the titles of Mr. Oklahoma, Teen Mr. America, and Junior Mr. America.

body coe bodybuilder golden era

He took part in his final professional competition, the Masters Olympia, in 1995 and finished in 10th place. 

How Long Has Boyer Coe Been A Bodybuilder?

Boyer Coe was a bodybuilder for more than 40 years. His longevity in the sport etched his permanent place in the bodybuilder’s hall of fame.

Which Brands has Boyer Coe Worked With?

Boyer Coe did not work with any brands during his days as a professional bodybuilder and maintained a full-time job in addition to participating in competitions.

What is Boyer Coe’s Net Worth?

According to various sources, Boyer Coe has a net worth of around $7 million. 

After retiring from professional bodybuilding, Boyer opened a health food store, managed a gym, prototyped exercise equipment, and co-hosted a fitness and bodybuilding TV show on ESPN.

Boyer Coe’s Workout Routine

Boyer Coe would arise at 5 am and head to the gym to train. He reports he trained hard and put in the effort to achieve his goal, which was the classic 70s look. This “old school” form was characterized by a tiny waist, broad back, ripped abs, large shoulders, and massive pectorals.

Boyer called his workout plan work capacity training (WCT). It was an amended high-intensity training that involved pyramid sets and brief resting periods. He would start his WCT by warming up and gradually increasing the weights he used on each set until he reached one with which he could just do a dozen reps. Boyer focused on moving slowly through each movement while concentrating on the correct form before resting for one minute.

A typical week in the gym for Boyer could include working out his trunk (back and chest) on Monday, arms and shoulders on Tuesday, his legs on Wednesday, his trunk on Thursday, working his arms and shoulders on Friday, exercising his legs on Saturday and resting on Sunday.

What is Boyer Coe’s Diet Plan?

Boyer Coe based his diet on getting many calories from saturated fats and proteins. Though he consumed chicken, beef, and fish for protein, he ate many eggs since they were the primary source of protein for him.

He also made his protein shakes from powdered milk, eggs, and oats. 

Is Boyer Coe Natty (Natural)?

It is thought that Boyer Coe was natty since all the bodybuilders in the 60s and 70s were nutty.

What Supplements does Boyer Coe Take?

It is not known whether or not Boyer Coe took supplements during his heyday as a professional bodybuilder. 

Does Boyer Coe Own a TikTok Account?

Boyer Coe is not on TikTok.

Is Boyer Coe on Facebook?

Boyer Coe is not on Facebook.

Does Boyer Coe Have a Wikipedia Page?

Boyer Coe does not have a Wikipedia page. 

Did Boyer Coe Undergo Plastic Surgery?

It is not known whether or not Boyer Coe had plastic surgery.


Boyer Coe is an American bodybuilder whose career spanned four decades. He began by working out in his garage and exercising in a gym before stepping onto the world stage to win many competitions. He won 15 professional and 11 amateur titles before he retired. 

This American fitness sensation tells bodybuilders to work hard and apply 100% effort 100% of the time. He teaches that one can rise from humble beginnings, training in a garage to winning multiple international contests.

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