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If you’re a lady wanting to shed weight and lose fat, peptides might be the answer. Peptides are short sequences of amino acids that have been found to help men and women lose weight. A variety of peptides can be used for female weight loss, but not all are created 
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Losing weight is hard. It’s even harder when you’re a celebrity, and the whole world is watching your every move.  Over the years, celebrities have tried all sorts of weird and wacky methods to lose weight – some of which have worked, and some have failed miserably. In this blog 
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So you are wondering why and exclaiming, “I keep going over my fat macros!”. Lindy Health has some great tips and tricks to stay under your set amount of fat macros and too not go over. Fat Macronutrients, while great for somethings, can cause your body fat percentage to rise 
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Andreas Munzer set the Lowest body fat record after exercising for 12 years. He was the first person in history to have a body fat percentage with all body parts below 1%, and he had a body fat percentage of 0.00031%. He also had a BMI of 0%, making him 
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You may be wondering if breast implants affect inbody scan results. The answer is: it depends. The type of breast implant and the size of the implants can both play into affecting your Inbody scan. This is confirmed by the government peer reviewed study at the National institute of health on 
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