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Genesis Lopez

There are many things about Genesis Lopez that you might find likable, besides her stunning physique and good looks. But there is more to her story than meets the eye.

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
5 Foot 6 Inches136 Pounds29Miami, Florida
Bodybuilder Profile

Today, she is known for a lot more than her good looks.

Rising from the ground up to become a successful model, Tiktok star and Instagram influencer.

Who Is Genesis Lopez?

If you didn’t know her, Genesis Lopez is a businesswoman, bikini model, and beloved Instagram star.

She started her career as a model, which first brought her into the limelight. Lopez was also a webcam model for a while but eventually became a social media celeb.

Who Is Genesis Lopez?

She has physical attributes coveted by individuals and companies, which brought her success as a model. Personality-wise, she is said to be charming, elegant, and funny, which are all bonus attributes that brought millions of fans to her on Instagram.

She is most popular on Instagram for her workout videos. Daily, her usual warm-up routine consists of doing weight training, dancing, and jumping ropes, for around 20 minutes. In her videos, she also does lunges, skipping, squats, and kickbacks.

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Lopez has talked about her love for a diet that includes fish, fresh veggies, and food that has a lot of protein and moderate amounts of fat. She is also a big fan of eating clean, as you’d expect from a fitness model—foods that don’t have sugar, flour, or processed ingredients. Easy to see how she keeps herself healthy and in shape.

How Old Is Genesis Lopez

As on 2022, Lopez is 29 years old.

How Tall Is Genesis Lopez

Lopez stands at an average height of 5 feet, 6 inches, or 168 cm.

How Much Does She Weigh?

She weighs 136 pounds and measures 36-26-37 inches. Lopez has brown eyes and blonde hair.

While she is in the modeling industry, she isn’t as tall as most bikini models are. Having said that, her chiseled physique and great aesthetics might be some factors that haven’t slowed down her raging popularity in the industry.


She is also said to have gone under the knife and got silicon implants. But she does put extraordinary effort into her workouts and stays on a strict diet to maintain herself. It is worth noting that the exercise regimen and food plans put a lot of effort into staying healthy.

Where Is She From?

Genesis Lopez was born in Miami, Florida, on July 16, 1993. Her family has an exciting mix of ethnicities. And we’ll get to that in a minute.

What Is Genesis Lopez’s Ethnicity

Genesis Lopez comes from a family whose roots are pretty diverse. She has both Japanese and Brazilian ancestors, a relatively rare combination.

Net Worth and Other Fun Facts

As of 2020, Genesis Lopez is worth about $3 million. That is not surprising, considering she has other avenues of income apart from a successful modeling career. She is said to make money via advertising campaigns, photo shoots, brand endorsements, etc.

Lopez also launched her very own bikini line in 2019. She also has her own website where she posts many of her varied content, especially her fitness endeavors. Not much is known about her annual salary and the worth of her real estate. 

Lopez is said to have attended a private school in Miami for a little while. And then, she went to Florida State University to finish her graduation.


She is said to have had a passion for modeling since her teen years. But she did not know much about the industry, considering she had no contacts via her family in modeling.

Before she became a model, Genesis Lopez was known to be a Mangaka, an individual who draws manga. However, her proficiency in that field is unknown.

Genesis Lopez also loves animals dearly and has two pets of her own. One of them is a husky, and the other is a cat. Not much more is known about them.

Is Genesis Lopez a Natural (Natty)

As mentioned before, height is a key factor in modeling, and Genesis Lopez is considered average height. But she does put a lot of effort into maintaining her physical attributes to ensure that she is considered conventionally attractive.

Lopez is also a popular figure on Instagram. She posts pictures and videos of herself to engage with her. Genesis is also big on the glamor, which doesn’t hurt. She started with an account called GenesisLopezFitness, but it was disabled later.

Lopez’s current Instagram account has been around since 2016. Some pictures are like photoshoots, and the videos are more often related to her fitness routines. It helps her gain more followers and increases her brand value.

The climbing follower count on her Instagram account is proof enough that she has the social capital, which is an asset to her as a model and a businesswoman. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Genesis Lopez a Fashion Model?

No hard line demonstrates that she is not because she does bikini shoots.

Is Genesis Lopez an American Citizen?

Yes, Genesis is an American citizen.

Parting Thoughts

Today, Genesis Lopez is a bikini model, an Instagram influencer (one could argue), and a businesswoman. She has successfully kept most details about her personal life private. And we can comfortably say that that is quite the skill in today’s world.

She is not the most famous person on the planet, but she knows how to make things work for her. And her will to enter an industry where networking is everything without a network and perseverance is perhaps what made her as successful as she is.

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