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Ladder Pre-Workout is the perfect supplement to get you pumped and increase stamina in the gym. Check out Lindy Health’s Ladder Pre-Workout Review!

As an athlete or a bodybuilder with a daily routine that requires a great amount of energy, you need to stay replenished, strengthened, and focused.

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While the body undergoes metabolic processes to help keep you on track, you also need supplements to achieve these results.

Hence, pre-workout supplements are a great choice if you need extra energy for your workout routines and exercises; they are usually taken 30-45 minutes before a workout to provide the needed energy to scale every fitness hurdle. 

Ladder pre-workout supplement is recognized as one of the top-rated workout supplements. Hence, this guide by Lindy Health explores the benefits of Ladder pre-workout, the ingredients used, and testimonies from other users. 

Read on to find out why this supplement is the best choice for a workout boost!

Ladder pre-workout Ingredients

Nutrition and fitness experts make Ladder pre-workout supplements with science-proven plants and ingredients that help provide the energy needed for workout activities. 

These ingredients include Creatine, L-citrulline, Beta-alanine, Caffeine, L-theanine, and Phosphatidylserine.

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Each of these pre-workout ingredients has a specific function it performs to drive energy increase for users. Let’s check out the functions of each ingredient. 

Creatine – increases power output. 

L-citrulline – increases oxygen content in the muscles and improves exercise performance. 

Beta-alanine – enhance endurance and reduce fatigue by reducing acid levels during exercise. 

Caffeine –  improve focus and muscle performance.

L-theanine – reduces the jitteriness and anxiety that comes with caffeine. 

Phosphatidylserine – improves performance by suppressing cortisol levels. 

All these ingredients work together to boost energy levels and increase the user’s endurance.


  • All-natural flavor
  • Effective ingredients list
  • NSF certified
  • Taste great 


  • Contains sugar 
  • May produce tingling sensations on the skin. 

Is Ladder Pre-Workout Good?

Ladder pre-workout supplement is good for bodybuilders and sportsmen who need an additional energy source for exercise. This supplement is known to improve focus and endurance and increase energy levels. 

Its ingredients are all-natural and formulated by nutrition and science experts, and consumers have also attested to its great taste.

However, like any other enhancer, it poses some side effects to users, mostly those who are first-time consumers. Insomnia, dehydration, and headaches are some of the side effects associated with the usage of this supplement. These effects could be easily managed by only using the product when needed.

Reddit Reviews

A great idea when looking for the best energy-boosting supplement for your activities is to hear from users of the supplements you are considering. 

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Several Reddit users who have tested this product have confirmed its effectiveness in helping them keep their energy levels up. The fantastic taste of this product is another characteristic that has drawn many to it; Reddit users also pointed out how easy-to-use the supplement is.

Where to buy Ladder Pre-Workout?

Ladder pre-workout supplement is available for purchase in several outlets. You can purchase directly from the official Ladder website or online shopping e-commerce websites like Walmart or Amazon. 

The Ladder company is also in retail partnership with some stores, and they help to resell products from the Ladder brand; one of such stores is the Vitamin Shoppe.

Hence, you can either make your order online or visit a physical store near you with a retail partnership with Ladder.

Buy Ladder Pre-Workout on Amazon

The amazing pre-workout supplement by Ladder is described as “a cut above the rest” based on its natural methods of preparation, great taste, and effectiveness. 

A customer review stated that the product “tastes good and lasts through the workout.” this product can be shopped online via Amazon and has a global rating of above 4.

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This pre-workout supplement is powdered and has two distinct flavors—strawberry lemonade and tropical fruit.

Ladder Pre-Workout GNC

GNC is one of the top choices for shopping for health and nutrition supplements. Several products focusing on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are sold at GNC. 

These products include vitamins, protein, fat-burning, and pre-workout supplements. GNC is also a retail store for several nutrition-based brands; however, Ladder is not one of these brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much caffeine is in ladder pre-workout?

Caffeine is one of the top ingredients in pre-workout supplements like Ladder Pre-workout. Caffeine helps to reduce fatigue, maintain focus, increase strength and improve general performance. However, when consumed in a large quality, it could cause adverse effects, especially for people who are caffeine sensitive. 

Hence, you must know how much caffeine is consumed in your pre-workout supplement to prevent excessive consumption. Each serving of Ladder pre-workout supplement contains 200mg of caffeine. 400mg is the recommended daily caffeine consumption; anything above this limit can lead to nausea, restlessness, and insomnia.

What is LeBron ladder?

Ladder is a sports and nutrition company founded (in 2018) by top sports enthusiasts LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger to make safe and effective products available to athletes and other sports enthusiasts to help them boost energy levels and improve performance while remaining healthy.

Who owns Ladder?

Ladder is owned by NBA pro—LeBron James and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both men are lovers of workouts and bodybuilding activities; their interest in these activities led to the creation of this company—Ladder. 

Expert trainer Mike Mancias and professional nutrition & science advisor Abbie Smith-Ryan, are part of the Ladder team and have been able to formulate products that have helped solve several challenges that physically active people face during workouts and other sporting events activities.

These Ladder products include Ladder Pre-Workout supplements, Ladder Whey protein, Ladder plant protein, and Ladder Hydration. All of these products come in various tastes and flavors.

Ladder pre-workout: The Verdict

Ladder pre-workout supplement is a solution that helps you achieve your daily workout goals. For effectiveness, you can take this supplement 30-45 minutes before you begin your exercises, and it provides enough energy boost to last you through your workouts.

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This product is certified by the NSF, following its creation by a team of expert athletes and nutrition and science professionals. LeBron James, the founder of the nutrition brand, Ladder and Basketball professional, uses the pre-workout supplement to provide enough fuel to perform optimally.

Let Ladder pre-workout help you enhance your performance in your workout routines. Using natural and clean ingredients, with no added artificial flavors, and at the right levels, Ladder pre-workout supplement delays fatigue improves focus and enhances strength to get by any workout routine. Place your order now, so you can train harder and for an extended period. 

Have you used a ladder pre-workout before?

Share your experiences below. 

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