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brad castleberry bodybuilder

Brad Castleberry is a professional bodybuilder and online trainer who has gained quite a reputation on social media for his weightlifting antics.

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
5 Foot 10 Inches245 Pounds33Canada
Bodybuilder Profile

Brad’s impressive strength cannot be disputed. His stunning physique reflects the years of hard work dedicated to his profession. His posts on social media show him lifting some impressive weights, often attracting wild reactions from his fans and critics alike.

brad castleberry bio

His life was not always centered around bodybuilding. He got his earliest exposure as a kid, growing up with a dad and a grandad dedicated to the gym. Brad eventually gained his first gym membership as a teenager, entering his first bodybuilding competition at nineteen.

While in junior college, Brad Castleberry decided to quit bodybuilding and embrace football. But in less than two years, he retraced his steps back to his passion, adopting it as a profession. Brad’s bodybuilding career has since worked out well, with up to a million followers on Instagram.

In this article, we will examine Brad Castleberry’s details, including his profile, career, and other interesting facts.

Who Is Brad Castleberry?

Brad Castleberry has a reputation for being the most hated bodybuilder on social media, thanks to people’s perception of him as cocky and arrogant. He is also a powerlifter, YouTube sensation, and online fitness trainer. The pro bodybuilder was born in Canada to a family that valued healthy living, fitness, and athleticism.

His father and grandfather were dedicated to the gym and encouraged Brad to work on his physique. Hence, he began working at a friend’s garage and playing high school football.

At fifteen, his dad paid for his gym membership, further motivating him to work out harder and stick to a strict, healthy diet. His muscular physique earned him popularity in high school, but it took years before he finally thought himself ready to enroll in a bodybuilding competition.

Brad Castleberry’s Profile

As a professional bodybuilder with millions of followers, Brad’s body statistics and appearance has sparked interest over the years. Some of the most asked questions about his profile are discussed hereon.

What Does Brad Castleberry Weigh?

Brad Castleberry weighs about 245lbs – 255lbs or 111.1kg – 115.7kg. Like most bodybuilders, his weight fluctuates depending on the time of the year.

He tends to pack on more weight when he is off competition season. However, this weight is mostly muscle, with his fitness regimen giving him a low-fat percentage.

How Tall Is Brad Castleberry

Brad Castleberry is 5 feet 10 inches tall, an impressive height for a professional bodybuilder with a great muscle mass.

How Old Is Brad Castleberry?

Brad Castleberry was born on June 10, 1989, at 33 as of July 2022. However, he may not look the part, given his ripped physique acquired through decades of weight training and adhering to a strict nutrition plan.

What Is Brad Castleberry’s Nationality?

Brad Castleberry was born in Canada, making him a Canadian native. Later in his life, the social media sensation moved to the United States, where he attended the Paloma Community College in San Marcos, California.

Having spent most of his life in the US, he is commonly described as an American Nationale from San Diego, California.

Brad Castleberry’s Personal Life And Family

Little is known about Brad Castleberry’s personal life, as the bodybuilder hardly discusses it. However, he once opened up about a previous girlfriend, to whom he became attracted thanks to her charisma. Their relationship ended only after five months due to their inability to see each other more frequently.

Is Brad Castleberry Married?

Brad Castleberry currently has no wife but is rumored to be in a relationship. His mystery woman reportedly lives with him and often joins his workout sessions.

Despite never being married, Brad has two children, including a son and a daughter, but details about their mom(s) are unknown.

Where Does Brad Castleberry Live?

Brad Castleberry appears to reside in San Diego, California, as he has referred to the city in several of his Instagram posts.

Brad Castleberry’s Bodybuilding Career

Although Brad Castleberry began his intense training at the gym at fifteen, he only appeared on stage for his first-ever bodybuilding competition when he was nineteen. He did not win the contest, but that experience made him fall in love with the “rush” he got while on stage.

brad castleberry weights career

Brad went on to enroll in more bodybuilding contests within his region, bolstering his experience. Eventually, he became a pro competitor and enrolled in a natural show series called “The Muscle Mania.”

He became the show’s winner, inspiring him to join more professional contests.

How Long Has Brad Castleberry Been A Bodybuilder?

Looking at his career profile, which saw him embrace fitness right from childhood, one can safely say Brad Castleberry has been a bodybuilder for about two decades. However, he only went pro in his twenties following his first big win in a professional competition.

Notably, he took a two-year hiatus from bodybuilding to pursue his football career but returned to his roots eventually.

What is Brad Castleberry’s Net Worth?

Sources report that Brad Castleberry has a net worth of $1 million. He earned this impressive figure through his YouTube and Instagram influence, competition winnings, and online training services.

He has also earned a substantial amount from his self-funded company, Castleberry Nutrition. Brad Castleberry also has a successful clothing line.

What Is Brad Castleberry’s Workout Routine?

As a professional bodybuilder and fitness trainer, stretching is one route Brad Castleberry swears by. He often speaks about how people tend to neglect, forgetting how important it is for optimal growth and mobility.

Brad admits to doing daily stretches, especially after a workout, to help improve recovery and blood flow to the muscle.

He trains six days a week, giving himself a day off to boost recovery. His workout routine includes compound movements like leg curls, squats, bench presses, pull-downs, and deadlifts which help build muscle mass.

Brad does about 30 minutes of cardio during his rest days to keep himself active. His routine facilitates his strength and size development.

What Does Brad Castleberry Eat?

Brad follows a healthy diet comprising lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs, all of which work together for optimal muscle mass development.

He tries to switch up his meal plans as much as possible but always eats at the same time every day. His go-to foods include chicken, potatoes, steak, peanut butter, protein powder, Brussel sprouts, eggs, almonds bread, and oatmeal.

Is Brad Castleberry Natty?

A common question many tend to talk circles around is whether Brad Castleberry is natural or takes steroids to enhance his physique. In hindsight, the star has denied taking steroids multiple times, a claim that has raised brows over the years.

What Supplements Does Brad Castleberry Take?

As a fitness fanatic and the founder of Castleberry Nutrition, it is only natural that Brad Castleberry takes supplements to boost his diet. The influencer admittedly established his company after noticing a gap in the fitness industry.

Some clean supplements he swears include fat burner, protein supplement, BCAAs, Mass Gainer, and Pre-workout.

Does Brad Castleberry Use Fake Weights?

Since the onset of his online career, Brad has stirred controversy for presumably faking the size of weights he lifts. This rumor arises from his numerous videos, which see him lifting extremely heavy weights with as many as six plates.

While Brad has denied these rumors, many have gone as far as analyzing his videos, pointing out loopholes suggesting he might be using fake plates.

Notwithstanding, he insists his bodybuilding posing videos were not intended to impress anyone but to motivate more people to exercise.


Brad Castleberry is one of the most famous bodybuilders on social media. His years of dedication and hard work have garnered him an impressive fan following, making his brand highly sought after in the fitness industry.

Despite his success, the professional bodybuilder consistently works to keep up his fitness goals. Even more impressive is his ability to overlook his critics, stand by his values, and remain committed to his dream of becoming a world-record holder in weightlifting.

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