Lauralie Chapados is a fitness influencer and IFBB professional bikini athlete who has taken the online world by storm. Height Weight Age Birth Place 5 Foot 4 Inches 115 Pounds 24 Years Old Quebéc, Canada Bodybuilder Profile Chapados first got into fitness after struggling with her weight and body image issues 
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Ross Dickerson is a professional bodybuilder, influencer, and Instagram star who has competed in many competitions. Height Weight Age Birth Place 6 Foot 1 Inches 225 Pounds 33 Years Old London, England Bodybuilder Profile Ross’s training regime is intense, and he follows a strict diet to ensure that he is in 
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Chestbrah, also known as Said Sergeyevich, is a famous internet personality and the brother of a belated bodybuilder and online meme, Zyzz (Aziz Shavershian). Height Weight Age Birth Place 5 Foot 11 Inches 185 Pounds 38 Years Old Russia Bodybuilder Profile He is originally from Russia but grew up in 
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