Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots [ Review ]

peach slices acne spot dots

Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots is a product for your acne treatment. With its immediate treatment and easy-to-apply method, it is one of the most effective products on the market. Are you curious about the pricing, pros and cons, tips on how to use this product, or any other information?

This review is for you.

Do you have your big day coming? Or do you have plans to hang out with a group of friends, and your face keeps breaking out, messing up your plans? A common acne occurrence does not make it any less frustrating.

Speaking of acne-triggering situations, there is an endless list of what could have led to them, and so is the list of solutions to fixing that bump on your forehead or by your cheek. The most natural reaction to acne is to pick them out, which could lead to more prominent zits on your face. Fortunately, there are effective ways to clear up your face in time for your event.

With this review guide provided by Lindy Health, you can make more informed choices about your acne treatment.

Why Do I Have Acne?

Before moving on to using this product for your acne treatment, you might want to figure out why you have breakouts on your face. You constantly wake up to bumps on your face for many reasons. And the truth is you are not alone in this fight against breakouts. 

peach spot dot acne patch

In the United States, about 50 million people battle various acne conditions annually, making it the most prevalent skin condition for Americans. While eating habits and one’s general lifestyle are crooks behind acne conditions, they are not the only offenders. 

acne peach treatment

Generally, breakouts are caused by your hormones’ secretion of excess oil. Secretions of oil are necessary for healthy skin. However, where too much gets secreted by your oil glands, sebum clogs your skin pores, leading to an inflammation resulting in whiteheads, pimples, or cysts on the face. Other causes of breakouts include;


You are more likely to have frequent breakouts if either or both of your parents suffered from the same. Genes are strong acne-causing conditions.

  • Physical/ Emotional Stress:

Usually, when you get stressed, your body responds by producing hormones to help alleviate the effects of the stress. However, this hormone can lead to the secretion of more oil, which could lead to clogged skin pores.

Bacterial Infection:

The buildup of bacteria on your face can also lead to breakouts. This buildup can be caused by frequent sweating, accumulation of dirt, or prolonged makeup use.

The next step after figuring out why you have acne is understanding how Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots can help you.

What Are Peach Slices?

Peach Slices skincare brand boasts numerous products and top-notch services that have helped consumers achieve “glass skin goals” regardless of skin type or concerns. Peach slices acne spot dots deep blemish removal is recommended by experts as one of the most effective patches to deal with acne.

Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots is a product for your acne treatment. With its immediate treatment and easy-to-apply method, it is one of the most effective products on the market. Are you curious about the pricing, pros and cons, tips on how to use this product, or any other information? This review is for you. Key Ingredient

Peach slices acne spot dot product is formulated with clean, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients to act as a protective cover. At the same time, healing takes place in the affected spot. The patches are hydrocolloid; hence they have no sulfates, alcohol, fragrances, added colors, or harmful chemicals.

spot dot peach skincare

The presence of hydrocolloid patches in the product aid the healing process as the patches work by absorbing excess fluid (including built-up oil, bacteria, and dirt) while providing a moist environment that helps reduce irritation.


  • Peach slices acne spot dots target the pimple and shrinks it by absorbing its fluid.
  • It also improves the appearance of discolored spots; thereby making your skin shine (like glass)
  • Patch serves as a protective cover over the targeted area; this prevents dirt and bacteria from getting into the wound and also prevents you from picking it.
  • Peach Slices are easy-to-use
  • It works fast and effectively to clear blemishes in less than 24 hours, thereby reducing inflammation.
  • It leaves no flakes based on the non-drying property of the adhesives.
  • Painless removal.
  • It comes in various sizes (15×7mm, 6×10mm, and 9×12mm) to cover any pimple size effectively.
  • It can be worn during the day, at night, or under your makeup.


  • The patch might intensify your skin sensitivity if you are allergic to adhesives.
  • If you are not so good with pus, the process might seem unpolished to you, as you tend to find some pus on your patch when you pull it out.

How To Use Peach Slices Acne spot Dots

Aside from knowing the benefits of using peach slices patches for your acne treatment, another aspect of your skincare is to use the product the right way; only then will you achieve the expected result. Hence, Lindy Health provides these simple steps to follow

  • Wash your hands and face before application.
  •  Ensure that the affected area is dry before placing the patch.
  • Select a patch size larger than the blemish to cover the affected area.
  • Leave the patch on for at least 8 hours while you go about your typical activities.
  • Remove it by gently peeling it and cleanse the treated area immediately. Apply a second patch if needed.

Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots Vs Mighty Patch

The mighty patch is another brand of adhesive patch that helps clean up acne and other blemishes caused by them. However, both products have some distinctions even though they have similar functions. Some of these differences include

  • Peach slices are less expensive compared to the mighty patch. Hence, Peach slices work for you if you have a limited budget yet desire something effective.
  • Peach slices are less visible compared to Mighty Patch’s hydrocolloid patches. However, recent versions have been more invisible and are therefore difficult to notice when applied.
  • Peach slices come in different sizes, while Mighty Patches measure 12mm across.
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Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots Where to Buy Near Me

Peach slices skincare brand has been the choice acne treatment brand for a long time based on many benefits, including its cruelty-free feature. Based on this fact, many online and physical stores have peach slices acne spot dots as one of the products they sell.

skin patch for acne dot

You can place an order at any Peach slices acne spot dot CVS outlets near you. It costs around $5. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Peach Slices Patch safe to use?

Yes. The patches are formulated with vegan and gluten-free ingredients, making them safe for use for consumers. Peach slices can also be used for all skin types—dry, normal, or oily.

How long does it take the patch to work?

The type and size of your pimple would determine how long it takes for the result to be seen. However, people begin to see changes in 8 hours. Some others use it overnight and wake up spot-free.

Does it affect my makeup?

No. It doesn’t affect your makeup as you can put the small patches on your face and apply your makeup afterward. 


Peach slices is a skincare brand that provides the best products to help consumers achieve healthy and flawless skin.

There have been many positive reviews, with over 55 million patches sold where 97% of users saw their blemish disappear within two days. Peach slices acne spot dots treatment is also leaping bunny certified, making it a trust-worthy product.

Do you know what Lindy Health thinks about Peach slices?

We think you should go for it!

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