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Former IFBB Bodybuilder champ Lisa Lyon is one of those female bodybuilders who broke the mold for female bodybuilders, much as male bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger broke the initial mold for all woud-be male bodybuilders and aspirants in the world. 

HeightWeightAgeBirth Place
5 Foot 4 Inches115 PoundsBorn 1953Los Angeles, CA
Fintess Model Profile

Also an actor and author, and a world-famous model, Lisa truly set the bar for generations of women fitness aspirants to come for many generations. 

Who is Lisa Lyon? 

Born in 1953 in Los Angeles, CA, Lisa really started bodybuilding when she attended the University of California Los Angeles and took up the Japanese art of kendo fencing.

Lisa Lyon 1
Lisa Lyon 1

Finding herself lacking in the upper body strength necessary to be an accomplished kendo fencer, Lisa started bodybuilding to build up her upper body strength and found that she took to bodybuilding like a duck is attracted to water. 

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At the age of 26, when the International Federation of bodybuilding opened up its competition to female bodybuilders, Lisa entered and won the first IFBB professional title for women on June 16, 1979.

It was her sole entrance into professional bodybuilding, and although she has maintained a superb bodybuilder body, Lisa aspired and went on to bigger and better things. 

Lisa Lyon’s Profile 

As we indicated, Lisa attended the University of California at Los Angeles, practiced kendo, and won the first International Federation of Body Builders woman’s competition. 

lisa lyon color
Lisa Lyon color

A year later in 1980, Playboy magazine took notice of photos of Lisa’s muscular but very feminine body, and Lisa became the second woman bodybuilder ever to grace the pages of Playboy.

There is a gallery of some of Lisa’s photos for Playboy if you are interested in seeing some of the original photos, (non-nude,) but those Playboy photos caught the attraction of famed photographers and artists Helmut Newton, Joel-Peter Witkin, and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Lisa also became an actress in 1983, and during a short acting career she participated in the films “Three Crowns of the Sailor,” “Getting Physical” and “Vamp.

Lisa wrote a fitness book, ” Lisa Lyon’s Body Magic” in 1981, and was the subject of Robert Mapplethorpe’s 1983 photo book, “Lady: Lisa Lyon.”

Lisa was also the inspiration for Frank Miller’s character Electra, a Marvel Comic Book character.

Lisa Lyon as Elektra
Lisa Lyon as Elektra

Finally, at age 57, in the year 2000, the IFBB inducted Lisa into its hall of fame, nothing that Lisa was ”a one-woman media-relations activist on behalf of the sport and Elevating bodybuilding to the level of fine art.”

What Does Lisa Lyon Weigh 

Lisa’s weight fluctuates slightly during the year ranging from 115 – 125lbs. 

How Tall is Lisa Lyon? 

Lisa is 5 foot four inches tall. 

How Old Is Lisa Lyon? 

Lisa was born in 1953, so that would currently make her 69 years old. 

What is Lisa Lyon’s Nationality? 

Lisa was born in the USA, so she would be an American Citizen. 

Lisa Lyons Personal Life and Family 

In her younger years, Lisa had a number of suiters, notably, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe who she had a relationship for several years. 

Is Lisa Lyon Married? 

Lisa was married briefly to French singer-songwriter and actor Bernard Lavilliers between 1982 and 1983, but as far as we know, there were no other marriages. 

Does Lisa Lyon Have Children? 

As far as we can tell, Lisa never had any children. 

Who is Lisa Lyon Married to? 

As we indicated Lisa was married for a year to French singer Bernard Lavilliers. There is no other information about Lisa’s relationships. 

Lisa Lyons Fitness Modeling Career/Bodybuilding Career 

Lisa entered only two bodybuilding contests, the 1979 AAU Junior Ms. America and the 1979 IFBB Women’s pro bodybuilding contest. She promptly retired from bodybuilding contests after that, but she was active in promoting bodybuilding for several years. 

What Is Lisa Lyon’s Workout Routine? 

Lisa described her perfect workout routines in her book, Lisa Lyon’s Body Magic/

Is Lisa Lyon’s natural? 

Yes. Lisa competed as a natural bodybuilder in 1979 and has remained so throughout her career. 

What Supplements does Lisa Take 

Other than what was indicated in her book, this information is unknown. 

How Much Money does Lisa Make 

Lisa is retired and lives a quiet life. 

What is Lisa’s Diet Plan 

Again, refer to her 1981 book for general information about her diet. 

What is Lisa’s Net Worth 

According to Forbes and other sources, Lisa has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million dollars. 


Lisa Lyons was a groundbreaker in woman’s bodybuilding, extremely fit, yet very feminine. 

Although she retired from professional bodybuilding in 1979 and acting in 1986, Lisa still looks trim and fit, as noted in a 2021 photo available on Google images.

A true groundbreaker for women’s fitness, Lisa set the bar for literally thousands of women and continues to this day to be an inspiration even though she is effectively retired from the fitness game.

Many women take solace in the fact that they can look great in their late 60s and beyond, and they need to look no further than Lisa Lyon for their inspiration. 

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