Diverticulitis is a painful intestinal swelling that can cause digestive problems that may cause other related health concerns. Many foods and meals can worsen this swelling and make it hard to eat properly. Pizza, the favorite dish of so many people across the world, may fall under this heading. However, 
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If you have been diagnosed with diverticulitis, you may wonder what foods you should avoid. Diverticulitis is a medical condition that is caused by an infection or inflammation of the “diverticula.”  Diverticula are small little pockets the size of a coin or marble that can develop within the lining of 
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If you have lower abdominal pain and are looking to soothe your diverticulitis flareup, you may want to give one of these five diverticulitis teas that work. People suffering from diverticulitis may benefit from herbs and spices having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As we age, we dread falling victim to 
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While it may seem obvious that those with diverticulitis would be the ones researching possible probiotic treatment options and the best probiotics for diverticulitis. Many people with diverticulitis may be aware that they actually have it. After understanding how diverticulitis occurs, we can then explain the best probiotics for diverticulitis 
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Are bananas good for diverticulosis and diverticulitis? Bananas are a high-fiber food and are recommended for those with diverticulosis. The fiber helps prevent constipation, which is thought to avoid diverticulitis flare-ups. What you can eat is entirely dependent on whether you are experiencing symptoms. If you have been diagnosed with 
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