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father fitness blog

Are you looking to ditch the dad bod? 

Fortunately, plenty of informative and motivating father fitness blogs focusing on fitness for men over 40

Professional guidance will help you trade it in for six-pack abs and a new lease on your health.

This post unpacks the top father fitness blogs online. We’ll discuss what makes them great and recommend the best one to follow for your journey to father fitness.

The Fit Father Project

Our top choice for the best father fitness blog is ‘The Fit Father Project.’ No other blog can hold a candle to this site’s content. The Fit Father Project spent the last decade helping nearly 50,000 men from 100 countries get in shape.

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The Fit Father Project is the culmination of thousands of hours of testing and research to create proven training and nutrition systems that deliver results. The site offers fathers plenty of free content to lose fat, gain muscle, supercharge cardiovascular fitness, and improve nutrition.

Try the ‘1-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan for Men 40+‘ or the ‘24-Min Fat Burn Workout for Men 40+.‘ 

Both programs are free and have plenty of testimonials from satisfied dads. The workouts and meal plans are easy to follow and effective.

fit father project 1

There’s no blog on the site, but the free programs are worth looking into. Don’t forget the video content like ‘5-Best Muscle Building Exercises Video For Men Over 40+.‘ If you want to take your training and nutrition to the next level, sign up for the ‘Fit Father 30-Day Total Body Transformation Program or FF30X.


You get a 7-day meal plan with 28 delicious recipes, a weekly grocery list, and customizable food options to suit your taste and nutritional needs. It’s excellent value at $147 for the program. Sign up and start your journey to fitness and health today.

Dad Bod Health

Dad Bod Health is our runner-up for the best father fitness blog online. Founded by Jason Priest, a qualified personal trainer and registered nurse, Dad Bod Health is a top destination for fitness and nutrition information for fathers over 40.

Dad Bod Health runs a Facebook community and its ‘Fatherhood’ organization. This is a great father fitness blog.

not the average dad bod

Sign up on the site to join thousands of dads in their quest for better health and improved athletic performance. The ‘Discussions with Dads’ forum is a great place to connect with like-minded fathers across the USA.

Sign up for the community for free and receive weekly content about improving your fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. The blog has plenty of articles relating to exercise performance and nutrition. 

While the last entry was in early 2021, there’s a massive collection of information to review.

The duo of Jason and Zack decided to move their energy into their weekly podcast. The podcast covers fatherhood, health, and a better lifestyle for fathers over 40. 

The topics cover the ‘4 Core Pillars of Health‘ (sleep, stress management, nutrition & fitness), mindset strategies, and more.

This site is entirely free. 

You get excellent value for your time and attention, with the ‘MAN UP‘ Community coaching program and ‘Optimal Performance Coaching Program’ providing valuable insights into diet and training for over 40s.

Super Fit Dad

The Super Fit Dad blog is an excellent resource for fathers looking to push the boundaries of their athletic performance. This site has some serious calisthenic workouts, and it incorporates CrossFit principles. One thing’s for sure, you’re going to get fit fast when following this blog.

You get two emails to your inbox each week with new exercise ideas. There’s a vast archive of body-busting workouts on the homepage, including creative titles like ‘Dadbod Murph‘ and ‘Push Up Poison,‘ to name a few.

The training has a CrossFit theme, and it’s an excellent choice for dads looking to reach the next level of fitness. 

The blog has recent updates, with titles like “The Only 5 Fit Influencers Dads Need to Follow,‘ and several categories, including training, workouts, well-being, and personal development.  

Lean Green Dad

The Lean Green Dad Blog is a great resource if you’re looking to take a plant-based journey to fitness and better health. Written by Cory Warren (the lean green dad), the blog focuses more on the plant-based diet than training. 

You’ll find plenty of instructional workout blogs and videos on the site.

lean green dad

Cory has a great blog, with embedded videos unpacking the concepts he talks about in the articles. 

You get a huge resource of plant-based recipes and food ideas on the site. The ‘Meal Plan’ section on the site offers you a plant-based meal plan for a $7 monthly subscription or $63 for an annual package.

There’s a free trial available for the meal plan, and you get five quick and easy recipes delivered to your inbox every week. The Lean Green Dad podcast episodes on the site are fantastic. Cory discusses the plant-based lifestyle with leading experts in the community every week.

The Fit Dad Lifestyle

A former Australian veteran, Leroy Faure, started the Fit Dad Lifestyle blog. It offers fathers a safe space to connect with a community of like-minded fathers focused on improving their fitness for fatherhood. 

Leroy started the blog in 2018 to share nutritional advice, with the blog blowing up to 22,000 members.

fit dad fuel

What started as a blog offering simple advice spurned into a website providing information on improving physical and mental health. The blog is excellent and well written, with interesting topics adding value to your fitness journey.

The Facebook community is available for support, and the main site hosts educational content for fitness and nutrition. The fitness app costs $19.95, and you get daily workouts, motivational indicators, and access to the FB community for support.  

Fit Dad Nation

With a community of over 25,000 fathers registered on the site, Fit Dad Nation helps dads who want to become the best version of themselves. Founded by Steve Roy, a qualified personal trainer since 1997, Fit Dad Nation offers you access to a blog covering hundreds of topics and a Facebook community for support.

fit dad nation

The blog has over 100 articles focusing on nutrition strategies, motivation and inspiration, high-intensity workouts, and tips on how to be the best dad possible. 

The FDN podcast is a weekly show featuring Steve talking to top influencers like Jason Khalipa and Jay Ferruggia.

Steve operates an exclusive private member program, ‘Fit Dad Nation Inner Circle.’ You can sign up for $67 per month or $189 for three months. The membership gets you training programs, diet plans, and one-on-one coaching to keep you accountable.

Get Fit Old Man

This UK-based blog is a great resource for dads looking to get into CrossFit. You’ll find a collection of blogs covering the CrossFit lifestyle and training method. 

While there hasn’t been any update to the blog since February 2022, the past archives have plenty of valuable information for newbies.

get fit old man

It’s a basic blog, but the articles are well-written and inspiring. The theme of the content is geared more toward those dads that want to push their athletic performance. If you have a good base in fitness, this blog helps you get more out of your body.

Average Dad Fitness

The Average Dad fitness blog is available through Feedspot. The blog is straightforward, offering stories on training, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle for fathers. 

The blog’s owner has seven children, so he knows a thing or two about fatherhood and its impact on our physiology.

The last entry on the platform was in 2020. However, there are plenty of short blogs packed with valuable information. It’s a great destination for daily motivation to get you out of your office chair and moving. 

Check out the “Memorial Day Murph 2020” entry for a monster workout.

Father Fitness Blogs FAQs

What is the best new father fitness blog?

If you’re looking to get fit after 40, The Fit Father Project is our top online destination for workouts and nutritional advice. You get free exercise courses, nutrition plans, and affordable e-learning designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, and drop the dad bod.

Who owns Fit Father Project?

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, NMD, owns ‘The Fit Father Project.‘ Anthony dedicated his life to fitness after losing his father at a young age. With a decade of experience training men over 40, his website and blog are the top online resource for fitness for over 40s.


There are plenty of online blogs focusing on fitness for men over 40. If we had to go with one for our go-to daily dose of motivation, it’s the Fit Father Project. 

The eight options in this review are top choices. 

You get a bevy of resources designed to help you lose fat and build muscle.

Did you enjoy our review of the top father fitness blogs?

With free diet and workout plans, and plenty of motivation, The Fit Father Project deserves your attention. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Leave a comment below and let us know your go-to father fitness blogs. We want to know!

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