Does TRT Reduce Sperm Count

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Many people who consider TRT are concerned about if TRT will reduce sperm count.

Testosterone is a hormone whose production is handled by the testicles. It has many functions, including maintaining sex drive and sperm production, improving strength and body mass, and maintaining facial and body hair.  

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Like other hormones of the body, low production of testosterone is possible, and various factors cause such a condition; aging and hypogonadism are some of these factors. Hypogonadism refers to a disease condition where a man’s testes produce little or no sex hormones. In this context, a man with this condition may have low testosterone production.

Naturally, the testosterone level in a man’s body gradually reduces as he advances in age. Research has shown that testosterone level for men peaks at a certain age and starts to decline at 1% per year from age 30. Many men then take to the use of TRT to help alleviate the symptoms of low testosterone levels.

Why People use TRT

In conditions where a man begins to experience a decline in his testosterone level or is diagnosed with hypogonadism, he begins to experience changes in his body, like changes in sexual function and emotional changes. These changes get to men, especially those who consider themselves young, leading them to wonder, “what can I do to up my testosterone level?” The answer for many is Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

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 Testosterone Replacement Therapy, popularly known as TRT, is a popular treatment for men with low testosterone production. Some of the benefits TRT provides for men are;

  1. Improved sexual function
  2. Increased muscle strength and mass (which improves bodybuilding abilities)
  3. Increased energy level
  4. Maintaining facial and body hairs
  5. Improved cardiovascular health

Possible side effects of TRT (Sperm Reduction)

The use of TRT can cause some negative side effects.

Some of the side effects caused by TRT include:

  • Chest pain
  • Enlarged breast
  • Reduced sperm production/low sperm count
  • Sleep apnea (a condition where one’s heart stops and restarts while sleeping)
  • Acne/other skin reactions
  • Increased Red Blood Cells Production, which could eventually lead to blood clotting.

These side effects are more prominent with non-medical uses of testosterone.

Does TRT Reduce Sperm Count?

Before answering this question, let us first understand how testosterone supplements or TRT work. TRT is simply introducing testosterone into the body to help regularize the Testosterone level of someone suffering from hypogonadism. TRT forms include injection, gel, oral therapy, patch, and implantable pellets.

Testosterone level in the blood is measured by the pituitary gland, which stimulates or halts the secretion of other hormones like Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH). FSH and LH are responsible for sperm production.

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When a man uses testosterone supplements, his testosterone level increases—which is what he wants; however, this increase in the level of testosterone in his blood would mean that the brain interprets that his testes (responsible for testosterone production) are fully working, and would then suppress the secretion of FSH and LH. This suppressed production would lead to suppression in the production of sperm, hence leading to low sperm count. 

TRT increases body testosterone level but significantly reduces intratesticular testosterone(testosterone inside the testes). Intratesticular testosterone alongside pituitary hormones like FSH and LH are essential for spermatogenesis. 

Does TRT reduce sperm count? The answer is yes. This effect caused by TRT is one of the reasons why it is advised that men still looking toward bearing children in the future should not use testosterone stimulants. However, if having children is out of the picture for you and you want to increase your testosterone level for other benefits, then you can go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have a baby on TRT?

Most men who have been on testosterone supplements wonder if they can have children, the answer is not definite as some other factors have to be considered. While many fertility doctors advise against TRT if you want to get pregnant, conception is still possible. The chances are, however, slim.

Can you maintain fertility on TRT?

There are many misconceptions about how Testosterone Replacement Therapy helps to improve fertility, which are unfounded and untrue. Testosterone supplements induce the brain to believe that there is a high level of testosterone in the body and hence would shut down the body’s production of the hormone and, in effect, sperm production. A reduction in sperm production would lead to fertility issues for men.

The best way to remain fertile is to stop taking testosterone supplements and once the effects on the body wear off, the sperm count starts to increase

Can a man taking testosterone get a woman pregnant?

Fertility doctors advise men who have low testosterone levels but are looking to get pregnant against taking testosterone supplements; this is because a side effect of testosterone usage is a reduction in sperm production which could eventually reduce the chance of a woman getting pregnant.

Although chances are slim, it is possible for a man taking testosterone to get a woman pregnant, depending on how long he has been on the supplement; if he only just started the replacement therapy, the chances are higher.

Do testosterone injections cause low sperm count?

Usually, men take testosterone injections to help improve the symptoms of low testosterone levels so that they can have improved sexual activity or improved physical appearance; while they may achieve these results eventually, these injections can reduce sperm production for such men (which results in low sperm count)

Does TRT make you infertile? 

No, it doesn’t, but it reduces your chances significantly. TRT has been linked with infertility in men. One of the side effects of the therapy is reduced sperm production, meaning that getting a woman pregnant could be a problem. However, this infertility is only temporary. Your sperm production should return to normal after stopping the therapy. 

How can I increase my sperm count while on TRT?

TRT helps to increase testosterone levels in the body, but it also reduces the production of sperm by the body. The best course to getting your sperm count back on track is to stop taking a testosterone supplement, but if you still want to keep using testosterone and maintain a healthy sperm count, you can use Human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG). Low dose HCG maintains testicular functions and also increases intratesticular testosterone levels without disrupting sperm production.  Before making a decision, ensure that you speak with your doctor.

Final Thoughts: TRT and Infertility

Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be the best medical solution for a person suffering from conditions that have led to a reduced testosterone level. However, TRT usage is not advisable for men who are still interested in bearing children.

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Testosterone usage prevents the production of certain hormones responsible for sperm production, lowering a man’s sperm count and leading to temporary infertility.

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