How to Stop Testosterone Therapy

how to stop testosterone therapy

Testosterone therapy, or TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy, is a prescribed course of treatment for men. Men with a low testosterone production level in their bodies will be prescribed this treatment. Medically, the condition is called hypogonadism.

However, there are some side effects of TRT that many do not consider before getting prescribed. 

So, what if the side effects start to overpower the benefits? Can you come off TRT safely?

If so, how do you stop testosterone therapy?

You can learn everything you need to know on the topic by sticking with us until the end.

Can You Stop Testosterone Therapy Safely

First off, yes, it’s certainly possible to stop TRT. 

how to stop testosterone

However, you should never abruptly cease medical treatment without your doctor’s advice. It is not 100% safe to end TRT abruptly. The safest way would be to lower the dosage and follow your doctor’s advice.

Can You Stop Testosterone Therapy Cold Turkey

When you start TRT, your body will stop producing testosterone. So, you can not just abruptly testosterone replacement therapy. If you simply stop TRT cold turkey, your body will get into shock due to a sudden deprivation of testosterone. 

Your body will most face a sudden drop in energy and libido levels.

You may even feel depressed, anxious, and irritated for no reason. 

stopping testosterone therapy

Usually, these effects will wear off after a few weeks of stopping testosterone treatment. 

Generally, the longer you are on TRT, the more time it will take for your body to adjust to the change. After stopping, the body will eventually adjust to its normal testosterone levels. You should be back to your baseline hormonally.

You should note that when you stop testosterone replacement therapy, your T levels will not be higher than where you started before taking TRT. 

For example, suppose your testosterone levels were 200 ng/dl before treatment. In that case, your testosterone levels will return to that range after you end the therapy.

Nonetheless, as we have mentioned earlier, people on TRT for a short time will typically face fewer symptoms than others when they stop.

It is rare for the body to adjust to the change for months or longer.

Why Would You Want to Come off From TRT

There are many reasons why someone would want to stop taking TRT. 

stopping trt

In most cases, people who face a lot of side effects on TRT may seriously consider stopping treatment.

In case you are worried, do not fear, TRT will not shorten your life.

Reasons for stopping TRT and common side effects include:

Skin Issues

Men on TRT will generally see an increase in the oiliness level on the skin, which can cause acne breakouts. 

While this side effect might seem annoying and embarrassing, you can quickly fix this issue with over-the-counter products.

Weight Gain

Testosterone can cause higher fluid retention, meaning you might feel or appear more bloated than usual. 

In other words, your body weight can increase after you start TRT. But the good news is that this side effect is not long-lasting. In most cases, weight gain due to TRT is not severe.

Prostate Complications

As you probably know, the prostate is a muscular gland. It surrounds the urethra, and testosterone can affect the prostate in several ways.

weening off trt

To start with, stimulation in the prostate tissue can make you urinate more frequently. Usually, men taking TRT will report a reduced flow. 

Neither of the issues related to the flow and the frequency of urination is painful.j This should not affect your daily life in a significant way.

Some physicians have concerns regarding TRT encouraging the growth of prostate cancer cells. 

Suppose you are at the risk of having prostate cancer or cancer before. In that case, you should talk with your medical provider and seek advice before starting a course of TRT. However, there is no concrete evidence regarding this issue.

Fertility Considerations

TRT helps to boost the libido and can solve erectile dysfunction issues. However, it can also lower a person’s sperm count significantly. 

Men planning to start a family should seek advice from doctors regarding fertility considerations before taking TRT. 

Generally, doctors will prescribe you some medication to decrease the impact of testosterone on your fertility.

TRT Costs

The costs for TRT will highly depend on where you are located and the insurance plan that you are on. It will also rely on the dosage, frequency, and type of medication your doctor has prescribed. 

Usually, testosterone treatment will cost you anywhere from $20 to $200 per month.

Testosterone Therapy Stopped Working

At one point, TRT might simply stop working and no longer feel as effective. 

There are many underlying causes behind this. In many cases, when you stop taking an estrogen blocker, take too much testosterone, or do not take other drugs as part of your TRT regimen, the therapy will cease to work. 

Suppose TRT does stop working, or you notice a significant change in effectiveness. In that case, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Is Testosterone Therapy Reversible

Yes! You will revert to the initial stage when you stop taking the therapy. And by the initial stage, we are referring to the point where you had just started to take TRT. 

what to take when coming off testosterone

The positive effects of low testosterone treatment will begin to wear off. This is one of the reasons why many do not want to stop TRT.

In fact, you might even start to face the effects of having low T levels right after you stop. As mentioned earlier, the longer you are taking TRT, the longer it will take your body to revert to its baseline condition.

