Best Bodybuilding Posing Trunks [Ultimate Guide]

bodybuilding posing trunks

Are you looking to buy bodybuilding posing trunks? 

We have created the ultimate bodybuilding posing trunks guide. 

We discuss the different cuts, styles, and types of trunks available online and which pair works best for you.

We will explain the difference between pre-cut posing trunks and custom-made pairs perfect for your body on competition day.

We will also discuss where to buy posing trunks online, including the top brands.

We wrap up our ultimate bodybuilding trunk guide by answering every question we can find on the internet related to bodybuilding suits for the stage.

Where to Buy the Best Bodybuilding Posing Trunks

Lindy Health and several staff bodybuilders have put the best bodybuilding posing trunks to the test.

Our buyers’ guide details the pros and cons along with our number one pick for the best posing trunks on the market.

Lindy Health #1 Pick
Etsy Custom Posing Trunks
  • Custom-made trunks to perfectly fit your physique
  • Stand out from competitors using off-the-rack posing trunks on stage
  • Artisanal sellers that understand the sport of bodybuilding and what makes a posing suit look great
  • Shipping times can be slower as they are hand made
Buy Now
Runner Up
Jed North Men's Bodybuilding & Classic Physique Posing Trunks
$39.99 +
  • Sleek Design
  • Top-of-the-line brand for pre-made posing trunks
  • Stage-ready for IFBB shows/bodybuilding competitions
  • Not made to custom fit
Buy Now
Other Choices
Jagware - A Cut Above The Rest
$45 +
  • Jagware has been around in the bodybuilding clothing business for a long time
  • Many NPC and IFBB professionals have chosen Jagware
  • Great pre-made cuts for all sizes
  • Slower shipping times
  • Not the greatest website for ordering
Buy Now
Other Choices
SY Competition Suits Competition Bikini, Wellness Suits, and more
$60 +
  • Woman’s options are available
  • They are woman-owned and operated
  • SY is known to stand by their product and make sure you are happy with your posing suit purchase
  • Delayed shipping times if you are in a time crunch
Buy Now

How to Choose the Best Posing Trunks for bodybuilding

When bodybuilders step on stage, they want to look their best.

Stepping on stage, whether in an NPC or IFBB bodybuilding competition, includes having a shredded physique, tan skin, and suitable posing trunks.

The proper bodybuilding posing trunks will accentuate your strengths on stage and make you feel more confident.

They should also be comfortable, so you feel your best at a competition. The judges can often sense your confidence from the sidelines.

Brazilian Cut

The Brazilian cut of men’s posing trunks is excellent if you want to show off your glute development.

This cut will sit low on your waist and have a v-shape in the back.

The thong back will make your glutes look their best on stage.

However, this may not be the most comfortable option if you are not used to wearing a thong.

This style of posing trunks is appropriate for Men’s Bodybuilding competitions. As long as the right size is chosen, Brazilian posing trunks will pass all NPC rules and regulations.

Flex Cut

Flex-cut posing trunks are clothing worn by bodybuilders during competitions that provide, as the name suggests, more flex.

The flex cut allows for a more fantastic range of motion and is more comfortable than traditional posing trunks.

Flex-cut trunks are also less likely to rip or tear during a competition. This style of bodybuilding posing suit is trendy these days across the sport.

Premier Cut

The premier cut of posing trunks is not for the more modest bodybuilder.

This cut will show more skin and is designed to be very tight-fitting.

The premier cut is one of the most popular cuts of posing trunks among bodybuilders.

The premier cut is a minor v in the front with strings wrapping around the waist to the rear of the suit. While the back of the trunks is larger than the Brazilian cut, it still does not leave much to the imagination.

French Cut

French cut posing trunks are a classic on stage for both NPC and IFBB pros.

This particular cut is high-waisted and will show off your lower abdominal development.

The sides of the trunks are cut very low, which allows the bodybuilder to show off their oblique development.

This may not be the most comfortable option, but it is one of the most tried and true posing trunks worn on stage.


The Pro-Cut posing trunks are a must-have for any serious bodybuilder competing in competitions.

The pro cut provides fantastic support and coverage, making you feel confident and comfortable while you pose.

In addition, the fabric is breathable and quick-drying, so you won’t have to worry about sweating during your routine.

Custom Bodybuilding Posing Trunks

All of the above posing trunk cuts can be found online in various colors, sizes, and brands.

