Are you looking to ditch the dad bod?  Fortunately, plenty of informative and motivating father fitness blogs focusing on fitness for men over 40.  Professional guidance will help you trade it in for six-pack abs and a new lease on your health. This post unpacks the top father fitness blogs 
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“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast” is, to put it bluntly, a motto that doesn’t make sense.  Convert it into the “if-then” format you might recognize from formal logic classes, and the saying means “slow is fast, if smooth”. “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast” is counterintuitive. That is 
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Have you finally reached age 40 and been trying to lose weight to no avail? Male weight loss after 40 is no joke. Are things going much more poorly than expected, despite all your rigorous dieting and exercise after 40? Want to see more successful results on your weight loss 
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