How to Cold Brew Kratom Tea

how to cold brew kratom tea

Have you ever wondered how to cold brew Kratom tea?

Lindy Health will show you exactly how to brew Kratom into a delicious cold tea ready for drinking.

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For many decades, Kratom tree leaves have been used as an herbal remedy for illnesses like coughing, diabetes, and some stomach conditions; they are also known to relieve fatigue, increase tolerance and improve productivity.

The tree species from which Kratom leaves are harvested are commonly found in the Southeastern part of Asia; the use of the leaves for its energy boosting effect is every day amongst manual laborers in this region.

kratom tea recipe

Over the years, Kratom use has been expanded to accommodate even more functions, including helping to ease the symptoms of opioid withdrawal; this expanded use has also led to a change in kratom consumption methods.

What is Kratom Tea?

Decades ago, manual workers would chew kratom leaves to consume the needed alkaloids it contained. However, based on more advanced processing techniques and satisfying all consumers’ needs, kratom extracts are now available in various packing forms—pills or capsules, powder, and liquid. Kratom is also consumed as a beverage (in the liquid state), and it is called Kratom tea.

kratom brewing guide

Kratom tea has become many consumers’ favorite kratom-based product due to its smooth taste. Hence, this guide by Lindy Health takes you through the processes of preparing your Kratom tea and the benefits the tea offers; read on to find out!

How to Cold Brew Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is another method through which kratom-lovers enjoy all the benefits of Kratom leaves. It is also one of the cheapest ways as you only need the leaves and some other ingredients, which do not cost much.

Kratom tea is achieved by brewing, and you only get maximal benefits when this brewing is done right. You can either hot brew or cold brew Kratom tea. Many have attested to the higher potency of cold brewed Kratom tea. Hence, here are the steps to properly cold brew your Kratom tea.

What do you need?

  • Quality Kratom leaves
  • A teabag
  • Cheesecloth
  • Lemon juice
  • Citrus juice
  • Water
  • A container to fit the quantity you need

Step One: Fill the tea bag with the desired quantity of Kratom leaves; some people prefer using kratom powder. However, to get the full effect and benefits, kratom leaves are the most suitable choice; this is because brewing with leaves allows for the extraction of all the needed natural alkaloids, unlike the powdered form (where all of the leaves are consumed and therefore, some alkaloids are lost in the process). 

Step Two: Soak the filled bag in water and add some lemon juice; leave the soaked substances in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours.

Step Three: Once your tea has been brewed, Pour it through a cheesecloth to ensure that all particles or leaves are filtered out.

Step Four: Pour your desired quantity into a teacup or mug, and add citrus juice and some ice cubes (this is optional). Then, sit back as you enjoy your homemade tea.

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Points to Note When Cold Brewing Kratom Tea

Start slow

Kratom Tea contains more concentrated solutions of natural alkaloids than all other forms of Kratom products. Hence, if you are brewing kratom tea (especially cold brewing) for the first time, start with a small quantity to gauge how much you can hold down.

Why Citrus juice?

It is advisable to add citrus juice to your cold brewed kratom tea; one, it improves the taste of the tea. Citrus juice also helps to keep alkaloids stable; alkaloids are what make your kratom products beneficial.

cold brew kratom drink

Consume in 5 days

Another point you must note is that your brewed Kratom tea cannot last more than five days, no matter how much you refrigerate it. This is because the prolonged exposure of the liquid to oxygen can cause the degradation of one of the potent alkaloids (Mitragynine) to a less effective substance and reduce the tea’s potency. Hence, ensure that you only brew what you can consume in 5 days. 

Kratom Tea Benefits

Kratom tea provides users with many benefits, making it the go-to product for those seeking quick relief from their pains. One major advantage Cold brewed Kratom tea has over other Kratom-based products is its smooth taste. However, there are many more benefits to consuming Kratom in this liquid form, and some of them are;

Higher concentration of alkaloids

Natural alkaloids are what make the effects of Kratom leaves potent. With Cold brew kratom tea, the concentration of the alkaloids present in the leaves is preserved, leading to a more potent kratom product.

Costs less and is easy to consume

iced kratom tea

Cold brew kratom tea is cheap; you can get Kratom leaves at affordable prices at local stores and cold brew them to have your homemade kratom tea. Kratom, in its liquid state, works faster than other kratom products.

Kratom Tea Nutritional Facts

Kratom tea is more than a beverage; it provides nourishment and other health benefits. This function is due to the presence of numerous nutrients contained in the kratom leaves. Some of these nutrients are;

  • Alkaloids: about 50 alkaloids are present in Kratom leaves; the most active is mitragynine. The calming and soothing effects users experience from Kratom consumption are due to the active alkaloids in the leaves.
  • Minerals: Kratom tea also contains minerals, including Zinc, Calcium, and Magnesium.
  • Vitamins: Vitamin-C and many other vitamins are also present in the Kratom tea, which helps to build immunity and improve skin conditions.

Kratom Tea vs. Kratom Pill

The difference may not be so glaring when comparing Kratom pills to Kratom brewed tea. While many may argue that all Kratom-based products are identical, this is not particularly true. However, if you would love to improve the taste of your Kratom product, Kratom Tea is the best option as you get to use a sweetener with the tea. Also, Kratom tea is more potent based on its method of preparation.  

Kratom Cold Brew Tea Recipes

In a cup of water, add one spoon of Kratom leaves to 3 spoons of lemon juice for one serving of Kratom tea. To make more quantity, multiply each measurement by the number of servings. 

For instance, to make four servings of Kratom tea, you need four cups of water, four spoons of Kratom leaves, and twelve spoons of lemon juice.

Note: Ensure you only make what you can consume in 5 days. 

Where to buy Kratom Tea Bags?

You can readily buy packed Kratom Tea bags in local stores near you or online retailers like Amazon.

Alternatively, you can purchase packed Kratom leaves, brew your Kratom tea, and then sieve it with a cheesecloth.

Cold Brew Kratom Tea: The Verdict

The benefits that Kratom leaves offers consumers are numerous. Decades ago, users chewed Kratom leaves in raw form to get these benefits. However, Kratom is now consumed in a cheaper, easier, and safer manner—the Kratom tea. You can comfortably brew the Kratom tea from your home, and Lindy Health helps you understand how.

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