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best bodybuilding books

Lindy Health has built the ulimate list of the best bodybuilding books for every type of weightlifter.

Bodybuilding has become one of the most typical ways to improve self-appearance, coordination, and stay healthy. Whatever your goal is, as a bodybuilder, every opportunity to stay motivated and on track with your course is essential. Lindy Health recognizes this, so we have developed a list of books to help you on this journey.

best bodybuilding books

We have already compiled several best book lists including the best vintage and contest prep bodybuilding books.

Whether as a bodybuilder just starting up or as a professional, whether as a woman or as a man, whatever the case is, we have books to help you achieve your goals. These books have been placed into categories to fit your preference, and they have also been carefully reviewed.

Best Bodybuilding Books for Men

A great variety of Bodybuilding books are available on various platforms. Lindy health has come up with a list of ideal bodybuilding books that contain effective programs, inspirational stories, or feasible workout plans to help you achieve your desired physique. 

list best bodybuilding books

In your search for books to aid the achievement of your body goals, here are the top recommended books by Lindy Health. 

#1 Pick

Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder

  • Comprehensive and step-by-step programs of Arnold’s training secrets
  • Pictures of Arnold in action to describe each exercise
  • Workout procedures are progressive
  • Intense exercises; only participate if you are ready to do the job.
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08/12/2022 01:56 am GMT

Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training

  • Includes field-tested & scientifically proven methods to strengthen the glute
  • Well-detailed explanation of the anatomy, importance, and functions of glutes
  • Step-by-step programs with pictures
  • Includes technical terms that non-science readers might find challenging
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08/12/2022 01:26 am GMT

The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life After 40

  • Contains comprehensive information
  • Adequate for all ages, but targeted at strength for aging people
  • Provides training for strength and health in a no-nonsense manner
  • Completing the book requires a lot of time
  • Commitment to training might be difficult due to a lack of supervision
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08/12/2022 12:47 am GMT

Best Bodybuilding Books for Beginners

Starting your journey as a new bodybuilder might seem overwhelming with the amount of information in various spaces, which might seem conflicting.

To achieve that body goal or to maintain a healthy figure, Lindy health has compiled a list of bodybuilding books that you can easily find on amazon to help you on this journey. 

Bodybuilding For Beginners: A 12-Week Program to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

  • Easy exercises that you are familiar with, like lifting or squat
  • Contains dietary guidelines
  • It contains routines that last 84 days to build your strength and develop confidence
  • Gym equipment is required; however, there are alternatives (which might not get the job done)
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08/12/2022 02:38 am GMT

Bodybuilding Basic Training: The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Building Muscle

  • Provides a guide for beginners or for anyone that desires to start all over
  • It contains 58 programs which mean many options for your daily workout
  • Pictures are provided to give clear guidance
  • Difficult to measure progress
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08/11/2022 03:22 pm GMT

Home Workout: 15-Minute Effective Home Workouts: To Build Lean Muscle and Lose Weight (Home Workout, Home Workout Plan, Home Workout For Beginners) (Bodybuilding Series)

  • You can do workouts comfortably in your home.
  • Step-by-step instructions are provided, which are easy to follow
  • Workout cuts across form building, weight loss, diet, and muscle growth
  • No instructor to measure progress
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08/11/2022 02:51 pm GMT

No BS! No Excuse Workout Journal: Fitness Journal and Planner

  • Enough space to write all your goals and track the progress
  • Light, small, and easy to carry around
  • Attractive cover, which makes it look like a clean logbook
  • Only available in paperback
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08/11/2022 03:36 pm GMT

Best Bodybuilding Books for Advanced Bodybuilders

One important point to note about bodybuilding is that learning always happens.

It does not matter if you are starting or calling yourself a professional bodybuilder; bodybuilding is a continual process, and so is learning how to do it!

As an advanced Bodybuilder, there are books to help you gain more experience, and Lindy Health provides a list of highly reviewed books to aid your goal. 

