Victor Richards is a bodybuilder who has dedicated his life to the sport and achieved fantastic success relatively quickly. He has won many bodybuilding competitions, set multiple world records, and been featured in many magazines. Height Weight Age Birth Place 5 Foot 10 Inches 330 Pounds 56 Nigeria Bodybuilder Profile 
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Franco Columbu was born in October of 1941 in Ollolai, Sardinia. He is a former bodybuilder and actor who has competed in several bodybuilding competitions. Columbu has also starred in television and film. In 1977, he won the World’s Strongest Man competition with his friend and training partner, Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
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Demi Bagby is an American CrossFit athlete and bodybuilder. Despite a serious accident that left her fearing she might never walk again, Bagby slowly recovered through intense physical therapy and determination. She inspired many people with her story of overcoming adversity and becoming a well-known figure in the CrossFit community. 
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When you think of bodybuilding, the first name that comes to mind is probably Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, many other bodybuilders have achieved remarkable results through hard work and dedication. One such individual is David Laid. Height Weight Age Birth Place 6 Foot 2 Inches 185 Pounds January 29th, 1994 Estonia 
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Katy Hearn is a fitness model, personal trainer, and fitness company owner who rose to fame due to her fitness lifestyle and multiple fitness brands. Height Weight Age Birth Place 5 Foot 1 Inches 105 Pounds September 6, 1991 Baltimore, Maryland Bodybuilder Profile Katy Hearn’s journey into the fitness world 
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