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Are you looking to gain muscle mass, burn fat, and become healthy?

While there are plenty of different workout methods to choose from, the P90X workout became a plan in 2005 by a man named Tony Horton.

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He gave a chance for individuals to reach their goals in just 90 days!  

This 90-day workout regime is in no way built for the week. This workout plan will have you sore and sweating, but overall will make you happy with the results. 

In today’s article, you will be reading about some of the benefits and the best P90X three workout plans with workout sheets available right at your fingertips!

Benefits to P90X

Full Body Workout

Each week incorporates a wide range of fitness programs. Typically during each day of the week, you will be focused on weightlifting, intense cardio, yoga, core work, and recovery-focused stretching and mobility exercises.

During the week, you will get hours of cardio in. This always helps your body to get its heart rate up while also building strength along the way. 

You will be exhausted by the end of the week. No one said that getting your dream body in 90 days would be a breeze. 


Reduced Injury

Doing different types of exercise also lowers your risk of injury. You will work out muscles you probably thought you would never need to and get stronger through core workouts. 

Working out different muscles will help you become stronger and recover quickly from injuries.

Work From Home

Overall, the most beautiful thing about P90X is the luxury of working out in your own home.

You can download classes from a tablet or smartphone device. Here you will have access to hundreds of workout classes and workout sheets. 

P90X Workout Sheets 

When starting your P90X workout plan, it is vital to keep track of your workouts using workout sheets that professionals have designed. Listed below are some of the best P90X workout sheets. 

Using workout sheets will help you get more familiar with your body’s limits and what limits your body can push. This will increase your chances of reaching your dream body goal at the end of the 90 days.

With knowledge comes power, and with power comes CHANGE!” – Tony Hornton.


P90X Classic 

P90X Classic Workout Sheet PDF

This routine offers three days of resistance and three days of cardio and yoga.

This type of P90X workout is one of the most common methods that people will partake in. It is essential to understand that this workout is incredibly intense and will make you push yourself to your entire body’s limits. 

Keeping track of your journey using a schedule is a great way to ensure you take this workout step by step while monitoring your body’s improvements.

P90X Lean

P90X Classic Workout Sheet PDF

This routine offers two days of resistance and four days of cardio/yoga.

This form of P90X is excellent for individuals looking to cut weight. This version is focused more on cardio. Joining this 90 workout will keep your body weight in check and help you improve your cardio.

P90X Doubles 

P90X Classic Workout Sheet PDF

If you are experienced with P90X, this is your workout plan. You will participate in exercises such as weightlifting and cardio. The doubles program will have you working out two times daily, both benign intensive workouts.


Research has found that in just four weeks of the 90-day program, subjects demonstrated significant improvements in upper-body strength, upper-body muscular endurance, lower-body strength, lower-body endurance, and body fat percentage.

final fitness

Overall, P90X is a highly intense all-over body workout. This workout consists of several different plans and methods to overcome your weight loss goals.

Consider looking into P90X if you feel determined.

Always listen to your body, as you can easily hurt yourself if the proper steps are not taken.

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Kate Ross

Kate Ross is a nutritionist at Lindy Health who lives in Breckenridge, CO. Kate has a wealth of knowledge about food and nutrition, and she competed as a bodybuilder for over 10 years. She is an avid skier and mountain biker, and she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and friends.

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