Belly fat. Most people struggle with it at some point – even those in great shape. That extra layer of fat around your waistline can be tough to get rid of, but there are ways to target it specifically. One effective method is a 3-day cleanse to lose belly fat. 
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The egg cleanse trend on TikTok Originates from a ritual in Mexican culture that can help cleanse you spiritually.  If you feel bad on a particular day or are going through some tough times, an egg cleanse might help cleanse your aura and start afresh. You can eliminate negativity and 
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There might be times when you feel tired, drained, and uncomfortable, with your stomach potentially feeling strange. This can occur when you have consumed too much food or simply things you do not regularly consume, such as snacks, greasy food, carbonated drinks, and more. In such a situation, you might 
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