Where to Buy SARMs Online [2022]

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where to buy sarms online 2022

SARMs are a trending topic among the bodybuilding community and those looking to boost energy, endurance, or physical performance. 

Given the murky waters of trying to source SARMs through legit sources, it might be confusing for a novice to feel like they’re purchasing from a ‘real’ company and getting something that has actual verified potency. 

Considering the emphasis placed on SARMs as “research chemicals,” it is extremely important that people incorporating them into a stack or cycle are buying from reputable suppliers and online merchants. 

We’ll take a closer look at our top picks for where to buy SARMs online, whom we’ve had the best eperiences with. 

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All of these online sources have been verified for quality, potency, and purity through third-party USA-based laboratories by the companies themselves. They also have a wealth of positive online reviews to support their reputation. 

Best Online Sources for SARMs

Swiss Chems


  • Fast shipping worldwide
  • 3rd party lab tested RAD140, Ostarine, and More
  • Various payment options
  • Great reviews from various fitness influencers online
  • Solid reputation and they have been selling SARMs for a long time compared to competition

Swiss Chems is one of our favorite SARMs vendors online. We reviewed Swiss Chems in-depth and found them to be affordable, fast, and reliable.

sarms supplements online

If we were personally going to use an online SARMs vendor Swiss Chems would be our number one pick.


Chemyo | The Best Research SARMs

At Chemyo we have gone to great lengths to ensure that when you buy SARMs and other reference materials from us, you really know it is the best. Our quality control protocols are on the cutting edge and beat market standards.


  • Free U.S. shipping on orders over $150.00 USD
  • Free international shipping on orders over $275.00 USD
  • 50 mL vials compared to the industry standard of 30 mL, offering 66% more volume than the standard
  • Independently and third-party tested for concentration (accurate dosing) and purity (potential contaminants)
  • Certification and report data available on their website to substantiate third-party testing. This means FULL raw third-party testing data, not just certification of assessment
  • Testing done at S&N Labs in Santa Ana, California
  • Based in Wilmington, DE they are a U.S. based company
  • Batch tracking. Each individual batch is assigned a unique code for easy reference/cross-reference to batch reports regarding testing
  • Induction sealed bottles to ensure they are tamper proof 
  • High-level of customer service – if the parcel doesn’t arrive, they offer full refunds or re-shipments
  • Offer both powders and liquid solutions
  • Features the most common SARM formulations: MK-2866 (Ostarine), RAD140, Cardarine, MK-677, S-4 (Andarine), and YK-11
  • They also offer less familiar solutions that may be more difficult to source from other online retailers: SR9009, RU-58841, S-23, GW0742, ACP-105, and AC-262
  • Geared primarily towards SARM use and nootropics – PCT will need to be purchased elsewhere 
  • In addition to accepting credit card, they also accept cryptocurrency
  • Guarantee 24 months after MFG for expiration 

Offering complete transparency when it comes to formulation testing via third party facilities, Chemyo is at the top of the list for reputable SARM sellers. 

When it comes to pricing, Chemyo definitely isn’t on the cheaper side – but with SARMs and “research chemicals,” you don’t want to take a risk on your health by opting for a contaminated or mislabelled compound just to save a couple bucks. 

Given the increased size in bottles compared to the standard 30 mL, the fairly fast shipping, the stellar customer service (for lost or seized parcels), and the level of purity – the price is perfectly reasonable, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better online retailer of SARMs within this price point. 

Note: you will not be able to purchase LGD-4033 from Chemyo.

This is likely due to Viking Therapeutics sending cease & desist letters to online SARM sellers regarding their formulation. 

Backed by plenty of positive user-feedback and Reddit posts, Chemyo should be your first choice for SARMs if you’re located within the United States. They have a well-established reputation, and you can feel safe ordering from them. 

