Bruna Luccas [ Fitness Model Profile ]

Bruna Luccas

Bruna Luccas hails from Sao Paolo, Brazil, and grew from a fast food worker to an online fitness model.

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
5 Foot 7 Inches122 Pounds28Sao Paolo, Brazil
Bodybuilder Profile

This is one of those rags to riches stories that people love to watch in the movies, because who doesn’t want to be inspired by one?

This story is for real and it’s quite light-hearted and fascinating, all at the same time.

It’s the story of Bruna Luccas who is a fitness model today. But as you would expect at this point, that wasn’t always the case. The lady came to California from Brazil with a few dreams and it didn’t take too long for them to come true.

Take a look.

Who Is Bruna Luccas?

Bruna Luccas is best known all over the world for her stunning good looks but also for being in terrific shape. As an adult, Luccas moved to San Diego where she decided to seek opportunities in the world of modeling.

Who Is Bruna Luccas

She started off working in the restaurant industry to make ends meet for hourly wages. She is said to have worked at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, On The Border, and McDonald’s too.

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But since she is conventionally good-looking, the fashion agencies in sunny California lost no time in courting her for work. That’s how she began a career in fitness modeling in 2017.

It happened after she started posting pictures to her Instagram account. And after her pictures went viral, she started getting gigs as a model. Today, like almost everyone else in her position, Luccas also has a commanding presence on social media.

She goes by the username BruLuccas on Instagram and has 4.9 million followers. She is following 140 people and has 444 posts at the time of writing this piece. Interestingly, she has a lot of female following who are inspired by her commitment to an athletic yet healthy body.

how old is Bruna Luccas

Today, she also has a bikini line of her own along with her sister, which makes her an entrepreneur too—talk about being multi-faceted!

How Old Is Bruna Luccas?

Born on April 5, 1994, Bruna Luccas is 28 years old. 

How Tall Is Bruna Luccas?

Bruna Luccas stands at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She weighs 122 pounds.

Where Is She From?

She was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil but is said to have moved around the country quite a bit. She is of Brazilian nationality.

Bruna Luccas Diet, Nutrition, and Training Routine

One of the interesting facts about Luccas is that she isn’t on a regular diet the way most, if not all, fitness models are. But she does have a few guidelines to keep herself in check.

Bruna Luccas Diet

Her diet mostly consists of healthy fats and lean proteins like Monster Mash

like Monster Mash

like Monster Mash

like Monster Mash

. She also consumes a good deal of complex carbs to keep herself energetic for her workout sessions. Luccas isn’t a big fan of cooking, so she is said to eat out a lot. And she does drink a lot of protein shakes even though is said to not like them very much.

So, she tries to get most of her proteins from whole foods such as egg whites and chicken breast. Surprisingly, Luccas is also a big fan of fish tacos, fries, burgers, and pizzas. But she does try to limit her eating to red meats, rice, and beans.

Much like her diet plan, Luccas’s training routine is also quite inconsistent. But she is calculated about it in the sense that she works out according to the food she has consumed. So, she is also known to work out late at night sometimes.

But most of all, she is known to thank her genes for being able to stay in shape despite her quirky eating habits and exercise routine.

If you wanted a look at her workout schedule, here’s a peek.

  • Wide Stance Squats: 15 reps
  • Narrow Stance Squats: 15 reps
  • Sumo Squats: 15 reps
  • Narrow Squat Pulses: 15 reps

She usually does this with one 20-pound barbell on each side. And she usually repeats this routine 3 to 5 times a week. She also does other exercises, like 3 to 5 sets of different variations of push-ups, dips, and more. Each set has 8 to 10 reps.

What Is Bruna Luccas’s Ethnicity

Luccas also throws in a little cardio in the mix. It comes in the form of swimming, an activity she likes quite a bit. She does this for about an hour at a time and repeats it four times every week.

What Is Bruna Luccas’s Ethnicity?

Bruna Luccas is a Brazilian national and she is of Caucasian ethnicity. Not much is known about her parents or their ethnicity and if at all there is a mix there. We just know that she has pretty great genes by her own admission.

Is Bruna Luccas a Natural (Natty)?

One has plenty of reason to believe this is true based on the way she lives her life. It is pretty unusual for a fitness model to eat outside or eat lots of junk food, all while not having a consistent or rigorous exercise routine.

It is also not clear what she did for most of her school life and if there were any sports involved in her journey. So yes, we would have to conclude that Bruna Luccas is most likely a natural.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bruna Luccas Have Any Special Skills?

Bruna Luccas is known to enjoy practicing jiu-jitsu in her free time.

How Long Has Bruna Luccas Been around For?

She shot to fame pretty quickly and has been a model and a social media celebrity only for about 4 to 5 years. To have millions of followers in this short time period is quite an achievement.

Parting Thoughts

If you think about it, Bruna Luccas is a lucky woman in more ways than one. She is beautiful, picked the right career, followed every opportunity that came her way, and made her mark. And it does get better along the way, right? Because she’s a fitness model who, while working hard, is blessed with great genes that support her dreams.

is Bruna Luccas Natty natural

How often does that happen? And how often do we get to watch it unfold in real-time? Props to Luccas and her achievements to date, we’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the coming years.

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