Rebuilding Milo: A Lifter's Guide to Fixing Common Injuries and Building a Strong Foundation for Enhancing Performance

  • The author uses his years of experience to educate bodybuilders on the causes of the pains experienced and how to rise above them.
  • The book contains simple and easy-to-understand terms.
  • Highly informative
  • Hardcover gets damaged easily
  • Quite expensive
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08/11/2022 03:58 pm GMT

The World's Fittest Book: How to train for anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere

  • Each chapter contains easy-to-do workouts along with the science behind them.
  • Includes kitchen habits and how they aid success in the weight room
  • Guidance of the world’s strongest men on how to lift weights and squat
  • Aids readers in improving endurance also with experts’ guidance
  • Paperback and Kindle versions are costly
  • It does not contain much on fitness procedures
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10/02/2022 12:14 am GMT

Functional Training and Beyond: Building the Ultimate Superfunctional Body and Mind

  • It gives insight into training the mind for functionality
  • Available on Kindle and in paperback
  • Knowledge of many ways to train the body and mind
  • The book is quite expensive but worth it
  • The information does not include practical steps to follow
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08/12/2022 12:19 am GMT

The Resistance Training Revolution: The No-Cardio Way to Burn Fat and Age-Proof Your Body―in Only 60 Minutes a Week

  • The book is available as a paperback, hardcover, audiobook, and on Kindle
  • Tips on how to improve overall health are provided
  • Self-assessment tests to track progress
  • Workout routines are not comprehensive
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08/12/2022 12:37 am GMT

Best Nutrition Books for Bodybuilders

Anyone familiar with the intricacies of bodybuilding would understand that how a bodybuilder eats reflects how he performs.

Nutrition provides all the energy needed to do the rigorous work required in exercising your muscles and repairing worn-out muscles and tissues. As a bodybuilder, you cannot overlook the importance of nutrition; hence this list of nutritional books will help you make healthier choices for improved health.

The Bodybuilding Meal Prep Cookbook: Macro-Friendly Meals to Prepare, Grab, and Go

  • 6-week meal plan with a step-by-step guide
  • Easy-to-understand instructions
  • 40+ additional recipes beyond the 6-week plan
  • The meal plan does not specify the required intake per weight
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08/12/2022 01:04 am GMT

The Bodybuilder's Kitchen: 100 Muscle-Building, Fat Burning Recipes, with Meal Plans to Chisel Your Physique

  • Easy-to-understand and follow steps on nutrition.
  • Plans for ketogenic dieting, calorie cycling, and carb cycling are included.
  • The book has guidelines on when to eat, what, and how to manage nutrition
  • Wrong paging with the paperback copies
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08/12/2022 01:37 am GMT

Best Bodybuilding Books for Women

Well, ladies, first! There are many myths surrounding bodybuilding for women, and to make your journey easy, we have compiled this list of great bodybuilding books for women.

They contain tips, inspirational stories, and educational materials to help you achieve that bikini body or that goal you have been meaning to achieve. 

Weight Training for Women: Exercises and Workout Programs

  • Instructions are given step-by-step and beginner friendly
  • Provides both physical and mental benefits
  • The book is available in paperback, on Kindle and spiral-bound
  • Effective for all age groups
  • Specific weight amounts are not provided
  • Free weights are needed for an effective workout
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08/12/2022 02:12 am GMT

The Year One Challenge for Women: Thinner, Leaner, and Stronger Than Ever in 12 Months

  • A year’s worth of daily and weekly challenge
  • Science-based approach with nutritional guidelines
  • Available in paperback, hardcover, and on Kindle
  • Equipment is needed for the majority of the workouts
  • To fully understand, you may be required to read the accompanying book
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08/11/2022 02:32 pm GMT

The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Sexier, Healthier You!

  • The book contains over 100 exercises with 20 workouts
  • Tips and tricks for effective workouts by experts
  • The science behind exercise
  • The book is only available in paperback
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Your journey towards achieving your perfect body goal is not in a workshop alone or at the gym; as much as the practice is critical, what you know about bodybuilding matters in how well you practice.

what are the top bodybuilding books

The best place to find knowledge is in books; Lindy Health has therefore compiled a list of great books to help you scale every hurdle on your way till you get that body you want.

Read, eat and practice, and you will have nothing preventing your success.

Do you have a favorite bodybuilding book?

Let us know in the comments below!

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