Front Double Bicep Pose: How to Guide

front double bicep pose

The front double bicep pose is the flexing of primarily the biceps, front delts, and all of your upper body muscles on the front physique of a bodybuilder.

It’s a great way to show off your muscular arms and front delts.

This article will teach you how to do the front double bicep pose correctly, some tips on making it look perfect, and the best front double bicep pose ever done in a competition.

Let’s get started!

Front Double Bicep Examples

The front double bicep is a front view of the upper body with both arms flexed simultaneously, showing off the front delts and biceps (double biceps). 

The front double bicep pose is often done with one arm slightly higher than the other, which gives it a more natural look.

The front double bicep pose can also be done with both arms parallel, which is how most people learn it.

Here is a great visual representation of some great examples of the front double bicep pose:

front double bicep pose examples

How to Front Double Bicep Pose Step-by-Step

Now that you know what the front double bicep pose looks like let’s go over how to do the pose to perfection.

You can utilize a few small tricks, tips, and tweaks to make your front double bicep pose stand out.

Here is how to front double bicep pose like a pro; step by step instructions:

  1. Keep your shoulders lowered down and very relaxed at the start of the pose.
  2. Raise both arms ninety degrees, parallel, and in line with your shoulders.
  3. Turn your pinkie fingers in and rotate them inward so you can feel the tension in your wrists.
  4. Imagine a piece of invisible wire between your pinkies, and you do not want the wire to touch your head. This will pull your arms back and make the biceps reach a higher peak.
  5. Spread your should blade out on both sides as far as possible; you do not want to pull them back and appear curled up.
  6. Hold and flex abs at the end to make everything come together, and your front double biceps pose will “pop.”
  7. [Optional] You can tilt your hips in either direction to get deeper serrations and tone across your upper body muscle groups.

As said by famous bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger “Never curl up into yourself like a ball, present yourself as big and wide, be proud.


Video: Front Double Bicep Pose

The most effective approach to grasping a pose is to see it in action.

The front double bicep is such a vital pose that you may have zero chance of progressing in a bodybuilding competition if you miss the mark here.

As with all of the poses in our bodybuilding posing series, you can do a ton of small things to achieve a more extraordinary overall look when stepping out on the stage.

Below is a video that will walk you step-by-step to nail the front double bicep pose:

Bodybuilder’s Famous Front Double Biceps

Now that you know how to do the front double bicep pose let’s look at some of the most famous front double biceps ever done in a bodybuilding competition.

The front double bicep is such a critical pose and, if done correctly, can really make or break your entire physique on stage.

Some of the most famous front double biceps in bodybuilding history are:

Ronnie Coleman – Ronnie Coleman’s front double bicep pose is world-renowned and is often imitated but never duplicated.

He is the king of this pose, and no one has ever come close to his level of perfect overall physique.

Jay Cutler – Jay Cutler, is another legend in the front double bicep pose and has won many competitions solely based on this one pose.

He is known for his extensive back and lats, making his front double biceps stand out from his competitors.

Phil Heath – Phil Heath is the current Mr. Olympia known for his incredible front double biceps.

Chris BumsteadChris Bumstead’s front double bicep is one of the newest and most respected takes on this bodybuilding pose.

He has one of the broadest backs in the world, and when he hits this pose, it is truly a work of art.

Working on your Poses for your next bodybuilding competition? Check out our other instructional articles for bodybuilder poses:

Muscles Targeted

Various muscle groups are targeted while performing the front double bicep pose.

front double bicep muscle groups

Flexing both the front delts, abs, and biceps is key to having a winning look on any bodybuilding stage.

Biceps – double front bicep is all about the biceps. This pose makes them reach their potential and look large when done correctly. The front double bicep will show off these muscle groups:

Triceps – while not front and center, your triceps also get a good stretch in this pose which can help to increase their size.

Forearms – your forearms will be on display when doing this pose and, while minor, need to be in excellent condition.

Front Deltoids – your front delts are front and center in this pose and need to be large, round, and in excellent condition.

Abs – your abs will be flexed the entire time while performing this pose, so make sure they are tight, toned, and shredded.

Thanks to this article, you can now add the front double bicep pose to your posing routine with confidence.

Make sure to practice this pose frequently and pump up your biceps before your competition so you may master it and take home the victory.

The importance of a healthy diet and a proper ratio of body fat to muscle is crucial in this sport. Keep on track with your eating habits to give you an edge at shows.

If you are interested in upping your bodybuilding poses see our ultimate posing guide.

Is the front double bicep your favorite pose? Would you include this pose in all of your bodybuilding competition posing routines?

If you know of any other amazing tricks or something we may have missed, please let us know in the comments below!

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