However, having custom-made bodybuilding posing suit can make a massive difference in over-familiar off-the-rack trunks.

Custom posing trunks are made to your exact body measurements.

Premade suits mean the trunk will fit snugly in all the right places and show off your hard work on stage.

Custom bodybuilding suits can also be made in any of the above cuts, so you can choose the one that best suits your physiqu$e and your most refined muscle groups.

When looking at a price difference of $30 to $50, buying custom-made posing trunks is often the better choice.

If you have put in all the work in the gym and maintained your diet in the kitchen, spending the extra money is worth a leg up on competition day.

Classic Physique Posing Trunks

Classic Physique Posing Trunks are specially designed to highlight the athletes’ physique while providing ample coverage.

These trunks, more like shorts, are usually made of Lycra or spandex and have a V-shaped waistband that hugs the athlete’s waist and emphasizes their V-taper.

Classic Physique Posing suits can also have side stripes or be solid-colored. The length of the Classic Physique Posing Trunks should be no more than 6 inches above the knee, and the fabric should not be see-through.

Although Classic Physique suits are tight-fitting, they should not restrict movement or impede breathing.

Classic Physique Trunks are available in various colors and styles to match the athlete’s competition outfit.

Looking to try out some poses in your new bodybuilding trunks? Check out our other instructional articles for bodybuilder poses:

FAQ: Posing Trunks & Suits

Do you wear underwear under posing trunks? How to wear posing trunks? 

No, you should not. Wear underwear under your posing trunks will create lines and bulges that will be visible on stage. Additionally, wearing underwear under your posing trunks can be uncomfortable and cause chafing.

To avoid any discomfort, don’t wear underwear under your posing trunks. If you’re worried about the fit of your posing trunks, consider getting a custom-made pair that will fit your body perfectly.

How are posing trunks measured?

Posing trunks are measured at the top of the hip bone around the waist.

You will want to take the measurements by hand and not use your pants size as a reference. Your trunks will not fit their best and could leave you not looking your best on stage.

What size posing suit/trunks should I buy?

Again, measure right at the top of the hip bone with a loose tape measure.

Below is an excellent rule of thumb for selecting your posing suit/trunk sizes:

Small: 27″ to 30″ Waist Circumference

Medium: 31″ to 34″ Waist Circumference

Significant: 35″ to 38″ Waist Circumference

Do bodybuilders stuff their trunks?

No, bodybuilders do not stuff their trunks. This myth has been perpetuated by the general public, who does not understand how hard bodybuilders work to achieve their physiques.

Stuffing your trunks will not give you a more muscular appearance and can make you look softer on stage.

Most popular colors of trunks/suits?

Posing trunks come in a large variety of colors. The most popular colors are black, white, and red.

Some bodybuilders prefer to match their trunks to their competition bikini or wear a color that will make their physique pop on stage.

Remember, you want to choose a color that makes you look good and feel confident on stage.

Can guys wear thong trunks to a bodybuilding competition?

Yes, male bodybuilders can wear thong trunks to a competition. Many bodybuilders prefer to wear thong trunks because they provide less coverage and allow the athlete’s physique to be fully displayed.

However, it is essential to note that not all bodybuilding federations allow thong trunks. Check with your federation’s rules and regulations before selecting your posing trunks.

How do you keep your package in your posing wear? 

There are several ways to keep your package in place while wearing posing trunks.

Some bodybuilders prefer to wear a jockstrap under their posing trunks for additional support. Others will use body tape or fashion tape to keep everything in place.

If you’re concerned about your package, try on your posing trunks before competition day to ensure everything stays in place.

What is the most crucial factor when choosing bodybuilding posing trunks?

Fit is the most vital factor to consider when choosing bodybuilding posing trunks.

You want a pair of posing trunks that fit snugly but are not constricting.

What is the best NPC posing trunks to use in competition?

Some of the best NPC posing trunks on the market are from brands like Cutz, Jaxxwear, and Royalty Apparel.

These brands offer a variety of cuts, colors, and styles to choose from so you can find the perfect pair of posing trunks for your body and competition.


Well, there you have it!

Everything you need to know about bodybuilding posing trunks.

We’ve covered the different cuts, styles, and types of trunks available and where to buy them online. We’ve also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about these pieces of competition gear.

So, what is your favorite cut, style, or brand of posing trunks? Let us know in the comments below!

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