Canadian residents used to be able to order from Chemyo without any sort of problem, but it appears as of late parcels are being stopped at customs. Those ordering from Canada may need to look for reliable domestic online retailers, such as:

  • Advanced Research Chemicals (98.9% purity SARMs shipped within Canada + nootropics. They do third-party purity testing, which is available on their website for reference)
  • Sarms King (Offering direct debit and e-transfer via your bank within Canada, free shipping on all orders over $200 CAD, offers data analysis and COA from third-party lab testing)
  • Androbolics (Comprehensive third-party lab analysis available for all their products, products come in capsule and liquid formulations, extremely comprehensive selection of SARMs compared to competitors, free shipping on orders above $200 CAD) 
  • Sarm Canada (Primarily sells Summit SARM products, third-party verified with CoA available for all products on website, plenty of customer feedback + reviews, free shipping over $299 CAD)

Sports Technology Labs

Sports Technology Labs | High Quality SARMs

At Sports Technology Labs we are proud to provide customers with the high quality SARMs for sale online plus fast shipping and great customer service.


  • U.S.-based supplier
  • All SARMs sold via Sports Technology Labs are bottled in the USA
  • Formulated using high quality USP grade liquid carrier (100% food-grade PEG-400), also supplies formulations in powder form 
  • Products undergo “rigorous” quality-control at an accredited third-party laboratory in the United States. High Performance Liquid Chromatography is used, along with other testing measures to ensure 98%+ purity
  • Fast shipping to both the U.S. and UK – free US shipping on orders above $99.00 USD and UK shipping on orders above $299.00 USD
  • 60 days for exchange or a full refund if returned back (even if the products have been opened)
  • Great quality customer service and support team, with backed reviews from users of the site
  • Convenient payment methods including Visa/Mastercard, cryptocurrency, and cheque payments (USA)
  • CoA (certificate of analysis) available on the website for each product, both on the corresponding CoA page and individual product pages
  • Each individual batch is tracked and tested by the aforementioned third-party US-based laboratory 
  • Most orders ship out the same day within the USA, and deliver in 2-5 business days
  • All liquid tinctures contain a 1 mL glass pipette for appropriate measurement
  • Glass bottle with UV resistance to prevent further degradation and maintain quality
  • 2 year expiration from MFG date/manufacture
  • Tamper-proof seal to ensure safety while in transit/shipment
  • Always a less than ~5% variance in concentration between formulation batch/lot, ensuring consistency of dosage
  • Dosing + concentration itself tends to actually be higher than many competitors (25 mg vs. 10 mg in MK-677, for example)
  • Offers: YK-11, S23, RU-58841, SR9009, S4, RAD-140, MK-677, MK-2866, LGD-4033 (!), and GW501516 (Cardarine)

Most online feedback seems to praise Sports Technology Labs as being legitimate. 

Plenty of users across various forums and Reddit threads have even gone as far as calling the company that does their third-party testing to verify the results. 

This is a step most people might not think to take, but plenty of SARM sellers have faked their CoA’s in the past – knowing that the third-party testing and verification is legit is a huge bonus to feeling secure ordering SARMs through them. 

Sports Technology Labs definitely seem like one of the more secure choices out there, despite not being as well established or regarded as Chemyo (still our first choice). 

Pure Rawz

Pure Rawz | SARMs

At Pure Rawz we care about supplying the absolute highest quality premium compounds. Every batch of SARMs that we sell is tested by the same standard used by laboratories and chemical suppliers around the world.


  • Every batch is tested for ~98% purity and potency, both as a 1st party – and again at a 3rd party US-based lab
  • EU based, with product manufacturing and testing done in the United States
  • More established in the industry than newer SARM retailers cropping up; plenty of reviews available online to substantiate the quality of their service and products
  • Also offer CBD/THC, Nootropics, and PCT/cycle support – allowing you to do all your shopping in one destination rather than sourcing from a variety of sellers
  • Products specifically geared towards women using SARMs, which is rare in the industry
  • Plenty of options for each SARM that you won’t see with other online retailers. Rather than just liquid or powder, they offer transdermal liquid, injectables, tablets, and capsules for most of their more popular SARMs
  • Offer varying concentrations of each formulation as well, for those seeking a higher dosage
  • 24/7 customer support (a huge plus) via live chat, email communication, and phone
  • One huge drawback is that they do not accept credit card payments. You will have to pay via cryptocurrency or Venmo 
  • Options for SARMs on Pure Rawz include: RAD-140, MK-677, MK-2866, T3, LGD-4033 (!), SR9009, YK-11, S4, and RU-58841 

