Belly fat. Most people struggle with it at some point – even those in great shape. That extra layer of fat around your waistline can be tough to get rid of, but there are ways to target it specifically. One effective method is a 3-day cleanse to lose belly fat. 
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Have you ever wondered which foods raise Estrogen? Many believe that estrogen is a hormone that women only need; this isn’t true as estrogen is present in all human beings and performs similar functions in both men and women by contributing to their physical, emotional, and sexual well-being. Due to 
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As many men search online for ways to help naturally boost testosterone levels, it might be important to first establish proper nutrition as the building block to healthy hormone levels. This includes testosterone and estrogen. But which foods boost testosterone the most? While some may need the assistance of supplements or 
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Are you Tired of Being Fat? Does it feel like you don’t have any motivation? Are you frustrated with your weight and feel like you’ve tried everything to lose it, but nothing works? You’re not alone. I was 278 pounds in October of 2021. I had tried fad diets, running 
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If you want to break through a weight loss plateau and keep dropping the pounds, you may consider using Stan Efferding’s Vertical Diet. The Vertical Diet is about optimizing your digestive system by consuming foods that your body can “put to work” instead of wasting valuable time breaking them down a 
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