Onnit Shroom Tech Review

onnit shroom tech review

Over the years you may have heard of the Supplement brand Onnit whose leading product is the Onnit Shroom Tech supplement.

It’s common knowledge that losing weight requires great effort; by “effort,” we mean lots of exercise and a proper diet. While you may have little or no challenges changing your diet, even the mental preparation for a workout session can be overwhelming. As such, if you’re like most people, you’ll need a pre-workout supplement to help prepare your mind for the gym.

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Besides making you mentally ready for a workout, pre-workout supplements reduce your risk of injury and increase your energy levels. What’s more, with pre-workout supplements, you will enjoy better performance, improved focus, and faster recovery.

However, there are many such supplements on the market, and you must be careful to choose the one that suits your health needs the most. Onnit Shroom Tech is one of the most popular ones, and we’ll examine it in subsequent paragraphs.

What is Shroom Tech? 

As you already know, Onnit Shroom Tech is a pre-workout supplement. It’s produced by Onnit, a famous brand in the fitness and wellness industry that was founded in 2010. Shroom Tech comprises the Onnit Shroom Tech Greens, Energy and Endurance, Greens, Sport, and Immune. According to the company, their focus is to improve performance while safely and efficiently boosting your body and mind without using stimulants.

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Shroom Tech is primarily made from cordyceps and astragalus. Cordyceps belongs to a group of parasitic fungus that develops on insect larvae. They’re known to be effective in boosting exercise performance, fighting tumors, managing Type 2 diabetes, etc.

On the other hand, astragalus has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for ages. It has constantly received popularity for its positive benefits on the immune, liver, and cardiovascular systems.

Shroom Tech Side Effects 

Shroom Tech uses modest amounts of scientifically studied, natural, and safe substances. So, suppose you’re healthy, take the medication as directed, and don’t exceed the authorized dosage. In that case, there shouldn’t be any adverse responses. No users have so far reported any side effects.

onnit shroom tech side effects

Like every other medication, Shroom tech can produce devastating effects when taken in overdose. For example, you may experience gastrointestinal issues, headaches, increased risk of bleeding, etc.

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Review

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport ( Energy and Endurance) has the following essential ingredients:

  • Cordyceps Sinensis
  • Ashwagandha
  • Rhodiola
  • Methyl B-12
  • Astragalus
  • Green tea extract
  • Chromium (Picolinate)

This supplement combines naturally occurring, herbal compounds that don’t build habits. It’s a powerful supplement and was once evaluated and shown to be effective in a Florida State University double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical experiment (FSU). Onnit Shroom Tech sports provide a steady surge of pure energy without unsteadiness or crash. It has also increased aerobic performance, mental clarity, and cardiovascular endurance. 

Onnit Shroom Tech sport’s high level of effectiveness is not surprising since it’s produced by a well-known company for its strict adherence to quality and safety standards.

This supplement is keto-friendly and contains no soy, artificial flavors, gluten, GMO, preservatives, colors, additives, drugs, and other allergens. Persons who have used this product have praised its efficiency in fighting stress/fatigue and speeding up metabolism.

Generally, Onnit Shroom Tech Sports is most effective in cardio, squat, bench press, and sprint performance. It also significantly impacts aerobic training and resistance/high-intensity interval training.

Unfortunately, this supplement may be expensive for some users, and they must take many capsules daily. We also think Onnit Shroom Tech Sports is missing some amino acids that may help improve its efficiency. Our overall rating for this product is 4.8/5.0. 

Onnit Shroom Tech Greens Review

This blend is a new mushroom supplement with super green powder to boost energy and endurance levels while improving immune function. Like other supplements from Onnit, Shroom Tech Greens is USDA-certified organic, devoid of dairy, gluten, soy, caffeine, and sugar. It is also ideal for vegans and those following the ketogenic diet.

The first thing to note about this product is the exquisite branding that will make you love it at first sight. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t like that Shroom Tech Greens has 15 ingredients with proprietary elements. This means you can’t tell the number of individual ingredients in this blend. Also, you may not find this product enjoyable as it’s unsweetened and has no flavor.

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It’s pretty challenging to tell how effective this formula is due to its proprietary blend. However, based on the total blend amount, compared to its recommended dose, we can conclude that it doesn’t have its ingredients in sufficient doses.

