Kisspeptin-10 Benefits for Bodybuilding and PCT

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Kisspeptin-10 is a peptide that is often used as an analogue to HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) during a course of PCT (post cycle therapy).

Given that kisspeptin-10 is a relatively newer neuropeptide with a wealth of online users promoting its use, you might be wondering how it relates to bodybuilding and if it is effective as an analog or substitution to traditional HCG use. 

Some people seem to run kisspeptin-10 independently of TRT or steroid use. 

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How is kisspeptin-10 used within the bodybuilding community and as a part of a PCT protocol? 

We’ll explore the benefits of kisspeptin-10 for bodybuilding and PCT as an adjunctive or alternative ‘therapy’ option. 

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What is Kisspeptin-10 and How Does It Work?

The discovery and utility of kisspeptin-10 is important ground in peptide research, as it has been demonstrated to impact GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone) and promote fertility in men. 

Kisspeptin-10 is actually a neuropeptide that occurs naturally in the body(released by the hypothalamus), and plays a vital role in signaling hormones during the stage of puberty for reproductive organs. 

Kisspeptin-10 is regulated by the KISS1 gene, a “regulator of the mammalian reproductive system.” It is the most effective member of the entire kisspeptin family of peptides – especially considering the role in early stages of reproductive development. 

Loss of this KISS1 gene or disruption of kisspeptin has been shown to lead to an increased risk of developing hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. 

Kisspeptin-10 is most commonly used in post testosterone therapy as a part of PCT protocol, given that it stimulates GnRH, like HCG. 

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It has been shown to be useful for treating a wide variety of fertility issues in men and women, as well as regulating the normal function of the hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis. 

As we have mentioned in some of our previous blog posts, GnRH is essential to a normal, functioning reproductive system. 

GnRH signals the pituitary gland to produce/secrete LH and FSH, which cause the testicles to produce testosterone in men. In women, they signal the ovaries to produce estrogen and progesterone. It is known as the “key regulator of the reproductive axis.” 

Considering the many hormonal sides of PEDs, injection, and HCG (suppression), kisspeptin may offer an adjunctive (or alternative) to HCG without the increased elevation of E2. 

How can Kisspeptin-10 Replace the Use of HCG?

Unfortunately, compared to HCG and GnRH, there is much less information online regarding accurate dosing for kisspeptin-10. 

Even amid the wealth of scientific research surrounding kisspeptin-10, there is confusion about the need for pulsatile delivery

Kisspeptin-10 Dosage

Until we learn more about kisspeptin-10 dosing (or a modified version is produced), EoD (every other day) seems to be inferior to ED (every day). 

50 mcg – 100 mcg ED, which can be divided into multiple doses (EX. 5 x 10 mcg) per day seems to offer a dose-dependent increase in the production of gonadotropins & LH (luteinizing hormone). 

Of course, any use of kisspeptin-10 individually outside of a PCT protocol is going to depend on an HPTA ( that is already somewhat functional. 

If you’re been shut down for an extended period of time, it is going to be really difficult to see any sort of ‘immediate’ results. 

An alternative solution is to start kisspeptin-10 before coming off of TRT. 

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If we combine this with the previously mentioned enclomiphene citrate, you would be able to jumpstart the HPTA and get things functioning before coming off/tapering off exogenous testosterone. This would eliminate the use of HCG entirely. 

In this scenario, the hypothalamus would begin to produce GnRH -> LH (pituitary) -> FSH -> testosterone (testicles)

You could also theoretically tackle all three at once for the fastest recovery: -> kisspeptin-10 (hypothalamus) + GnRH (pituitary) + HCG (testicles). In this scenario, each would be stimulated concurrently, rather than in a consecutive order with kisspeptin-10 alone. 

The potential difficulty with this is the need to take GnRH multiple times per day (potentially kisspeptin-10 as well) for optimal results. 

Incorporating kisspeptin-10 into a protocol while on the tail-end of a TRT cycle may look something like this:

Week 1-3: Start GnRH SubQ injections, gradually increase dose and frequency to five per day @ 20 mcg per dose. 100 mcg total ED SubQ. Can also be taken as one SubQ injection ED.

Week 4-end of TRT cycle (continued after the cycle is over for 4-6 weeks): Start Enclomiphene citrate @ 12.5 mg PO daily + 50 mcg kisspeptin-10 daily. Discontinue use of GnRH after the end of TRT cycle, stay on enclomiphene + kisspeptin-10. 

Even in this scenario, we would probably recommend having run HCG (250 IU EoD) during your cycle and discontinuing use once you begin enclomiphene and kisspeptin-10. 

Kisspeptin-10 Can Successfully Restore HPTA Functionality 

In essence, kisspeptin-10 can help to restart the HPTA, but it does depend on how long you’ve been on your cycle. 

One study, titled “Kisspeptin resets the hypothalamic GnRH clock in men” suggests that a dose of kisspeptin-10 can “trigger [sustained] GnRH release,” reset the GnRH pulse generator, and induce an “immediate LH pulse but also [delay] the next endogenous pulse by an interval approximating the normal interval pulse.” 

What does this mean, exactly? 

To word it another way, the GnRH pulse system is an important part of the HPTA that governs reproductive processes and hormonal production in men. This is suppressed in cases of exogenous testosterone or androgen use, and in turn, suppresses LH (luteinizing hormone). 

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This means diminished production (or complete suppression) of the key hormones required for normal fertility, libido, sexual function, and mood. 

Kisspeptin-10 has clearly demonstrated the ability to help restore HPTA functionality by stimulating hypothalamic GnRH pulses and GnRH-induced LH pulses, leading to normal endogenous testosterone production with continued use. 

The Verdict on Kisspeptin-10

We always suggest doing a good amount of independent research before looking into kisspeptin-10 as a peptide treatment option, as it is a newer alternative compared to more traditional HCG/GnRH or HCG + Clomid PCT. 

There can be a number of variables when it comes to dosage, and we won’t know your exact dosing regimen to tailor an appropriate protocol to you individually. 

This is why we recommend speaking with an educated healthcare professional or endocrinologist to manage your dosage and work out a scheduled dose time frame that can provide you the most individualized benefit based on what you are currently dosing. 

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