Best SARMs for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

sarms fat loss muscle gain

In recent years, SARMs have become the #1 most talked about performance enhancer in the fitness industry.

SARMs may be considered pretty new in the fitness industry, but studies have proven the benefits throughout the years. 

In this article, you will read about the best SARMs for fat loss and muscle gain, as well as the potential side effects that can come along with it. 

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Why SARMs are Great for Fat Loss

You don’t want to start your cut because you are afraid of losing strength or muscle mass. SARMs have become super popular due to being able to help you in those situations.

Using a SARM while in a caloric deficit can help you retain the muscle mass you have gained during your caloric surplus phase. In some circumstances, you can also gain muscle mass while being on a caloric deficit. 

Another reason a SARM is used while in a caloric deficit is to retain that strength you have built up during your bulking phase. Some SARMs have even been proven to help you gain muscle while cutting.

SARMs can be great on a fat-loss journey if you diet and exercise correctly. 

Best SARM for Fat Loss

There is no magic pill for losing fat. Here is our list of our top 3 recommended SARMs to enhance your fat loss journey. Understand that you will only see the benefits of these recommended fat-loss SARMs with a proper calorie-deficit diet.

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Ostarine – MK-2866

Ostarine is the most clinically studied SARM. This SARM, also known as Enobosarm or Mk-2866, has undergone extensive clinical trials for treatments for conditions such as osteoporosis or muscle wasting. 

#1 First SARM Stack
RAD140 + Cardarine + Ibutamoren (Beginners Stack)
  • RAD140  builds up lean muscle mass and doesn't cause huge amounts of water retention.
  • GW-501516, Cardarine regulates fat burning its potential to boost metabolism through a number of common mechanisms; it raises glucose levels in bone and muscle tissue and increases muscle genes, especially genes associated with lipid preferential use. 
  • Ibutamoren (MK-677) has been observed to keep GH–IGF-1 activated and to increase lean body mass without affecting total fat mass.

No doubt, starwing is one of the fan favorites in the fitness industry due to its ability to help you aid in fat loss and effectively maintain or build muscle while in a calorie deficit. 

With Ostarine’s recommended dosing of 10-25mg a day for 6-8 weeks, it has proven to be one of the mild SARMs. Post-cycle treatments usually aren’t needed after an Ostarine cycle, although we always advise getting bloodwork done to ensure your body is in good health.

Cardarine – GW501516

Cardarine is the infamous PPAR for helping boost cardiovascular performance. Yes, you read that correctly; Cardarine isn’t considered a SARM, although in the industry, it is marketed as a SARM, so we’ll go ahead and help you understand why.

Cardarine was discovered as a way of helping metabolic and heart conditions in patients. Over the years, it has been used for improving cardio in athletes.

#1 First SARM Stack
RAD140 + Cardarine + Ibutamoren (Beginners Stack)
  • RAD140  builds up lean muscle mass and doesn't cause huge amounts of water retention.
  • GW-501516, Cardarine regulates fat burning its potential to boost metabolism through a number of common mechanisms; it raises glucose levels in bone and muscle tissue and increases muscle genes, especially genes associated with lipid preferential use. 
  • Ibutamoren (MK-677) has been observed to keep GH–IGF-1 activated and to increase lean body mass without affecting total fat mass.

People tend to stack Cardarine with other SARMs due to being able to get the most effectiveness out of their cycle.

Cardarine is so loved due to its suppression of glucose metabolism and increased oxidative capacity in muscles. This can result in severe increases in your workouts since you will be able to last longer in your cardio workouts and less resting in between your weightlifting sets.

Due to Cardarine’s ability to suppress glucose metabolism. It can directly burn stored fat instead of the excess glucose you consume from your daily diet. 

The beauty of Cardarine has no suppression. This compound, fortunately, does not interfere with your hormones, so post-cycle therapy isn’t recommended.

Dosing Recommendations would range from 10-20mg daily for 8-12 weeks to see Cardarine’s full potential. 

Andarine- S4 

Andarine, also known as S4 original purpose was to treat musculoskeletal disorders and muscle wasting. Andarine is one of the more studied SARMs proving a safe and effective compound to cycle.

This compound benefits fat loss due to increasing bone density to help engage in heavier training with the decrease of bone fractures. 

Many people believe that Andarine is not beneficial for fat loss. However, Andarine’s ability to increase bone density by aiding in your anabolic process can improve fat loss from having heavier workouts. 

Additionally, Andarine prevents the loss of muscle mass during a caloric deficit, making it a very effective SARM in fat loss. 

