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Katy Hearn is a fitness model, personal trainer, and fitness company owner who rose to fame due to her fitness lifestyle and multiple fitness brands.

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
5 Foot 1 Inches105 PoundsSeptember 6, 1991Baltimore, Maryland
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Katy Hearn’s journey into the fitness world started in 2012 after her 21st birthday when she checked her birthday pictures and did not like how she looked. 

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She subsequently entered the gym and, for the following months, worked towards her body goal through dedicated gym sessions and special diets. However, she developed a passion for fitness and coaching, becoming a certified personal trainer before taking on physically and online clients.

Since then, her profile within the industry has grown, with Katy starting multiple fitness companies, including a gym, a supplement and CBD company, and a fitness app. Katy also has millions of followers across her social media pages. 

This article will examine details about Katy’s life, career, and other information about her. 

Who is Katy Hearn?

Katy Hearn is a famous American fitness model and personal trainer renowned for her work in the fitness industry. Besides being a fitness model and influencer, she also has a website dedicated to helping people reach their fitness and body goals.

Like many people, Katy’s journey into the fitness world started when she wanted to make some changes to how she looked. She was one of the pioneers of setting social media fitness challenges, bringing more attention to her pages. Since her foray into the fitness world in 2013, Katy’s profile in the industry has risen.

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However, after achieving her fitness goals, she decided to stay longer in the industry and help people attain their body goals by becoming a personal trainer. 

Since then, she has amassed millions of followers across her social media platforms, including on Instagram, where she has 1.7 million followers. 

Katy also has thousands more subscribed to her health plans through her health company KatyHearnFitness LLC. Katy is also the founder of the famous supplement brand Alani Nu. 

Katy Hearn’s Profile

Katy Hearn is a fitness model, personal trainer, social media influencer, and the owner of the fitness company KatyHearnFitness LLC. She is a world-renowned personality primarily within the women’s fitness community. 

What Does Katy Hearn Weigh?

Katy Hearn weighs 52kg or 105 lbs. However, her weight fluctuates occasionally due to her multiple fitness workouts.

How Tall is Katy Hearn?

Katy Hearn is 5 feet and just 1 inch tall, which is unusual for a fitness model because most agencies deem her not tall enough.  

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How Old is Katy Hearn?

Katy Hearn was born on September 6, 1991, which makes her 30 years old. However, she looks younger than her, thanks to her petite stature.

What is Katy Hearn’s Nationality?

Katy Hearn is an American national, and she was born in Maryland, USA, where she spent most of her childhood. She also attended high school in the state. However, she has since moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where she lives full-time.

Katy Hearn’s Personal Life and Family

Katy Hearn has been very open about her personal life, regularly speaking about that part of her life in interviews. She also posts about her family on her social media pages.

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Is Katy Hearn Married?

Katy is married to her partner Haydn Schneider, whom she met in January 2013 after opening her fitness-focused social media accounts. After opening the accounts, she started following other people who had fitness pages to get herself motivated and inspired.

Does Katy Hearn Have Children?

Katy Hearn is a mother to her son Axel who she welcomed in August 2018 with her partner Haydn Schneider.

Who is Katy Hearn’s Husband?

Katy’s husband, Haydn Schneider, is a 35 years old fitness model and personal trainer. Haydn is a recognized fitness personality like his wife, with thousands of followers across his social media platforms. 

katy hearn husband

Haydn and Katy both came up with the idea of starting their first fitness challenge, which served as a launchpad for her skyrocketing fitness training career. He also helped her handle their challenge enrollment and keep up with their clients throughout the eight-week program.

Katy Hearn’s Fitness Modeling Career

Katy started her fitness modeling career in 2012, a couple of days after her 21st birthday. At that time, she started practical weight training, created her workout plans, and took exercise regimens to achieve her fitness goal.

In April 2013, she became a certified personal trainer, after which she decided to pursue a career in fitness training, taking on real-life and online clients.

How Did Katy Hearn Become Famous?

Although Katy started hitting the gym in 2012, she only started her fitness-focused social media pages in 2013. After she started posting pictures and videos of her body and workout sessions, people began asking her advice on workouts.

However, she only became a certified personal trainer in April 2013 when she officially started taking on clients.

What is Katy Hearn’s Workout Routine?

While it’s unknown if Katy Hearn has a favorite workout routine, she is regularly seen doing a lot of weight lifting for her glutes and legs. She also does a lot of cardio exercises and high-intensity training, known as HIIT. 

 She also has a couple of workout plans on her fitness website and app, including her workout generator, challenge, and ‘build a booty.’

Is Katy Hearn Natty (Natural?)

Although there have been a lot of comments about Katy having work done on her body, the fitness model is 100% natural. Her impressive body transformation is a result of hard work and commitment.

What Supplements Does Katy Hearn Take?

Katy takes health supplements from her supplement brand Alani Nu.

How Much Money Does Katy Hearn Make?

According to multiple reports Katy earns between $5,000-$10,000 every month. 

katy hearn fit by katy app

What is Katy Hearn’s Diet Plan?

Katy’s diet plan is unknown, she has a lot of diet plans offered to her clients through her fitness company. 

What is Katy Hearn’s Net Worth?

According to multiple reports, Katy Hearn has a net worth of $2 million. The fitness model has amassed her modest fortune from her work as a trainer and her fitness company and supplement brand. 

What Business Does Katy Hearn Own?

Katy is the owner of KatyHearnFitness LLC, a fitness company that has a recognized fitness app called Fit by Katy, and also the owner of Katy Hearn Gym. 

She and her husband co-founded the supplement company Alani Nu while Katy is also the owner of Onyx + Rose, a CBD brand. 

Did Katy Hearn Make Alani?

Yes! Katy and her husband Haydn Schneider co-founded Alani Nu in 2018. 

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How Do I Cancel My Katy Hearn Subscription?

To cancel your subscription, contact customer service at support@katyhearnfit.com

What Company Owns Alani?  

Alani Nu is a supplement company owned by Katy Hearn and her husband, Haydn Schneider. 


From how Katy Hearn started in the fitness industry to the household name she has become, the fitness trainer has had a remarkable career so far. She is a recognized trainer with thousands of clients, and her fitness website and app have also become very popular among fitness enthusiasts.  

She has also transformed herself into a multiple business owner with her numerous fitness subsidiaries, including a gym and her fitness app and website. Also, he has been able to manage her career alongside being a wonderful wife and mother. 

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