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Weight Loss Plan

Lindy Health creates a custom weight loss plan that works for you. Never go hungry and reach your goal weight by your desired date. Weight loss plans include:

Caloric Intake Goal

Grocery & Meal Planning

Fitness Activities

“Cheat” Meal Options

360 Transformation Team

Clients are assigned a team of professionals that are ready to assist with every aspect of your weight loss transformation including:

1:1 Coach

Personal Trainer



1:1 Coaching & Accountability

Your team is here to help you win. Lindy Health’s 1:1 coaching and accountability is unparalleled and includes:

Text Anytime

Virtual/In-Person Meetings

Food Log Monitoring

Mobile App

Premium Mobile App

We provide our premium app to track, log, and manage all aspects of your transformation journey including:

Macronutrient Tracking

Intuitive Food Logging

Sync Health Apps & Track Exercise

Meal Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer depends on your starting weight. Losing 10 – 15 pounds per month is often possible for heavier clients. Once you are to a more manageable weight we like to see 2 – 4 pounds per week.

The Lindy effect is a theorized phenomenon by which the future life expectancy of some non-perishable things, like a technology or an idea, is proportional to their current age. Thus, the Lindy effect proposes the longer a period something has survived to exist or be used in the present, it is also likely to have a longer remaining life expectancy. Applying the Lindy Effect to diet, fitness and overall living of life can give a massive edge in modern society.

No, You can easily lose a ton of weight simply through diet. Often 1 – 2 short walks per day can make a big difference. Once you get to the last few pounds increasing exercise can help to tone and perfect your physique.

Yes, Lindy Health can help. We offer virtual visits and coaching along with in-person meetings at our Boulder Colorado office.

Lindy Health has several options. We offer the plan only along with a one hour consultation. We also offer the plan + coaching with unlimited texting and weekly or monthly meetings.

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