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bradley martyn

Bradley Martyn is a bodybuilder and YouTuber. He has a vast social media presence and also provides fitness training alongside participating in competitions. Bradley Martyn has made all sorts of accomplishments with an established and rigorous diet and training regimen.

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
6 Foot 3 Inches245 Pounds33San Francisco, California
Bodybuilder Profile

You can look at Bradley Martin’s complete profile below while also learning essential aspects of his life that brought him to where he is today.

How Old Is Bradley Martyn?

Bradley Martyn is 33 years old as of 2022. He was born on May 22, 1989, and achieved all he has at a young age. His childhood involved a few hardships, such as his father dying by suicide and him having to deal with this loss.

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How Old Is Bradley Martyn?

He also began working out at a young age, which is how he gained his vast knowledge in fitness and nutrition, specifically in bodybuilding.

How Tall Is Bradley Martyn?

Bradley Martyn is 6 feet and 3 inches (6’3”) tall or 190.5 cm. This makes him among the taller bodybuilders out there, considering the fact that the average height of Mr. Olympia athletes is around 5’8”.

Where Is He From?

Bradley Martyn is from San Francisco, California. He was born here and spent a large part of his childhood here. He went through plenty of tough times during his childhood and suffered from depression due to his father’s suicide.

who is bradley martyn

This also led him to choose his path, through which he sought to inspire change and positivity in others and himself.

What Is Bradley Martyn’s Ethnicity?

Bradley Martyn is of Caucasian ethnicity. His nationality is American; he was born and has lived in the United States all his life. He also holds a US passport.

Where Does He Live?

Bradley Martyn currently lives in Winnetka in Los Angeles, California.

Is Bradley Martyn Natural (Natty)?

There is not enough information about whether Bradley Martyn is natural or on steroids. He has, however, entered competitions hosted by the National Physique Committee, which frequently holds and supports natural bodybuilders.

At the same time, there are numerous speculations about whether or not he takes steroids, considering that he has extremely thick muscles and redness in his skin that usually comes about due to steroids.

bradley martyn height

Given that he has not said anything about the issue himself, nor is there any reliable information about this online, it is tough to say whether or not he takes steroids or has a natural physique. 

In other cases, drug tests can usually help prove this kind of fact, but there has not been any evidence in this regard either.

How Much Does Bradley Martyn Weigh?

Bradley Martyn weighs around 111 kilos or 245 pounds. This weight is a result of his training and workout routine. His muscles, height, and fat level contribute to this total weight.

Given that he is a professional bodybuilder, he also needs to maintain a certain weight to enter various competitions, all of which can have different weight criteria.

Of course, it is essential to account for several fluctuations in this weight that can take place due to numerous reasons. However, this weight is his current measure.

When Did He Start Bodybuilding?

Bradley Martyn started going to the gym at a young age. He was 15 years old when he began learning more about bodybuilding, regular training, and proper nutrition. Over the years, he established a routine until 2006, when he started his own training regimens and programs, which he called BMFit.

He continued bodybuilding and also started participating in competitions. However, it was only in 2014 that he finally started gaining a bit of popularity among his clients, trainees, and other bodybuilding professionals.

What Are His Accomplishments?

Let’s take a look at some of Bradley Martyn’s accomplishments over the years:

  • He started his YouTube channel in 2014, and that began to snowball. He now has over 3 million subscribers and nearly 498 million views.
  • He is a model for various fitness-related brands.
  • He is an online fitness trainer and coach.
  • He founded AlphaCre8tivedesigns in 2012.
  • He has his own supplement company called Origin Supplements.
  • He has won awards in several competitions, such as the NPC USA Championships in 2012 and 2013, the NPC Southern California Championships, and the NPC Phil Health Classic in 2011 and 2013.

He is no longer as active in the competitive scene as he was between 2010 and 2013. However, he still provides training to professionals and amateurs alike to work on their physique and strength.

Is Bradley Martyn an Influencer?

Bradley Martyn is an influencer since he has several social media accounts, each of which has millions of followers. He posts his routines on his accounts while offering tips and advice regarding workout routines, training, nutrition and planning, supplements, and much more.

bradley martyn bio

Besides his YouTube channel, he influences people across other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter.

What Are His Social Media Handles?

Bradley Martyn’s social media handles are as follows:

He also hosts occasional Q&A sessions and lives on his Twitch account while posting videos thrice a week on his YouTube channel. He also posts reels and pictures on his Instagram account.

What Is Bradley Martyn’s Workout Routine?

Bradley Martyn works out his arms nearly every day. Apart from that, he does not have a specifically established workout routine. Instead, he believes in paying attention to his body and maintaining a flexible routine so that he can make accommodations as required.

In general, however, his typical week looks like this:

  • Monday: Legs
  • Tuesday: Shoulders, triceps
  • Wednesday: Chest, biceps
  • Thursday: Back
  • Friday: Rest/cardio
  • Saturday: Back, triceps
  • Sunday: Conditioning

What Does He Eat?

When Bradley Martyn used to participate in bodybuilding competitions between 2010 and 2013, he followed intermittent fasting, which meant skipping a meal occasionally or not eating for several hours.

Now, however, he is more flexible in his approach, emphasizing lowering his carbohydrate consumption unless he wants to build some muscle. He maintains a diet rich in proteins and fats.

What Supplements Does Bradley Martyn Take?

Bradley Martyn takes supplements regularly. He has his own brand of accessories called Origin Supplements which he regularly consumes while also encouraging his trainees and followers to take them to boost their health and energy.

bradley martyn natty

Does Bradley Martyn Sell Products?

Bradley Martyn sells several products. For instance, he sells his own training services and tips to his clients and trainees. He also sells other products like supplements, workout clothes, hats, casual clothes, hoodies, lifting gear, and other accessories.

He sells these on Origin Supplement, RawGear, and BMFit Apparel.

What Is His Net Worth?

Bradley Martyn has a net worth of nearly $3 million as of 2022, which will likely increase in subsequent years as long as he remains active in his profession. With his social media channels, training charges, merchandising, and fitness modeling, he has built this kind of net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bradley Martyn Have a Gym?

Bradley Martyn has his own gym. It is called Zoo Culture Gym and is located in Los Angeles, where he lives. It primarily offers weight training and has lots of lifting equipment apart from the usual workout facilities.
This gym offers several membership options and has its own social media accounts where several tips and routines are posted and pictures of the gym.

How Much Does Bradley Martyn Make in a Year?

Bradley Martyn makes around $300,000 annually, earning over $25,000 a month. Most of his income comes from his YouTube channel, his influencer and training activities, and his shops and gym. He also does modeling and occasionally acting, which adds to his annual income.

Does Bradley Martyn Have a Girlfriend?

Bradley Martyn does not seem to have a girlfriend. If he does, he is pretty private about his personal life and does not usually divulge it on social media.

How Much Can Bradley Martyn Bench?

Bradley Martyn can bench press over 300 pounds regularly, although his record is way higher at over 400 pounds.

Key Takeaways

It is transparent that Bradley Martyn is a disciplined, honest, knowledgeable, and reputed bodybuilder. Through his life journey, his work ethic, strictness, and regulation can provide inspiration for those looking to go on all sorts of paths. 

Now that you know about him and what he offers, you can try out some tips that he has to offer.

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