Can You Eat Pizza With Diverticulitis?

can you eat pizza diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is a painful intestinal swelling that can cause digestive problems that may cause other related health concerns. Many foods and meals can worsen this swelling and make it hard to eat properly. Pizza, the favorite dish of so many people across the world, may fall under this heading.

pizza hurt pain diverticulitis

However, it may be possible to enjoy your favorite pizza even if you have diverticulitis, giving you the chance to eat out with friends, family members, and others.

Let’s take a deep look at whether it is safe to eat pizza with this condition, what ingredients you should avoid, and other related topics.

Can You Eat Pizza With Diverticulitis? Yes

Pizza is safe to eat if you have diverticulitis, as long as you’re safe and eat moderate portions.

While pizza isn’t very high in fiber, it can help lower pressure in the colon and minimize your risk of diverticulitis. That’s thanks to its grains and other healthy ingredients.

However, it is essential to eat a minimal amount of any high-FODMAP vegetables when you have diverticulitis to avoid serious flare-up risks.

stomache pain diverticulitis

For example, two slices are probably more than enough for most people with this condition, particularly if you have a topping-thick pizza. A lighter or simpler pizza may make it easier to enjoy three slices, though it is a bad idea to eat much more than that.

Four or more slices may have the potential to trigger a diverticulitis outbreak, which can be quite painful and hard to tolerate.

What Ingredients Should I Eat on Pizza When I Have Diverticulitis?

When eating pizza with diverticulitis, it is important to choose toppings that minimize your risk of outbreaks.

For example, a whole wheat crust is rich in fiber, magnesium, and most B vitamins. These nutrients minimize your outbreak risk and improve your overall digestive health.

Other ingredients that you should consider on your pizza include:

  • Most vegetables, such as green beans, sweet potatoes, and carrots
  • Low-fat cheeses with minimal calories
  • Chicken, fish, and other sources of lean protein
  • Almonds and other nuts

Try to focus on eating healthy toppings like these instead of those that may trigger problematic diverticulitis outbreaks. While most people can live with this condition comfortably for years without treatment, excessive flare-ups can damage your stomach and make this problem more serious.

pizza avoid diverticulosis

For example, you may experience infections that may worsen these symptoms exponentially.

What Ingredients Should I Avoid on Pizza When I have Diverticulitis?

While you may tolerate many pizza toppings reasonably well when you have diverticulitis, there are many others that should be avoided. Simply put, many of the best pizza toppings should either be taken off your pie or eaten at tiny levels.

Just a few things that you should off your pizza when ordering your next pie for Pizza Friday nights with your family include:

  • Any fried toppings, such as deep-fried shrimp
  • High-fat dairy products (try low-fat alternatives, like almond milk)
  • Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and other similar veggies
  • Onion, garlic, peppers, and other spicy foods
  • Beans and other types of legumes
  • High-fat meats that may worsen your outbreak

Note that eating these foods in minimal doses may not hurt your stomach.

pizza avoid diseases

For example, adding a few mild peppers to your pizza may not worsen your diverticulitis. Unfortunately, this situation can be unpredictable and typically varies heavily from person to person. 


Can You Eat Spaghetti With Diverticulitis?

You should be able to eat this delicious meal when you have diverticulitis.

However, you should be careful to drink at least eight ounces of water after this meal and to continue drinking water throughout your day. Furthermore, try to avoid tomato sauce to minimize any worsening symptoms.

Is it OK to Eat Cheese With Diverticulitis?

While cheese is fairly low in fiber, it provides the body with healthy fats and protein. These nutrients can help in the fight against diverticulitis and minimize your pain. Try to use low-fat alternatives whenever possible, including non-milk cheese varieties.

Can You Eat a Hamburger With Diverticulitis?

Surprisingly, you can enjoy unprocessed meats like hamburgers, as long as they are fairly tender and minimal in fat. However, excessive red meat can worsen your attacks and can worsen with the more meat you eat.

Try to eat no more than 1.2 servings of red meat a week when you have diverticulitis.

What Food Makes Diverticulitis Worse?

Avoid these foods to minimize your outbreaks:

  • Pears
  • Yogurt
  • Ice cream
  • Sauerkraut
  • Beans
  • Kimchi
  • Legumes
  • Soy
  • Cabbage
  • High-trans-fat foods

Take Care of Your Gut Health

As you can see, eating pizza with diverticulitis is possible if you’re careful with your intake.

pizza and diseases

Now that you know what ingredients to add to your pizza, you should have minimal trouble enjoying this meal.

So leave a comment below to let us know how you manage your diverticulitis outbreaks!

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