Egg Cleanse [How To & TikTok Trend]

egg cleanse how to tiktok

The egg cleanse trend on TikTok Originates from a ritual in Mexican culture that can help cleanse you spiritually. 

If you feel bad on a particular day or are going through some tough times, an egg cleanse might help cleanse your aura and start afresh. You can eliminate negativity and replace it with energy, hope, and enthusiasm.

Recently, this ritual has become popular around the world due to its presence as a TikTok trend. You can learn more about this below, along with how you can perform an egg cleanse and how it can help.

You can then try it out on your own to interpret the results.

What Is the Egg Cleanse TikTok Trend?

The egg cleanse ritual is referred to as la limpia in Spanish. This ritual originates in Mexico and some other parts of Mesoamerica. However, its ancient usage has also been reported in other parts of the world, such as Scotland, Greece, Italy, and the Philippines.

egg cleanse how to

According to this ritual, rolling an egg around parts of your body can help absorb all the bad energy from your aura and spirit, thus cleansing and refreshing you.

This ritual became famous around the world relatively recently due to the TikTok trend, which encourages people to try this out while also instructing them on how to carry this process out and how to read and interpret their results.

The trend became popular and now includes several people worldwide trying it out and uploading their own experiences on TikTok. You can look into some of these TikToks here.

How to Perform an Egg Cleanse

Given that this practice is an ancient spiritual ritual and holds plenty of cultural importance for people and communities from where it comes from, it is essential to perform it with care and respect and to follow specific established steps:

@taylor10109 #eggcleanse #egg #australia #trend ♬ original sound – taylor

These steps can also help ensure that you get the ritual right and can end up experiencing positive results. To prepare for this process, make sure you gather everything that you might require to carry it out, which includes:

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Lemon
  • Egg
  • Glass
  • Towel

Once you have everything in place, you can go through the following steps to carry out the process on your own.

Prepare the Egg Cleanse Water

First, you should take a glass and fill it with water. Make sure you can see through the glass properly and that it is big enough to hold the egg. Once you pour water into it, you should add a bit of salt to it along with some lemon juice.

Prepare the Egg Cleanse Water

You can add the lemon juice by directly squeezing a lemon into the water. You must carry out this step since it can help clean the egg and rid it of any bad energies it might carry.

Wash the Egg

Now that you have the water ready, the next step is to wash the egg carefully in it. Put the egg in the water and make sure it does not end up cracking at this stage. Otherwise, you might have to start the process over.

You can also slightly heat the egg over a flame for a few seconds to thoroughly clean it. However, skipping this step is perfectly alright, given the nature of the original practice.

Let the egg soak a bit in this water. While doing this, you can also chant a small prayer to make it even more effective. The kind of prayer you choose depends on your preferences and beliefs and can also be a general spiritual prayer. You can also simply speak out your wishes and intentions.

Once this is done, remove the egg from the glass and run it under some tap water to remove the salt. Take a towel and dry the egg up.

Burn Herbs

Many TikTok videos recommend this step, even though several others do not mention it. Ultimately, it depends on you whether you want to burn the herbs or not, although it can certainly help cleanse the air around you while also assisting in cleansing the egg and your aura.

egg cleanse ritual

Let the burning take place over a few minutes and allow the egg to come into contact with the smoke produced so that it can become entirely ready to interact with and absorb your energies. You can use frankincense for this. Sage is also a good option that is commonly used in various spiritual rituals across the world.

This can be an effective way for the egg to take away your negativity and lead to accurate results and readings so that you can move forward with positivity and patience.

Roll the Egg

This step is the central aspect of your egg cleansing ritual. Since you have cleaned the egg thoroughly, you can start rolling it around different parts of your body. This can include your forehead, your eyes, your nose, your cheeks and lips, your neck, your arms, your stomach, and your legs.

In short, you should roll the egg all over your body for the full effect. If there are parts of your body that seem to be causing more pain and discomfort compared to others, spend some more time on those regions. You must also concentrate on your energy so that the cleansing process can occur effectively.

You can also use circular rubbing patterns or go in a linear manner.

Crack the Egg

You can now take the water from earlier and crack your egg into it. If you no longer have that, don’t worry! Take the glass, fill it with fresh water, and crack the egg inside.

what is the egg cleanse

Ideally, you should try to leave the yolk as it is. However, if your yolk cracks, you can take this as a sign you can then use to interpret the results. Allow the cracked egg to sit in the water for a few minutes so that it can spread around or lead to some reactions.

Once you notice changes in the overall pattern after about 10 minutes, you can move on to the next step.

Read and Interpret the Egg Cleanse

Once your egg settles in the water and shows patterns, you can move on to reading and interpreting the results. For this, you should pay careful attention to what the yolk looks like. If it has changed shape or the color seems a bit different, you must take careful note of this. yikes and over a man 🥴 go heal. #foryou#fyp#viral#warwater#limpia#limpiadehuevo #eggcleanse #returntosender #evileye #protection #cleanse #cleansing #witch#witchcraft #Totinos425 ♬ The Singularity – Ghostemane

Make sure you also focus on the water around you. 

Is it exhibiting some strange patterns or reactions? 

Has its color or texture undergone some sort of change? 

Is there some kind of sound coming from the glass?

Based on the combined changes, you can figure out what kind of energy you had and how you can move forward.

Dispose of the Egg

After you have successfully read, interpreted, and absorbed the results of the cracked egg in your water, you might feel a sense of relief and clarity. Now that you know that your aura and energies have been cleansed, you can take steps to dispose of the egg to fully get rid of the negative energy from your life.

To do this, take a pinch of salt and add it to the glass. You can add squeeze out some lemon juice again. This can help purify the egg again.

Go ahead and flush the egg and water down the toilet or the sink. Get rid of it properly so that only cleanliness, clarity, and positivity remain.

How to Read the Egg

Reading and interpreting the egg can be a personal experience. It can depend on what has been going on in your own life. You should note some general aspects and meanings, however, include the following.

egg cleanse results and reading
  • Look inside the glass instead of looking at it from above.
  • If there are bubbles, this is a good sign and can suggest that the egg has fully taken in your negative energy.
  • If the egg whites form cobwebs, this can indicate that someone has wished evil upon you due to their envy.
  • If the water is clear, everything is alright!
  • If the water smells strange or there is blood in it, this can point toward evil and poor luck. It can also indicate the presence of a disease.
  • If there are spikes or needles, this can point to a negative presence in your life.
  • If the water turns murky or milky, this can point to a lack of energy.
  • If there is a face or eye-like shape in the yolk, this can imply that someone with that kind of face is spreading negativity.

The Bottom Line

The egg cleanse TikTok trend involves:

  • Washing the egg in salty water.
  • Cleaning it.
  • Rolling it around your body so that it can absorb your energy and negativity.

Once you crack it in water, it can tell you important things about your life, soul, and energy.

If you are interested in other cleansing options check out Colon Broom and our best cleansing teas.

Have you tried this new TikTok trend? Do you believe in the power of the egg cleanse?

Let us know in the comments below!

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