What is the Lowest Body Fat Percentage Ever Recorded


Andreas Munzer set the Lowest body fat record after exercising for 12 years. He was the first person in history to have a body fat percentage with all body parts below 1%, and he had a body fat percentage of 0.00031%. He also had a BMI of 0%, making him officially an anorexic.

Body fat percentage measures how much total body mass is classified as adipose tissue or fatty tissue. This measurement considers fat and muscle mass, bone density, and water content inside the cells. Bodybuilders often submit to testing after significant competitions to establish who has achieved the lowest body fat percentage for their category. Andreas Munzer, a professional bodybuilder, set the lowest body fat recorded in history at almost 0.

What is body fat percentage?

Body fat percentage is a measurement that describes the amount of adipose tissue, or fatty tissue, in one’s body. Adipose tissue is a vital organ. Most notably, adipose tissue is where nutrients are stored and used in times of famine. In addition to its essential function as an organ, adipose tissue also serves as a storage site for excess calories from food consumption and protects against infections.

Ways to Measure Body Fat Percentage

Professional and amateur athletes often submit to testing to establish who has achieved the lowest body fat percentage. Standard testing methods include skin calipers and hydrostatic weighing (underwater) and body composition scans.

Ways to Measure Body Fat Percentage

Skin Caliper Testing

A skin caliper is a tool used to measure the skinfold thickness of one’s body accurately. The depth of the skin fold that the calipers have pinched is directly linked to fat-free mass or muscle tissue. To use this method effectively, one must find the suitable locations on their body where they can squeeze a deep skin fold. Skinfold testing is more accurate than most other tools because it measures the amount of fat in a specific area of one’s body.

Underwater Weighing and Hydrostatic Testing

Underwater weighing (also known as hydrostatic weighing) is another form of body fat testing that measures a person’s hydrostatic or underwater density. Professional divers use this method when calculating their body fat to ensure the least amount of excess weight for optimal diving capability.

Inbody Scan

Inbody scans use electrical signals to measure your body fat percentage. The Inbody scan results also include total body fat, total lean muscle mass and water carried in the body. Inbody scans are a great option for getting your BFP routinely with ease.

Why Understanding Your Body Fat Percentage Can Positively Impact Your Life?

Below are some of the reasons why knowing your body fat percentage can be beneficial:

1. Understanding More About Your Weight

Knowing your body fat percentage can help you determine if you are overweight, underweight, or at an average weight. Knowing how much of your weight is muscle tissue can also help you to determine if you are an athlete or not.

2. Helps You Decide on Your Fitness Goal

Knowing your exact body fat percentage can help you determine what fitness and lifestyle goals are the best for you.

3. Reduce The Risk of Heart Disease

Those with a higher body fat percentage have a higher risk for heart disease than those with a lower body fat percentage.

What Is Considered a Healthy Body Fat Percentage?

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), training at a moderate intensity level allows you to maintain a healthy body fat percentage. To keep yourself in a healthy body fat range, your body fat percentage is recommended to be between 17% and 24% for men and 26% and 31% for women.

How to Maintain a Healthy the Lowest Body Fat Percentage

There are many ways to maintain a low body fat percentage. These can include:

1. Eat healthy foods

Eating healthy foods helps ensure that you get the nutrients that your body needs to stay strong and healthy. This can be achieved by sticking to a lean protein diet and eating many fruits and vegetables.

2. Avoid stress

Stress has been said to encourage the body to produce cortisol. When you have high cortisol levels in your body, it can cause your body to store fat.

3. Exercise regularly

This is important because it helps increase your metabolism and build muscle, allowing you to burn fat naturally. It also enables you to avoid making mistakes resulting in weight gain.

4. Sleep well

This is important because it allows you to recover from injuries or soreness that may occur after a workout. It also gives your body time to rest. This can help lower stress levels and allow your body to heal.

5. Maintain a healthy weight

This is important because it ensures that you don’t weigh too much or too little and keep your body fat percentage in the healthy range. This can be achieved by exercising regularly and sticking to a healthy diet. It is also essential to ensure that you don’t stress yourself out.

What are the Benefits of Having a Low Body Fat Percentage?

There are different benefits of having a low body fat percentage. The benefits of lower levels of body fat include:

What are the Benefits of Having a Low Body Fat Percentage?

1. Improve physical appearance

Individuals with a healthy body fat percentage are physically attractive. When their body fat percentage drops, their muscle tone increases and becomes more noticeable.

2. Benefits of sports

People with healthy body fat percentages typically have greater muscle strength, power, endurance, and flexibility than people with higher body fat levels. This is because they reduce the amount of fat they have while also increasing their muscle mass.

3. Fight bacterial and viral infections

Having a healthy body fat percentage helps you fight the effects of bacterial and viral infections because it reduces the number of toxins stored in your body.

4. Increase metabolism

Having healthy body fat can help increase your metabolism, which can help you lose weight more quickly than someone with a higher body fat percentage.

5. Increase your cardiovascular fitness level

When you have healthy body fat, you will be able to exercise more and not grow tired as quickly. This can also help you increase many areas of your cardiorespiratory system, such as coronary artery blood flow, stroke volume, cardiac output, and respiratory exchange ratio.

Very Low Body Fat Percentages

According to current research, very low body fat percentages are a condition that exists when the body fat percentage reaches less than 8% for men and 13% for women. At these weight ranges, your health can be negatively affected in the following ways:

1. Trouble Breathing

Having deficient levels of body fat usually causes trouble breathing. There isn’t enough surface area on your body to allow oxygen to be exchanged between the lungs and the blood.

2. More at risk for developing infections

People who have a low body fat percentage are more susceptible to developing infections because there is less protection from the immune system.

3. Decrease your ability to differentiate what is hot and what is cold (hypothermia)

Since a person with a low body fat percentage has less body mass, they are more likely to lose heat quickly and easily. This can cause hypothermia, which means your internal temperature drops below normal levels.

4. Increase the risk of osteoporosis

People with a low body fat percentage are more likely to develop osteoporosis because they may not be getting enough calcium and vitamin D, which can be found in milk and fish.


A healthy body fat percentage can be crucial for many different aspects of your health. It can help you lose weight more quickly and easily and increase your exercise and physical ability. It can also help decrease the risk of heart disease, infections, and osteoporosis. Having a low body fat percentage doesn’t always mean that you are fit, healthy, or attractive. It is important to remember that many other health factors in your appearance and health, so it is essential to get a physical examination before assuming that you have the correct body fat percentage

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