NPC Bikini Competition and Posing [Guide]

npc bikini competition posing

The NPC Bikini for Competition and Posing is one of the most popular events sanctioned by the NPC. 

This Bikini competition is for women of all ages who want to showcase their hard work and dedication to their physiques. 

npc womens bodybuilding

The National Physique Committee (NPC) is the United States’ largest amateur bodybuilding organization. Every year, they hold competitions for all levels of athletes, from the first-time novice to the seasoned professional. 

If you are thinking about competing in the NPC Bikini for Competition and Posing, then this article is for you! We will give you all the information you need to get started, including what to expect on competition day.

What Is The NPC Bikini Competition

Organized by the NPC, the NPC Bikini Competition is a national level bodybuilding competition for women. The competition is held every year in different cities across the United States.

The competition is open to all women who meet the eligibility criteria.

The eligibility criteria include having a valid NPC card, being a United States citizen, and being at least 18 years old.

How to pose for NPC bikini competition

As an NPC bikini competitor, you want to make sure you have the perfect pose to show off your hard work and dedication.

There will be two rounds in the competition, a Presentation Round and a Comparison Round, and the judges will score you based on these two rounds.

Presentation Round

You would be asked to walk to the middle of the stage and assume a front stance. And then, turn your body a full 180 degrees so that you are facing away from the judges, and assume a back stance. 

npc bikini posing guide

Finally, turn back to the front again, facing the judges. You should spend no more than 10 seconds total on this maneuver. Remember, no obscene acts are allowed.

Comparison Round

The competitors are judged in a two-piece swimsuit and high heels during this round.

A full front, as well as back stance, will be required of the competitors in a group setting.

During half turns, evaluators will be able to compare the competitors. (There will be no side judging, only front, and back).

Please don’t do the mistake of taking your arms off to your side with your elbows bent, as NPC strictly doesn’t want the models to do that.


The criteria used by the judges to score competitors are as follows:

  • Shape and Balance in the Body
  • Presentation as a whole, including skin tone, complexion, poise, and overall appearance.

NPC bikini posing guide

Let us give you some tips on how to pose like a professional bikini model. Let us guide you on how to stand, arch your back, position your arms and legs, and accentuate your best features to help you make the most of your NPC bikini competition with our NPC bikini posing tips. 

how to pose npc bikini

The best part is that it just doesn’t end there; we will also guide you about NPC bikini suit rules and NPC bikini poses. Let’s get started.

NPC bikini posing tips

As a bikini competitor, you want to make sure you have the perfect pose to show off your hard work and dedication. 

Here are some tips on how to pose for the NPC bikini competition:

1. Stand tall and proud. Remember, you have worked hard for this moment and you deserve to show off your body with confidence.

2. Smile! A genuine smile will not only make you look more approachable, but it will also radiate positive energy.

3. Make sure your shoulders are back, and your chest is up. This will help accentuate your waistline and give you a more hourglass figure.

4. Stick out your hips slightly and point your toes. This will help lengthen your legs and make them look even more toned and fit.

5. Put your hands on your hips or in a ‘V’ shape above your head. This classic bikini pose will showcase all of your curves in the best light possible.

As mentioned above, NPC strictly doesn’t want models to take their arms off to their side with their elbow bent. So, keep that in mind.

NPC Bikini Suit Rules

  • The first and foremost is that a bikini must be two pieces. 
  • The suit’s bottom must be V-shaped. 
  • Thongs are not permitted in the competition.
  • You can wear an off-the-shelf suit if you want
  • The fronts of the suit bottom should not be too low
  • Wearing high heels is mandatory
  • Wearing jewelry is permitted

NPC Bikini Poses

Posing is an important part of any NPC competition, and it is crucial that athletes take the time to learn how to pose correctly. 

bikini womens poses npc

Not only does proper posing showcase the athlete’s hard work and dedication to their craft, but it also helps the judges to better assess the physiques of the competitors.

The number of options you have when it comes to bikini poses is endless. Nonetheless, there are three stances that work best for most women’s bodies.  

  • In this first bikini front position, one stands with their feet slightly wider than shoulder width and their torso facing forward. In this front stance, you should normally thrust your hips to one side and twist your waist as much to the side as feasible. 
  • With all the bikini front postures, it is critical to keep your shoulders forward. You want your waist to be twisted firmly and your hips to appear smaller than your waist.
  • Another bikini front pose stance involves twisting your hips and feet to one side while lifting your glutes and bending one knee slightly. 
  • The third pose involves keeping your feet together and crossing one knee in front of your torso. If you are petite, this might be a powerful pose for you.

Best NPC Bikinis for Competition and Posing

If you have put in the work and are ready to step on stage for your first NPC bikini competition having the correct and best bikini is essential for success.

best npc bikini suits woman

We have tracked down some of the best bikinis for sale online that are approved for competitions by the NPC and will make your posing routine stand out!

If you are looking for men’s posing trunks check out our best NPC men’s posing suits guide.

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How should I pose for a bikini show?

The most important thing when posing for a bikini show is to make sure that your bikini is secure and that you feel comfortable. 

Be sure to practice your poses in front of a mirror beforehand so that you know what you will look like on stage. When you are on stage, be sure to smile and exude confidence so that the judges and audience can see that you are comfortable in your own skin. 

Some tips on how to pose for a bikini show might include standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, placing your hands on your hips or behind your head, and tilting your pelvis forward to accentuate your curves.

What is NPC bikini competition?

NPC bikini competitions are events sanctioned by the National Physique Committee, in which bikini athletes compete against one another in a swimsuit-style show. 

These competitions are designed to showcase the athletes’ physiques, and often include a variety of rounds in which the athletes perform different bodybuilding poses or routines.

How do you pose for an NPC bikini competition?

As an NPC competitor, you don’t have a lot of time on stage, so it’s important to make the most of every second. 

You’ve worked hard for months, and you only have a few seconds to show the judges what you’re made of. So make those seconds count!

When you’re walking the stage, make sure to keep eye contact with the judges and smile. Take confident strides, but be careful not to walk too quickly.

Your front pose is your first impression, so it should be strong. Practice posing so that your top and bottom half look proportionate, and your waist looks small. 

To do this, twist your upper body so that your shoulders are parallel with the front of the stage, and twist your hips so that they’re almost vertical to the stage. 

What are NPC bikini judges looking for?

Judges will be scoring competitors on their physical appearance, including their balance and shape, skin tone, complexion, as well as overall presentation. In addition to these physical criteria, judges will also be looking at the competitor’s overall poise and bearing. 

Competitors who can confidently and gracefully show off their physical assets will likely fare better than those who seem uncomfortable or unprepared.

To Wrap It All Up

The NPC Bikini Competition is a great opportunity for women of all shapes and sizes to show off their hard work and dedication to fitness. It is also a great way to meet other like-minded women and make new friends. 

The competition is fierce, but it is also a lot of fun. If you are thinking about competing, we would suggest you go for it. 

You will not regret it.

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