Typical dosing recommendations are 50mg daily with a cycle of 8-12 weeks. A post cycle therapy is always recommended with this compound due to some of its severe side effects.

Andarine can result in low libido and decreased testosterone levels. Some cases have shown changes in vision, such as a yellow hue or increased sensitivity to light. So as always, get blood work done to guarantee your safety while taking this SARM.

Why Use SARMs for Gaining Muscle Mass

Past that newbie stage and seeing almost negligible differences in your physique or strength month after month? The #1 reason SARMs have become so popular in the fitness industry is their ability to speed up the process of gaining muscle mass. 

Using a SARM while aiding your caloric surplus (Bulking phase) can result in expeditionary increases in strength and size.

Best SARM for Gaining Muscle

Using a SARM while gaining muscle has been an enormous alternative to traditional anabolic steroids. With the decreased side effects, using a SARM while in a caloric surplus has proven to help increase muscle mass. Here are our top 3 recommended SARMs to enhance your fitness journey.

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Ligandrol – LGD 4033

Ligandrol is the most popular of all SARMs in the fitness industry. One of the few SARMs tested on humans has proven to be the best when it comes to gaining sheer muscle mass.

Ligandrol was created to overcome muscle wasting disease and deficiency.

This compound benefits athletes in so many ways, from increasing muscle mass, protection against injuries, and an increase in endurance.

Due to Ligandrols ability to quickly bind with muscle tissues. In an eight-week cycle, athletes have gained anywhere from 10-20 pounds of straight muscle mass. 

Ligandrol has proven to repair muscle tissues resulting in the ability to hit the same muscle groups twice a week.

Another benefit of this compound is your increase in cardiovascular strength. Users have benefited from increased vascularity and endurance, allowing them to have longer and heavier workouts without fatigue.

There is no denying that Ligandrol is the number 1 used SARM in the industry due to its capabilities. This compound has shown to be more of a “wet” SARM resulting in possibilities of gaining and retaining water weight during a cycle. 

Although Ligandrol is one of the less suppressive SARMs, there are still many side effects resulting from taking too high of a dosage.

Ligandrol is recommended to be taken at a 5-10mg dosage daily for 4-8 weeks. 

There have been cases where users have not needed to take post-cycle therapy, although blood work is recommended. Ligandrol has shown suppression in testosterone resulting in a low libido towards the end of your cycle. 

Testolone – RAD 140

Testolone, also known as RAD 140. Another top SARM used for gaining muscle mass in the fitness industry.

Rad 140 was initially created to find a replacement in testosterone replacement therapy. This compound has proven to be one of the most potent SARMs in the industry.

Best RAD 140
RAD 140 (Testolone) | 3rd Party Tested | 100% USA Made

RAD 140, also known as Testolone, is a non-steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). Like other SARMs, it binds to specific androgen receptors and doesn’t cause the full spectrum of androgenic effects as similar substances like anabolic steroids, DHT, or testosterone replacement therapy.

Like Ligandrol, Users have experienced increases of 10-20 pounds in their cycles. A key difference in RAD 140 is the decrease in water retention while using this SARM. 

Rad 140 has been shown to have side effects such as liver injury, increased risk of heart attack, and testosterone suppression. 

Cycling Rad 140 is recommended for 6-8 weeks at 5-10 mg daily. 

A post-cycle therapy is recommended with the use of RAD 140 due to its side effects, and you should get blood work done to ensure the safety of your health.

Ibutamoren – MK 677

Ibutamoren, primarily known as MK677, is another one of those compounds marketed as a “SARM” in the fitness industry but is a growth hormone. Just like Cardarine, we will review why it is considered a SARM in the industry.

MK677 was created to develop treatments for people suffering from growth hormone deficiency.

MK 677 works by triggering the hunger hormone in your brain. This compound is for you for athletes who have trouble increasing their appetite to receive the caloric surplus needed to gain muscle.

Due to this SARM being a growth hormone, it helps increase many factors in gaining muscle mass as well as muscle wasting.

MK 677 triggers hunger with the capabilities of gaining muscle mass, resulting in a top choice for athletes to help gain muscle mass. 

MK677 has shown results of users gaining 5-10 pounds in an 8-12 week cycle. Recommended dosing is 20-25mg per day.

Since MK677 is a growth hormone, there are some common side effects. Lethargy and muscle pain are the most common.

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Now, having read about the best SARMs for fat and weight loss, you should be ready to start your weight loss journey

Remember that it is crucial to understand what you are consuming before you start anything.

It is always beneficial to get a medical professional’s opinion when taking SARMs.

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