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Maren Turmo is a fitness model and social media influencer from Olso, Norway. She is famous for her toned glutes, abs, and legs.

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
5 Foot 5 Inches120 PoundsMarch 31st, 1990Oslo, Norway
Bodybuilder Profile

Maren Turmo has a well-defined physique and pretty face, which have enabled her to build her fitness brand. She has 206,000 followers on Instagram under the handle @maren.turmo. Here she shares fitness and nutrition tips and pictures of herself in cute outfits, which have enabled her to gain a massive following.

Maren also has a YouTube channel which she started in 2011. Currently, she has 25,900 subscribers whom she offers videos of delicious recipes and workouts.

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This article will divulge details of Maren Turmo’s life, biography, training, nutritional regimen, and other interesting facts about her.

Who is Maren Turmo?

Maren Turmo is a Norwegian fitness model and internet influencer famous for her incredible abs and glutes. Maren, known as @maren.turmo on Instagram, is followed by people who want to learn how to build their bodies and get results like hers.

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Maren’s message is that bodybuilders should follow their passion and do something they love, enabling them to live a content and happy life.

Maren Turmo’s Profile

Maren Turmo is a bodybuilder, fitness athlete, and social media influencer from Norway with thousands of followers on her social media pages. Her well-built physique has made her an icon to millions who follow her advice. Below are details about her body’s statistics.

What Does Maren Turmo Weigh?

Maren Turmo’s weight is not known.

How Tall is Maren Turmo?

Maren Turmo is 5 feet and 5 inches tall or 1.65 m. She has a beautiful face and a toned body.

How Old is Maren Turmo?

Maren Turmo was born on March 31st, 1999, which makes her 23 years old.

maren turmo natty

What is Maren Turmo’s Nationality?

Maren Turmo was born in Oslo, Norway, and she is Norwegian.

Maren does not talk much about her parents or her childhood. She states on Instagram that she dropped out of school and is now taking private classes from Bjorkness Private Skole. She currently lives in Oslo, Norway.

Maren Turmo’s Personal Life and Family

Maren Turmo is not very open about her relationship with her boyfriend. She posted a video of them together on Instagram but did not reveal his name.

Is Maren Turmo Married?

It is unknown whether Maren Turmo is married or just dating the man she posted on social media.

Does Maren Turmo Have Children?

Maren Turmo has not publicly stated whether she has children.

maren turmo instagram

Who is Maren Turmo’s Boyfriend?

Maren Turmo has not revealed the name of the man she posted on Instagram.

Maren Turmo’s Fitness Modeling Career

It is not known when Maren Turmo started her fitness modeling career.

How Long Has Maren Turmo Been A Fitness Model?

It is unknown how long Maren Turmo has had her fitness modeling career.

Which Brands has Maren Turmo Worked With?

Maren Turmo has posted products like Clinique Moisture Surge Gel and Origins Checks and Balances Face Wash on her Instagram page.

What is Maren Turmo’s Net Worth?

According to various sources, she has a net worth of around $200,000, which is assumed to have been accrued from working as an online influencer.

Maren Turmo’s Workout Routine

Maren Turmo’s workout routine is a combination of cardio and weight training. Her exercise sessions depend on her fitness goals. For example, if she wants to burn some extra fat, she will have four to seven cardio sessions in a week. If she is at her optimum, she will have three weekly sessions. HIIT and outdoor walking are her favorite types of cardio.

Regarding weight training, Maren works weekly on her abs, legs, and glutes. She begins by warming up before she does several sets of heavy compound exercises. Sets of lightweight isolation exercises follow these.

What is Maren Turmo’s Diet Plan?

Maren Turmo eats healthy foods and plans her meals every single day. This is not something new, as she has done this for years.

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On a typical day, she starts with oatmeal to provide her with protein, fiber, and minerals like iron and magnesium. For lunch, she usually eats a meal that includes cottage cheese to give her protein for muscle growth and berries for vitamins. Maren often consumes fish like salmon with sweet potatoes and other veggies like asparagus for dinner. Before she retires to bed, Maren will eat eggs and vegetables.

Is Maren Turmo Natty (Natural)?

It is not known whether or not Maren Turmo is natty.

What Supplements does Maren Turmo Take?

She uses supplements and has shared a video of her making a shake using Luxe Fitness Protein Powder, cottage cheese, and berries. She even said it was the best-tasting protein powder she had ever savored.

Does Maren Turmo Own a TikTok Account?

Maren Turmo has a TikTok account @marenturbo. Here she shares nutritious recipes and exercise videos. She also shares lifestyle reels, for instance, her visit to the hairdresser.

Is Maren Turmo on Facebook?

Maren Turmo has a Facebook account with 235 followers under the handle Official Maren Turmo.

Does Maren Turmo Have a Wikipedia Page?

She does not have a Wikipedia page.

Did Maren Turmo Undergo Plastic Surgery?

It is not known whether or not she has had plastic surgery.


Maren Turmo is a Norwegian influencer and fitness model who educates her dedicated army of followers worldwide on how to eat healthily and train to attain a well-defined physique like hers. She has made a name for himself in the fitness modeling world because of her glutes and abs.

Maren uses her online platforms to inspire her followers to be true to themselves, and she advises them to dance to their rhythm even if people do not understand them, for they often wish they dared to do the same.

Maren Turmo, the bodybuilder, recognized worldwide for her glutes, motivates her fans by sharing pictures of her body and videos of her working out and preparing healthy meals.

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