VidaSlim Weight Loss Pill Review

vidaslim weight loss pill review

Another ‘natural’ weight loss supplement hot on the market – VidaSlim seems to be trending on TikTok due to its primary ingredient, Tejocote root (known as Mexican hawthorn). 

While the fruit of the Tejocote tree is used in Mexican cuisine both as a breakfast stone fruit or tart beverage (ponche), the root is only ever used for medicinal purposes. 

The scientific literature available on Tejocote is not extensive, and this is likely due to the huge discrepancy among the dozen different species of the plant – all of which have varying degrees of antioxidants and bioactive compounds across the board.  

Despite many companies making lofty claims as to the benefit of Tejocote root and fruit, little documentation exists in medical literature to support these kinds of claims. This is doubly true when it comes to utilizing the root for weight loss purposes. 

Is there any merit to Tejocote root when it comes to weight loss or dieting? We’ll go over the available scientific research and customer feedback in our VidaSlim Weight Loss Pill Review below. 

What Is VidaSlim?

VidaSlim is marketed as a weight loss supplement and the ‘original formula’ is based on Tejocote root as the primary ‘active’ ingredient. They claim their VidaSlim product line helps you to “reduce weight and body fat so you can achieve a healthier and happier you.” 

weight loss supplement vidaslim

They utilize Tejocote root as a “100% natural” product that is free from pesticides and chemical; fertilizers. The root is harvested and consumed as a micronized powder (microdose) with water or a meal. 

Tejocote root naturally contains a high amount of pectin, which is known to help promote weight loss as a soluble fiber that slows stomach emptying, thus promoting satiety (feelings of fullness). 

VidaSlim markets Tejocote root as a sort of ‘cure-all’ for weight loss, proclaiming that it helps reduce weight by “removing fat from your body.” Acting as a dilator with adipose tissue, VidaSlim’s Tejocote formulation helps release fat “through waste.” 

Yet, there is no scientific evidence provided by VidaSlim or research studies to support these claims. 

VidaSlim is essentially an over-glorified one-ingredient “fat burner.” 

Is VidaSlim Clinically Proven?

No. Far from it. Tejocote root has shown some efficacy when it comes to helping regulate blood sugar control and fat storage, but the research is inconclusive and extremely limited. 

If you take a look online to try and find publications or papers published on Tejocote, you will only ever end up with case studies of cardiotoxicity complications (hypertension) from people ingesting too much. 

In one research paper, titled: “Tejocote Raiz, A Root for Weight Loss or Digoxin Doppelganger,” a documented case involving severe cardiotoxicity from a weight loss supplement similar to VidaSlim is explored. 

In these instances, the patients had to be hospitalized for dysrhythmias, circulatory dysfunction, and respiratory dysfunction. 

VidaSlim seems to be little more than snake oil masquerading as a potent weight loss supplement, with no indication as to the dosage of Tejocote contained in any of their product line. 

VidaSlim Active Ingredients

VidaSlim offers a number of different products – some formulated with resveratrol or white tea, two ingredients which have more scientific backing than Tejocote root. 


Again, these formulations are still less likely to be any more effective than studied products like caffeine, 5-HTP, and glucomannan. 

In the ‘original’ formula – the primary ‘active’ ingredient is Tejocote root, although they do not disclose how much is contained per capsule. This is dubious, as we aren’t sure what content of the Tejocote root is extracted, the milligram dosage, or the level of purity. 

While the product is third-party tested, we have no way of verifying the purity of the Tejocote root used. 

Some people have noted Tejocote root as having ‘powerful’ laxative effects – which can lead to dangerous dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, or malnutrition. VidaSlim seems well aware of this, as they recommend drinking around 3 litres of water per day while using the product. 

If we look at the nutrient breakdown on the bottle itself, one serving contains little pectin (~30% DV) and a small amount of Vitamin C (~20%). 

mandarin vitamin c

Pectin is typically used as a ‘gelling’ agent in fruit jam and other products. It has received a fair amount of attention online for its activity as a soluble fiber that can aid weight loss and digestive health. 