How Do You Stop Testosterone Therapy

It is advisable to reduce your testosterone intake over several weeks gradually.

This is the safest way to wean off or end TRT treatment. When you slowly wean off, you will also minimize the shock that your body will experience.

Read more: HRT vs TRT

To stop TRT, you will need to take things slow, and you should not leave out your doctor when making this change. 

There are also great online health coaches you can reach out to, such as Lindy Health, to help monitor and assist you when making significant changes like stopping Testosterone Therapy.

That said, your doctor will recommend a series of doses that will successfully taper you off TRT over time. 

Due to this reduction in dosage, your body’s shock to getting a lower amount of testosterone will not be as drastic. 

Also, remember that it will take time to wean off TRT treatment entirely, often taking several weeks or more.

What to Take When Coming off Testosterone

After you stop testosterone treatment, you should start post-cycle therapy (PCT). A PCT can help minimize the side effects of stopping TRT and aid in making your body naturally return to its baseline testosterone levels.

This protocol can sometimes include various medications. Take one recent study, for example; Metformin is a medication usually used for controlling blood sugar. It has been found to help mitigate many side effects when stopping TRT. 

why come off trt

This includes sexual drive and libido reduction side effects in men after stopping treatment.

A researcher, Dr. Dahl, who specializes in TRT, stated that another medication, Clomid, could also be an option for the men stopping treatment. 

According to Dr. Dahl, men worried about their testosterone levels post TRT treatment should consider taking Clomid

That said, medications are not the only option. 

Different studies have proved that exercise is highly effective in sustaining your T levels after treatment. 

How Adverse Are the Side Effects

As mentioned, the strength and amount of the side effects will depend on how long you have taken TRT before stopping.

Coming off TRT After 6 Months

Six months is not a long time on TRT. Therefore, the side effects of weaning off treatment at six months will not be that adverse. You should be back to relative normality within a few weeks.

Coming Off TRT After 2 Years

In comparison, two years is a moderate time to be on TRT. If you come off TRT after two years, you will notice reasonably adverse effects such as lower focus, libido, and motivation for some time before returning to normal.

Coming Off TRT After 5 Years

Five years is a reasonable time to have been on testosterone replacement therapy. Throughout this period, you might have enjoyed all of the beneficial effects of this treatment. While the side effects are similar to coming off at two years, the mental aspect of being so used to TRT is why it will make stopping treatment more difficult.

Coming off TRT After 10 Years

When taking TRT for ten years, you should not think about abruptly stopping. The side effects can be more severe at this point. We suggest consulting with your doctor and gradually coming off TRT after ten years.

How Long Do You Need to Take TRT to See the Results

You might wonder how long after starting TRT will begin to notice the results?

Well, the thing is, the length of time will depend on you. Often, many men will require at least two to four weeks to see real benefits. Some men feel strong, virile, and more energetic after only a few days.

Why is there a variation when you see results from TRT? This is simply due to every human body responding differently. You can always use an online TRT clinic to manage your therapy.

TRT is a treatment that is most often used for the long term. If you stay the course and continue your treatment as prescribed, the results will come to fruition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wean off testosterone injections?

Yes, you can definitely wean off testosterone injections. Now, when it comes to the side effects, they will vary. For some men, the results of weaning off testosterone injections are relatively complex, especially when their testosterone levels were pretty low before treatment.

Once you start testosterone therapy, can you stop?

Yes, you can stop TRT! When you stop TRT, your body will gradually return to normal testosterone levels. For example, if your T levels were 150 ng/dl when you started TRT, your body will return to this range. 

What are the benefits of TRT?

TRT will solve most problems related to aging men having lower testosterone. 
You will eventually notice improvements in sex drive, quality of erections, and overall energy levels. 
Many have also reported improvement in their mood after taking TRT.

Which T level is considered optimal for men?

The standard reference range of testosterone falls between 300 to 900 ng/dl (nanograms per deciliter). If you have blood test results lower than 300 ng/dl, you may consider TRT.

How do you measure your testosterone level?

Although test strips or kits are available for measuring testosterone levels, blood tests offer the most accurate results. Usually, you will take a testosterone or men’s hormone blood test in the morning when testosterone levels are the highest. It is also advisable to take the test fasted to remove as many outside variables as possible and ensure test accuracy.

Final Words

Whether due to side effects, fertility complications, or non-effectiveness, you should not stop TRT without knowing how to stop testosterone therapy safely. 

The safest approach is gradually coming off TRT treatment under a doctor or professional’s supervision.

Stopping TRT abruptly can lead you to experience unnecessary side effects depending on your length of time on TRT.

You can come off of TRT, but you must follow the best possible medical advice and stop TRT treatments the right way.

Have you had a positive or negative experience stopping Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Let us know in the comments below!

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