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brigitte goudz fitness model

From Pennsylvania in the United States of America, Brigitte Goudz is a fitness model.

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
5 Foot 6 Inches135 PoundsJuly 24, 1994Pennsylvania, USA
Fintess Model Profile

Brigitte, who spent most of her upbringing with low self-esteem and a bad self-image, has changed her physical appearance and outlook on life since she began working out at 18.

Who is Brigitte Goudz

Brigitte Goudz was born in 1994 in Pennsylvania. She spent her entire youth living here. She was bashful at a young age and was known as one of her friends’ more reserved friends. She struggled with body image and low self-esteem.

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When Goudz graduated from high school, everything started to change as she developed a passion for working out and staying active. She began lifting weights, realizing this was an underused component of female fitness. This idea would guide her throughout the remainder of her professional life and serve as the cornerstone of her coaching lessons in later years.

To share her metamorphosis and advancement with the rest of the world, Brigitte started blogging. She began to build up a sizable Instagram following over three years, with followers drawn to her upbeat outlook and incredible figure. Ultimately, this would enable her to launch a fitness modeling career and acquire sponsorship.

Brigitte Goudz Profile

A fitness model with a sizable social media following is Brigette Goudz. This covers her history, life biography, training schedule, food, and other information.

What Does Brigitte Goudz Weigh?

Brigitte Goudz weighs about 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)

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How Tall is Brigitte Goudz?

Brigitte Goudz is 5 and 6 inches tall with long black hair and brown eyes.

How Old Is Brigitte Goudz?

Brigitte Goudz is a well-known fitness instructor who became 25 on July 24, 1994, in the United States.

What is Brigitte Goudz Nationality?

Brigitte Goudz was born on July 24, 1994, in Pennsylvania, USA. She is a Leo and is a citizen of the United States. It isn’t easy to uncover any information regarding Brigitte’s parents’ ages and professions because she has never posted anything about them online, including any images. Her sister Alex uploaded several pictures of their mother, but she made no specific comments about her.

Brigitte Goudz Personal Life and Family

Brigitte Goudz was born on July 24, 1994, in Pennsylvania, USA. She is a Leo and is a citizen of the United States. It is challenging to uncover information about Brigitte’s parents’ ages and professions because she has never posted anything about them online, including any images. Her sister Alex uploaded several photos of their mother, but she made no specific comments about her. Therefore, Brigitte has two older sisters: Alexandra Michelle, the oldest, and Amelia Sukiennik, an experienced hairdresser who owns her salon under the name “Amelia Rebecca.”

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While little is known about Alexandra Michelle’s occupation or age, it is known that the two are close and spend a lot of their free time together walking, hiking, and having fun. Brigitte struggled with low self-esteem and lack of confidence since she was a young child, but at 18, she started coming to the gym. As soon as she noticed the first changes in her body, she knew it was her path and decided to pursue a career in fitness.

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Nothing is known regarding Brigitte’s private life. She has never spoken about or shared any pictures of a man, either current or past. Although Brigitte has never verified this information, there have been suspicions that she is a lesbian because she frequently appears with her female pals. She has not yet had any children.

Is Brigitte Goudz Married? 

Brigitte currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Brigitte Goudz Fitness Modeling Career

She used photographs to capture each stage of her transformation as soon as she arrived at the gym and began treating her workouts as potentially a full-time career. Therefore, she launched her Instagram account in July 2012 to demonstrate the advantages of regular weight lifting exercises for women. She continued her workout regimen and garnered a sizable following on her Instagram account by posting motivational messages to her followers, such as: “This change and the great self-image I got via bodybuilding pushed me enormously.”

Many believe Brigitte appears too fat to be a fit lady, but she is unconcerned with their views. She argued that the true beauty of a woman’s body rests in the unmodified form of the muscles and urged other ladies to exercise using light weights and aerobics. Although there are many nasty comments under her images, she frequently flaunts her enormous thighs and shoulders because she is proud of her physique. Her job and desire to encourage others (especially women) to adopt a better lifestyle that includes regularly working out at the gym or home and eating a healthy diet are supported by her over 500,000 Instagram subscribers.

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She competes in many fitness competitions, championships, and models for brands and businesses, including Violate the Dress Code, Palm Organix, and Granite Supplements.

How Long Has Brigitte Goudz Been a Fitness Model?

In 2012, Brigitte launched her career as a fitness model. She started by posting her workout routine pictures on her Instagram profile. Slowly, her followers began to increase. Soon, she was offered to do photo shoots for magazines and newspapers. Today, her website and blog give free tips and exercises. She also does personal training sessions; if you live in the same city, she will come to your house.

She is a sponsored fitness model sponsored by several health and fitness companies and private clients.

Which Brands Have Brigitte Goudz Worked With?

Some of the brands Brigitte Goudz has modeled for include:

  • Violate The Dress Code.
  • Granite Supplements.
  • Nutrichef.
  • I Sew It You Show It.

What is Brigitte Goudz Net Worth?

Brigitte has taken great care of her Instagram account, and she may make up to $2,400 per post. She works as a full-time fitness instructor and sells her training plans and diets online through her website, where she makes an astounding amount of money. She also reaps the advantages of numerous advertising deals and sponsored posts from businesses and organizations like Violate The Dress Code, the Reel Muscle store, Granite Supplements, and Palm Organix. According to reliable sources, her total net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million.

Brigitte’s workout plan and diet

Brigitte works out five to six times a week at the gym, starting each session with a quick aerobic workout of no more than five minutes; she typically works out two to three times a week. Pull-ups and knee bends are some of her favorites since they help her shape her legs and glutes, two of her favorite body regions. 

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Brigitte follows a strict diet and counts all calories. Her primary protein sources are eggs: eggs, beef, cottage cheese, and eggs. She also eats vegetables, carbs, and fats. A variety of supplements are used by Brigitte, including branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), magnesium Aspartate (ZMA), whey proteins, L-carnitine, and creatine.

Social media 

Brigitte is active on social media platforms. She started a Twitter account in June 2012. She hasn’t been active since July 30, 2013. Her Facebook page has over 26,000 fans. Her Instagram account is the most popular.

Brigitte has also created her website, where you can find out more about her, see her training routines and read testimonials from others, shop her stuff or get in touch with her if there are any questions or recommendations.


Brigitte is a motivational and positive influence on the world. 

She is a role model for anyone who wants to start their fitness journey. Her impact in the fitness sector appears to be growing. 

She is gaining popularity for her training advice and workout programs that have helped many people get the desired results.

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