For example, there are 2.6g in the Onnit Organic Greens Blend. Sadly, the recommended daily intake for just spirulina and chlorella is 5g. Since these two components are not in sufficient doses, it’s the same for other substances in the mixture.

Again the PeakO2 Organic Mushroom blend is only 2g. Reishi, shiitake, and turkey tail mushrooms should be taken in a total of 4g daily. As such, not all of the mushrooms in this combination are in sufficient doses.

Generally, however, we like that this product fulfills the USDA vegetable intake recommendations. Also, many customers have claimed to have more energy and experience better performance, recuperation, and digestive health after using the supplement. We rate this product an overall 4/5.

Onnit Shroom Tech Immune Review 

The Onnit Shroom Tech Immune blend comprises the following active ingredients:

  • Organic Chaga Extract
  • Astragalus Root Extract
  • Organic Agaricus Blazei
  • Organic Cordyceps
  • Organic Coriolus Versicolor (Turkey Tail)
  • Organic Reishi
  • Organic Maitake
  • Organic Shiitake
  • Turmeric (rhizome) Extract,
  • Ginger Root Extract
  • Oregano Leaf Extract
  • Lemon Peel Extract
  • BioPerine

As its name suggests, this product was specially formulated to improve the immune system’s functioning. Besides stimulating the immune system, it also helps to strengthen a healthy gut by getting rid of bacteria. It also enhances the integrity of your cells. We rate this product an overall 4.8/5.0.

Onnit Shroom Tech Free Trial 

Onnit has developed a free trial for some of their original formulas, of which the Shroom Tech Sport is among. This subscription automatically sends the chosen formula at 15% off MSRP plus shipping and tax every 15 days, starting 25 days after the original transaction is placed. Customers who sign up for this free trial will receive the supplement free of charge and will only have to foot shipping costs.

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Customers can cancel their free trial subscription within 25 days of ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shroom Tech Sports Legal? 

Onnit Shroom Tech sports are legal and safe for competition. The Banned Substances Control Group has certified it drug-free. So, as an athlete, you should be able to take daily doses of this supplement without risking disqualification from any sporting event.

Does Onnit Shroom Tech Work?

The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Onnit Shroom Tech doesn’t claim to have the solutions to all your needs as an athlete, workout enthusiast, or sportsperson. However, it sure works if you’re looking to gain more energy and improve your mental alerting. This product also helps reduce stress and enhance cardiovascular activity. In summary, Onnit Shroom Tech isn’t one of the products with exaggerated marketing. You can be sure that this product does all it says it does.

Onnit Shroom Tech Expiration Date 

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport and Immune expire 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Does Onnit Shroom Tech Offer Great Value for Money?

Yes, Onnit Shroom Tech is pretty affordable for the benefits it offers. The product provides a 90-day money-back guarantee, so first-time purchasers are not at risk. However, the product’s value may only be appreciated by individuals who are serious about boosting their energy and performance. Their target customers know they’ll have to spend a little extra for a product as effective as this.

How much caffeine is in Shroom Tech?

Since Onnit Shroom Tech contains green tea extract, it automatically comes with some caffeine. However, it’s small and shouldn’t be more than 1mg. Nevertheless, you should seek expert medical advice if you have a caffeine sensitivity.

Final Thoughts Onnit Shroom Tech Review

Onnit Shroom Tech is an all-natural and effective energy supplement that is entirely safe for use in sports. Suppose you’re a professional athlete or sportsperson. In that case, you shouldn’t worry about taking this supplement as it won’t make you fail a drug test. Since soy and gluten, two frequent allergens, were left out of the recipe, most allergy sufferers may safely consume them. It’s also completely organic and perfect for vegans. 

According to people who have used this product, Onnit Shroom Tech enhances stamina, improves focus, and improves the clarity of thought. It’s also affordable compared to the prices of similar supplements from other brands. Moreover, since all Onnit products are thoroughly evaluated in independent labs, the brand enjoys more tremendous respect and confidence than its competitors. 

In summary, this supplement will be perfect if you want a natural energy booster that doesn’t include genetically modified ingredients or synthetic chemicals. However, it contains caffeine, which is best taken during the early hours of the day. If you’re caffeine-sensitive, be sure to seek your physician’s approval before taking this supplement.

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