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aod 9604

AOD (Anti-Obesity Drug) 9604 has become a novel secret among those looking to lose weight and burn fat. Commonly referred to as the ‘fat-burning peptide,’ is AOD 9604 actually safe?

Those who have a tendency to gravitate towards ‘natural’ remedies and supplements derived from herbal extracts with clear labeling may be easily turned off by AOD 9604’s affront as some sort of injectable drug. 

aod 9604 weight loss

We’ve researched everything about AOD 9604 Fat Burning Peptide, including scientific studies, user feedback, and all readily available information online to deliver all you need to know about the ‘hot topic’ FDA approved peptide therapy. 

Before we fully dive in, we’ll establish what peptide therapy means and provide all the tools you need to judge whether AOD 9604 is a potential solution you would want to consider. 

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What Are Peptides and What Is Peptide Therapy?

Those familiar with collagen may recall the phrase, “collagen peptides.” 

Peptides function as the foundational building blocks of protein, and are composed of numerous ‘amino acids.’ These amino acids are required for normal cellular function and daily biological processes. Avid blog readers or those with an active interest in nutritional wellness may be aware of amino acids like l-glutamine being vital for digestive health, and l-arginine being vital for metabolic/cardiovascular health. 

Peptides, however, are smaller versions of proteins (i.e. strings of amino acids) made naturally by your body. They do not have as many amino acids as proteins themselves. 

Manufactured or ‘lab-produced’ peptides can replicate those found in your body, and are often used to address health concerns ranging from skin conditions to diabetes. The benefit to many of these peptide medications is actually a measure of enhanced security

aod 9604 side effects

While people may adamantly avoid anything that is regulated as a pharmaceutical or prescription drug, peptide injectables require extremely extensive research and testing prior to FDA approval (which AOD 9604 does have). 

Like protein, peptides are also inherently bioavailable from natural food sources like fish, oats, nuts and seeds. 

Research does seem to pretty clearly demonstrate efficacy in peptides reducing inflammation, aiding in fat loss, and helping slow down visible signs of aging. 

What then is ‘peptide therapy?’ 

Despite naturally consuming peptides, and producing them within our bodies – the targeted action of supplemental peptides is often needed to see any sort of noticeable benefit. This is particularly true as we age or experience chronic health issues. 

When it comes to peptide ‘therapy,’ the peptides are most commonly taken as subcutaneous injections which allow the peptides to readily enter the bloodstream and be most effectively utilized by the body. While this is the case for most FDA approved peptides, there are also topical creams/gels and capsules. 

Different peptides will have different methods of application, depending on the method of action and locality within the body. 

Research into peptides is a growing field in medicine, as they offer targeted high-potency functionality when it comes to addressing a variety of health concerns. As they also closely resemble the peptides we naturally produce and consume, they are frequently found to be low-toxicity, with minimal side effects. 

To put it as simplistically as possible, peptide therapy is the targeted supplementation of peptides to elicit a certain response within the body. This could mean aiding in fat loss, reducing inflammation and joint pain, or building lean muscle. 

What Is AOD 9604?

AOD 9604 was initially formulated as an anti-obesity drug, and has demonstrated efficacy when it comes to burning fat and assisting in weight loss. AOD 9604 is a ‘fragmented’ analogue of hGH (Human Growth Hormone) that is entirely synthetic. 

aod 9604 does it work

AOD 9604 is described “as a small synthetic peptide sequence of hGH that has lipolytic activity, similar to that of the fully intact hormone.” 

Growth hormone has been shown to reduce abdominal fat, improve insulin sensitivity, and reduce LDL or “bad cholesterol.” 

When injected, AOD 9604 helps to stimulate the function of the pituitary gland much like hGH and other growth hormones. Can this ‘speed up’ one’s metabolism? 

Most peptides geared towards weight loss aid in increasing fat metabolism and naturally enhancing the body’s ability to burn fat. 

How Is AOD 9604 Administered and Stored? 

AOD 9604 promotes lipolysis, which helps to accelerate (or more accurately stimulate) the fat burning processes of the body. This process helps assist the body in breaking down lipids and fats. This also prevents fat from being stored in cells. 

When it comes to using AOD 9604, most injections would be self-administered subcutaneously at a dosage of 300 mcg per day, once a day. This should ideally be done in the morning, prior to your first meal (30-45 minutes earlier). 

After opening, ensure you store the vial in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 degrees celsius. At this temperature they can be stored for a period of up to 4 weeks. Always double-check the dates indicated on the vials you’ve purchased. 

aod 9604 benefits

Most individuals will need to continuously take AOD 9604 for a period of 8-12 weeks before they start noticing results. It is important you still consume a healthy diet and practice a healthy lifestyle. Peptides are not a substitution for dietary/lifestyle habits that could be working against you in your weight loss journey. 

Clinical Studies on AOD 9604

What do the clinical studies say?

  • Patients who received oral supplementation of AOD 9604 (not even subcutaneous injections) displayed more weight loss compared to control after 12 weeks, with just a 1mg low-dose. No food or diet was altered.
  • In those with obesity and other metabolic disorders, AOD 9604 was shown to be an effective weight loss solution over the course of a 6 month period.
  • In obese mice, AOD 9604 studies demonstrate a daily low-dose as being effective for fat burning, fat oxidization, reduced weight gain, and displayed the same benefit as clinical weight loss drugs without the same adverse side effects

Are There Side Effects to AOD 9604 and Is It Safe For Me?

Most of the research seems to conclude that AOD 9604 is an exceeding safe choice when it comes to weight loss and accelerating fat burning, but we still always recommend speaking to a health care practitioner prior to use

aod 9604 cost

Reported side effects with AOD 9604 are extremely uncommon. Some users have reported mild nausea, headaches, diarrhea, and digestive upset with prolonged use. These side effects may be from the duration of the medication, interactions with other things that person was taking, or simply unrelated altogether. 

If you’ve begun on AOD 9604 therapy or peptide therapy with any of the FDA approved peptides for weight loss, please let us know in the comments below!

Sharing your results with others is probably the best way to educate, rather than reciting data. Despite being anecdotal, these personal experiences help provide a better practical understanding of what to expect when starting for the first time. 

Dr. Ian Nellis MD
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Dr. Ian Nellis MD

Dr. Ian Nellis is a medical doctor with over ten years of experience in the health care industry. Dr. Nellis is passionate about sports nutrition and helping his patients live healthy and fulfilling lives. He lives and practices medicine in Denver, CO, with his wife and beloved Mastiff Leonardo.

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