Either of these could be more easily obtained from real, whole food in greater quantities, without the risk of negative side effects. 

We should also comment that pectin does not have an established daily value (DV) – and they don’t specify the amount of pectin in the product, so there is no way of knowing what dose you’re getting of any of the nutrients contained in VidaSlim. 

Who Manufactures VidaSlim?

VidaSlim is manufactured by “VidaSlim USA” and was founded by Ashley Alonso. Her own personal weight loss journey and struggles supposedly inspired the product and brand, based out of San Antonio, Texas. 

VidaSlim offers their product directly through their website, third-party retailers and resellers, along with “consultants.” 

Their customer support can be reached via email at or via phone at 1-800-964-0662. 

VidaSlim Dosage

The dosage on VidaSlim is one vegetarian/vegan capsule per day if you’re taking pills, or ~10g of powder if you’re taking it in powder form. It can be taken up to twice daily, with recommendations to take it after meals to prevent bloating. 

VidaSlim Results – Is it Actually Effective?

waist measuring

No. We can’t proclaim VidaSlim to be effective as a weight loss aid or fat burner. 

While some reviews state that the product did work for them after a period of months of use, we don’t know the safety of Tejocote when used long-term. It simply isn’t as well researched or documented as other supplements we would recommend instead

Some users report feeling ‘lighter’ and ‘slimmer,’ but this is not strong enough basis to recommend the product on. When they actually went to check their total weight loss, it was minimal – and not clear if it was from the VidaSlim, or other lifestyle changes they implemented. 

Customer Reviews & Feedback

Some third-party websites paint a seemingly positive picture of VidaSlim, but based on the research we’ve collected across review sites, forums, retail sites, and social media – VidaSlim is not well-received by customers. 

For example, both Total Shape and EASNA recommend avoiding VidaSlim, calling it “useless,” with “no scientific backing.” 

Both review articles make note of how Tejocote is not well-researched in this field when it comes to weight loss, and instead shows many results for cardiotoxicity. Both of these websites mention other alternatives like glucomannan and 5-HTP instead, paired with a workout routine. 

While third-party websites or retailers will promote VidaSlim as having positive customer feedback, if you actually take a look at social media posts or forums, you’ll notice a majority are negative. 

One customer wrote that “[they] lost nothing but a lot of cash, because it’s so expensive.” Other reviews point out the questionable safety of Tejocote root long-term, calling it a “horrible product” that “will not work for you.” 

The Bottom Line on VidaSlim

weight loss mindset

We would advise against using VidaSlim, despite there being a number of positive third-party reviews. Most of the actual consumer feedback via Amazon or Google seems to indicate negative user experiences. 

Furthermore, VidaSlim is a natural diuretic at best – not a supplement for supporting long-term weight loss and fat burning. For that, we would recommend looking into more appropriate fat burning supplements which are clinically proven. 

There are a number of ‘natural’ products that demonstrate a higher level of safety when compared to VidaSlim’s Tejocote root, including: green tea extract, garcinia cambogia, caffeine, green coffee bean, and CLA

5-HTP has been shown to significantly reduce appetite and carbohydrate cravings. It is commonly used as a treatment option for obesity. 

These all are supported with long-term studies and customer reviews, as products that have been reliably used to enhance weight loss for decades. However, none of these are a ‘silver bullet’ pill that will instantly abolish fat. 

It is important to keep in mind that a weight loss journey will still require effort on your part. Devising a meal plan, like the vertical diet, and increasing training (particularly cardio or resistance training) are much more likely to make a difference compared to a herbal supplement

There are a number of supplements that can aid you in your journey, but they should be taken in conjunction with, rather than opposed to radical lifestyle changes. VidaSlim is not one of those supplements. 

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