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Mike Thurston is a fitness influencer with a large Instagram and YouTube following. He is also a fitness trainer, starting at a young age.

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
6 Foot 0 Inches205 PoundsAugust 9, 1990Leeds, United Kingdom
Bodybuilder Profile

Through Mike Thurston’s profile, you can learn more about some of his body measurements as well as about his personal life. We will also take you through some important details about his career.

Who Is Mike Thurston?

Mike Thurston is a British entrepreneur. He is mainly famous for his social media influence, with over a million followers on Instagram and 1.29 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

mike thurston net worth

He initially began as a retail worker, although fitness has been a part of his life since he was a teenager. He built his physique and made an effort to become a coach.

He is also the founder of the THRST app, which offers specialized training programs while selling shorts, activewear, tees, and sportswear. This app is similar to the Cbum fitness app.

Mike Thurston’s Profile

Mike Thurston was always interested in sports, given that he played a fair number of sports in school and college. He started weightlifting and building his body when he was 18 years old, which helped him achieve the body of his dreams.

Let’s take a look at some essential details about him below.

What Does Mike Thurston Weigh?

Mike Thurston’s specific weight is unknown, although his weight falls between 205 and 215 pounds. This is around 90 kilos.

He has built and maintained this weight mainly through his weightlifting, workout routine, and nutrition plan. There are bound to be some variations in his importance as time passes.

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How Tall Is Mike Thurston?

Mike Thurston is 6 feet tall. This is around 183 cm.

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Several aspects can be attributed to his height, such as his initial interest and involvement in sports and his efforts in bodybuilding and fitness. His diet, genetics, and supplementation also contribute to his height.

How Old Is Mike Thurston?

Mike Thurston is 32 years old as of 2022. He was born on August 9, 1990.

What Is Mike Thurston’s Nationality?

Mike Thurston is British. He was born in Leeds in the county of West Yorkshire in England.

mike thurston career

He holds a British passport, although he travels quite a bit for his job.

Mike Thurston’s Personal Life and Family

Mike Thurston is entirely private about his personal life and family. However, there are several pictures of him with some family members. Having been born and raised in Leeds, his friends and family reside primarily in and around Leeds.

You can go through some information about his personal life below.

Is Mike Thurston Married?

Mike Thurston does not seem to be married and has not revealed anything.

Does Mike Thurston Have Children?

There is no official information about whether or not Thurston has any children. However, he does not seem to have any at the moment.

Who Is Mike Thurston’s Girlfriend?

It is unclear whether or not Mike Thurston has a girlfriend, as he has never posted anything about this subject on his social media. If he does, he has kept it private.

Mike Thurston’s Fitness Influencer Career

Mike Thurston has made several strides as a fitness influencer. Although his career was initially mainly focused on working with nightclubs and retail, he was simultaneously focusing on his fitness.

mike thurston weight

It was, however, only in 2013 (when he was 22) that he decided to shift to fitness as a profession. He became a coach or trainer while also establishing his own company.

What Is Mike Thurston’s Workout Routine?

As part of his workout routine, Mike Thurston emphasizes different body parts on other days. Some of his sessions include military presses, rows, delt fly, shrugs, barbell and dumbbell presses, chest presses, curls, lunges, squats, and more.

His weekly routine is generally as follows.

  • Monday: Chest, back
  • Tuesday: Legs
  • Wednesday: Shoulders, trapezius (neck and back)
  • Thursday: Back, hamstrings
  • Friday: Arms
  • Saturday: Abdominal muscles
  • Sunday: Off/rest

Although the general routine is usually this, Thurston often alters some sets and plans.

Is Mike Thurston Natty (Natural)?

There is no specific information about Mike Thurston being natty or on steroids. Speculations are arguing about either possibility, although most opinions tend to point towards him being natural due to his relatively even and consistent body proportions.

What Supplements Does Mike Thurston Take?

There are several supplements that Mike Thurston takes to boost his health and energy. These include branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), whey protein, several vitamins, and omega-3 tablets.

He also covers this topic in a video on his channel.

How Much Money Does Mike Thurston Make?

Mike Thurston makes around £400,000 annually, which is approximately $470,000. He earns this money through his YouTube channel, Instagram channel, a fitness company, and coaching.

What Is Mike Thurston’s Diet Plan?

Mike Thurston’s diet plan revolves around proteins and healthy carbohydrates. All his main meals usually include a combination of rice and vegetables, usually with some kind of meat, such as chicken and salmon.

He eats eggs and participates in egg cleansing frequently with some of his lighter meals and snacks, including nuts, milk, bananas, and honey


He consumes his carbs in the earlier parts of the day. Usually, He has as many as 5-6 meals throughout a single day to provide him with enough energy.

What Is Mike Thurston’s Net Worth?

There is differing information about Mike Thurston’s net worth. Some news sources say it is $8 million, while others say it is closer to $1 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mike Thurston Advertise Products?

Mike Thurston advertises MyProtein, Bioniqco, Bulk Powders, and his own THRST brand products.

Does He Conduct Online Training?

Yes, he conducts online training through his THRST fitness app.


Mike Thurston is a reputed fitness influencer with his own company through which he sells certain products and offers training. He started out at 18 and went on to see different levels of success, helping him get to this level.

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