Tristyn Lee [ Bodybuilder Profile ]

tristyn lee bodybuilder

Tristyn Lee is a professional bodybuilder with a solid social media presence as an influencer. At a young age, he has achieved plenty of things in his career that can inspire you if you are trying to build a good physique.

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
5 Foot 3 Inches120 PoundsAugust 20, 2002America
Bodybuilder Profile

Who Is Tristyn Lee?

Tristyn Lee is a bodybuilder and a social media influencer. He also dreams of becoming a professional footballer but currently participates in bodybuilding competitions.

tristyn lee height weight

Ever since his childhood, he has been training with a rigorous regimen. He has also been taking football training since his childhood.

Tristyn Lee’s Profile

There is much to know about Tristyn Lee and what makes him who he is today. Let’s take a brief look at his weight, height, age, and nationality before further detailing his career and personal life.

What Does Tristyn Lee Weigh?

Tristyn Lee weighs between 120 and 130 pounds or around 55 kilograms. He also maintains his weight using his training and workout routine while having a strict diet and nutrition plan.

Given that he is still young, his weight will likely increase as he grows older.

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How Tall Is Tristyn Lee?

Tristyn Lee is 5 feet and 3 inches (5’3″) in height. This is around 160 cm.

This kind of short height is quite common among bodybuilders due to the muscle and weight training they undergo from a young age. In this case, however, there is also a possibility of Tristyn Lee’s height increasing as he grows older.

How Old Is Tristyn Lee?

Tristyn Lee is only 19 years old as of 2022. His birthday is on August 20, 2002.

tristyn lee diet

He started bodybuilding and built his social media presence quite early on.

What is Tristyn Lee’s Nationality?

Tristyn Lee was born and brought up in the United States. His nationality, therefore, is North American, and he also holds a United States passport.

He was born into a Christian family and business-oriented family.

Tristyn Lee’s Personal Life and Family

Tristyn Lee has a widespread social media presence. However, not much is officially known about his personal life and family beyond what he has disclosed. You can go through some details of his personal life below.

Is Tristyn Lee Married?

Tristyn Lee is not married, given he is only 19 years old (soon turning 20).

Does Tristyn Lee Have Children?

Tristyn Lee does not have any children so far.

Who Is Tristyn Lee’s Girlfriend?

Tristyn Lee does not seem to have a girlfriend. If he does, there is not much public information about this, primarily since his Instagram presence is also dedicated to bodybuilding.

He also does not have any mentions of this on his YouTube channel.

Tristyn Lee’s Bodybuilding Career

Now that you have some basic information about Tristyn Lee’s personal life and some of his height and weight measures, you can move on to learning about what makes him famous and well known—his bodybuilding.

Currently, he is in college while also building his professional career. He started out in the fitness field due to the influence of his brothers, following which he started his YouTube channel and opened his Instagram account.

tristyn lee body fat

His channel now has 1.69 million subscribers.

What Is Tristyn Lee’s Workout Routine?

Tristyn Lee follows a strict workout routine, visiting the gym several times daily while taking a week off to get some rest. He usually works on different muscles each time he works out.

For instance, when working on his legs, he tends to focus on squats, leg presses, hamstring curls, and extensions, with the number of sets differing based on the day and his condition.

He also works on his arms with weightlifting. His routine involves hammer curls, bench presses, biceps and triceps, extensions, and other curls.

He usually starts with light routines and then moves on to heavier ones. He also changes up his weekly routines a bit.

Is Tristyn Lee Natty (Natural)?

There is not enough clarity online about whether or not Tristyn Lee is natural. He has not said much regarding the subject, making it difficult to provide a single answer.

There are many speculations that he takes steroids to maintain his muscular form. Others, however, say that he probably does not take any steroids due to this young age and has managed to bulk up and build his body through his workout routine, supplements, and nutrition plan.

What Supplements Does Tristyn Lee Take?

Tristyn Lee takes supplements that include whey protein, vitamins, pre- and post-workout supplements, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), and several others.

He mainly takes Chimera supplements.

How Much Money Does Tristyn Lee Make?

There is not enough information about how much money Tristyn Lee makes. However, he earns money from several sources, such as his sponsorships and endorsements, his Instagram account, and his YouTube channel.

tristyn lee age

What Is Tristyn Lee’s Diet Plan?

Tristyn Lee follows a Vertical diet, which involves increasing the level of fat and protein consumption while reducing carbohydrate intake. Lee maintains a diet of 70% fat and 25% protein.

He only consumes 5% carbohydrates, choosing to get his energy from fats. This also helps him with his soccer training.

This is part of the reason Tristyn has such an excellent lat spread pose.

What Is Tristyn Lee’s Net Worth?

Tristyn Lee has a net worth of around $1 million. This will likely increase considerably as he grows older and builds his career.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Did Tristyn Lee Start Bodybuilding?

Tristyn Lee started bodybuilding when he was only 13 and began gaining popularity at 15.

How Much Can He Lift?

Tristyn Lee can lift up to 100 pounds of dumbbells.

What is Tristyn Lee’s body fat percentage?

Tristyn Lee is 4% body fat and craziest of all maintains his 4% body fat percentage year round. This is unheard of as most bodybuilders will bulk up in the off-season.


Tristyn Lee, barely 20 years old, is a famous social media influencer and a bodybuilder.

He follows a strict diet and workout routine and is bound to grow even more in his professional career.

What do you think of Tristyn Lee’s shredded physique and being such a young age?

Let us know in the comments below.

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