Some may be looking for a website geared entirely towards SARMs, but for those looking to do all their shopping in one spot – post cycle, nootropics, and CBD – Pure Rawz has it all. 

buy sarms online

The one huge drawback to Pure Rawz is the fact that you cannot pay via credit card, so use of a MasterCard or Visa is out of the picture. 

You’ll have to opt to either use Paypal (which is only available to some countries), Venmo, Zelle, or cryptocurrency – not exactly convenient for those that don’t already have accounts set up on these platforms.

Shipping via Pure Rawz is also a little lengthier than their competitors, around 5-14 business days, as it is processed through the EU as well. 

Despite offering free shipping on orders over $100.00 USD, they don’t ship the same day and have a stricter return policy than both Chemyo and Sports Technology Labs. 

The Legality of Purchasing SARMs Online

While it is “illegal” to sell SARMs for human consumption or as a dietary supplement, they are legal in the United States to purchase when done as “research chemicals.” 

They are not FDA approved for sale as nutritional supplements. 

This is why you will often see Terms and Conditions of Use on the web page of any reputable SARM retailer indicating that the product is intended only for laboratory research purposes. 

Some countries can have more stringent laws or restrictions on importing SARMs from other countries (Australia and Canada, for example) and as such it is important to know the legality of ordering SARMs online depending on where you’re located. 

sarms supplements

Chemyo does seem to have a high success rate shipping internationally to the UK and Australia, for example, but Canadian residents might have more luck purchasing for Canadian based online retailers to avoid having their parcel seized at customs. 

The Importance of Buying High-Quality SARMs and What to Look For

Those new to buying SARMs online need to be vigilant and do their research when it comes to ensuring the high-quality product. 

This often means checking to ensure third-party lab testing, certification (CoA) that is made available to read on the company’s website, and user reviews/feedback to substantiate their legitimacy. 

Things to keep in mind and what to look for:

  • User-Based Reviews: Check forums, blogs, and Reddit. The vast majority of ‘popular’ SARM retailers have been reviewed or commented on by people across a number of platforms. Even if the company doesn’t have Google reviews or TrustPilot reviews, you’ll still be able to do some recon and find them on Reddit or bodybuilding forums. 
  • Third-Party Laboratory Testing w/ CoA: The ideal and most reputable websites will have no problem even explicitly listing where they do their testing via the CoA so you can call the company themselves to confirm. 

This is a 10-15 minute background check that ensures you’re ordering from a legit place. Plenty of SARM sites have come under scrutiny for having false or forged CoA’s. 

  • Shipping Policies/Return Policies: Companies that have more extensive and lenient return policies are ones to watch for and order from, given any number of things can happen with customs when ordering SARMs internationally. 

This is why we would always opt for a site like Chemyo or Sports Laboratories over Pure Rawz for international or Canadian customers. 

  • Formatting of Website and Product Range: While it may seem unfair to argue against ordering from websites that offer a larger product range, sticking to sites that prioritize high-quality SARMs and SARMs alone is a safer way to guarantee a pure and safe product. 

Companies that are reputable will also want to invest more money and effort into the presentation of their website, with clear policies and terms outlined on their website, along with access to all CoA’s on their range of SARMs. 

You’ll always want to ensure top-quality products to prevent the risk of any adverse side effects that may come with impure or contaminated products – aside from any hormonal sides/suppression people may experience. 

sarms buying online

Any company you come across that does not identify laboratory testing, certification of analysis, or where their product is manufactured (opt for USA only) is a no-go. 

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