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Chestbrah, also known as Said Sergeyevich, is a famous internet personality and the brother of a belated bodybuilder and online meme, Zyzz (Aziz Shavershian).

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
5 Foot 11 Inches185 Pounds38 Years OldRussia
Bodybuilder Profile

He is originally from Russia but grew up in Melbourne, Australia.

Chestbrah stands at 5 foot 11 inches tall and 185 pounds in weight. He has the genetics to become a great bodybuilder!

Chestbrah has an impressive following on social media, and his physique is one to admire.

He has accomplished a lot in his years. Chestbrah has over half a million followers on Instagram, and his YouTube channel has nearly 200,000 subscribers.

That is impressive for someone who is not a professional athlete or actor!

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Chestbrah and some of the things that make him so popular online.

How Old Is Chestbrah

Chestbrah was born in 1986, and Said is currently 38 years old. He is older than his late brother Zyzz by six years.

While Chestbrah is getting older, he is still highly aesthetic and in fantastic shape. Said remains dedicated to the gym, his diet, and on top of his supplements, allowing him to maintain his physique at his current age.

What Is Chestbrah’s Ethnicity

Is Chestbrah Russian? Yes, Chestbrah is Russian and was born in Moscow. He has a mixed ethnicity of Armenian, German, and Ukrainian.

Chestbrah’s parents moved to Australia when he was young, where he grew up.

Said and Zyzz spent most of their lives outside Melbourne, Australia.

Said currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

How Tall Is Chestbrah

As we stated earlier, Chestbrah is five foot eleven inches tall. Chestbrah’s height is considered average and not too short or too tall.

Being the taller brother, Chestbrah had always looked up to Zyzz, who was shorter than him by two inches.

This allowed Zyzz to pack lean mass as short guys tend to gain muscle faster.

What Is Chestbrah’s Weight

Said Sergeyevich weighs in at around 185 pounds. Chestbrah is not a tiny guy by any means, but he is also not overweight.

He carries his weight well and looks to be in contest shape all year round. Chestbrah’s weight helps him fill out his clothes nicely, showing off his V-taper.

What are Chestbrah’s Measurements

Chest: 52 inches

Waist: 32 inches

Arms: 20 inches

Legs: 34 inches

As you can see, Chestbrah is a very aesthetic individual. His measurements create the perfect V-taper that many gym guys strive for.

Does Chestbrah Use Steroids

Chestbrah is known to use steroids as a performance enhancer in the gym. He has even said he uses them, but it is pretty obvious.

Chestbrah did an interview a few years ago where he was asked if he used steroids.

He replied:

“I’m not going to lie; I do use steroids.” 

Said’s arrest for possession of anabolic steroids and illegal substances lager confirmed that Chestbrah does indeed use steroids.

Steroids are very prevalent in the bodybuilding community, and Chestbrah and his brother Zyzz were no exception.

What Is his Net Worth, and How Much does he Make

Chestbrah’s net worth and the total money he has made are not public information.

We know that Chestbrah makes a living through social media sponsorships, YouTube revenue, and fitness coaching.

Chestbrah’s brother Zyzz had a net worth of around 600 thousand dollars before he passed away.

It is safe to say Chestbrah has made similar if not more money than his brother.

Chestbrah Hair Loss and Transplant 

Chestbrah pulled what some would call a Houdini when it came to his hairline.

Said Sergeyevich was starting to show signs of a receding hairline in his early 20s. It was undeniable online and in his social media postings.

chestbrah hair loss and transplant

This is very common for guys who lift weights and are on steroids. Chestbrah took action and had a hair transplant which fixed his hairline completely.

You can see before and after pictures of Chestbrah’s hair transplant.

Chestbrah Meme

Chestbrah has been part of the meme world for well over a decade.

One of the most popular Chestbrah memes is him holding a sign that says “I’m not on steroids” with his big muscles and veiny arms.

chestbrah meme

This meme is in response to Chestbrah’s interview where he admitted to using steroids.

While Chestbrah isn’t as popular as he once was, he still has quite a bit of meme power online.

Is Chestbrah a Zyzz? You bet you a**.

What Supplements Does Said Take

Said Sergeyevich has a supplement and steroid stack that is both though out and built to pack on muscle.

Chestbrah takes a pre-workout, creatine, BCAAs, protein powder, and other supplements.

You can see Chestbrah’s potent supplement and steroid stack here.

Chestbrah and Osrs (Old School Rune Scape)

Chestbrah is a big fan of the game Old School Rune Scape.

Old School Rune Scape is an MMORPG type game with terrible graphics but was a pillar of the old 4 chan community. 4 chan is where Zyzz, Chestbrah’s younger brother, achieved the start of his internet fame.

Chestbrah isn’t just some try-hard bodybuilder who plays video games; he is actually pretty good at the game. Chestbrah’s love for Old School Rune Scape led him to start a YouTube channel dedicated to the game.

While Chestbrah’s Rune Scape channel isn’t as popular as his bodybuilding one, it still has a few subscribers. Chestbrah is another example of how diverse and exciting internet personalities can be.

Chestbrah’s Arrest

Chestbrah was arrested in 2013 for his involvement in an anabolic steroid ring in Australia.

“Shavershian, who was arrested in his Fitness First uniform with five vials of steroids on the front seat of his car, told officers he had been using them for six years because he was a “very image-conscious guy,” a statement of facts tendered to Parramatta Local Court revealed.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

While Chestbrah’s charges were eventually dropped, this event led to him taking a break from social media.

Chestbrah returned to social media later and came back stronger than ever by focusing on putting out more fitness and health content.

Chestbrah and Zyzz

As Chestbrah’s popularity began to rise, so did the favor of his younger brother Zyzz.

Zyzz was already popular in bodybuilding, but Chestbrah helped him blow up online and even develop his famous Zyzz pose.

The two brothers were often seen working together and posting about their progress. They were all part of what is known as the Aesthetic Crew or the Zyzz crew, who were a famous group of bodybuilders in the early 2010s.

Sadly, Zyzz passed away in 2011 from heart complications. Chestbrah has said that his brother’s death was a big wake-up call for him and helped him change his lifestyle for the better.

While Chestbrah isn’t as popular as he once was, he is still a well-known internet personality with a large following. Chestbrah is proof that you can come back.

To quote the two most aesthetic brothers on the planet, “Aesthetics Never Die.”


The Chestbrah comeback is one for the ages.

He’s been able to not only bounce back after his brother’s death, but he’s also managed to turn things around after his arrest for steroids.

Whether you were a fan of the Zyzz and Chestbrah’s crew or not, it’s hard not to respect all that he’s been able to achieve.

What are some of your best “Aesthetic Crew” memes? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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